This was yet another journey of adventure, and I have to say Vincent takes me on some wonderful journeys through time and space as well as travel.  I was going on a special sort of journey again and this was going to be one of the exciting ones that I have been on.  I have found every journey I take exciting.  Angel Vincent is always in charge of my journeys and he always tells Cynthia what is happening and she will confirm what I see.  I am so happy with what I see and do on these journeys as I can share them with people.  I have to say I always have a laugh and a joke with the Angels, female or male.  They have a great sense of humour and they are also wonderful and understanding too.  They love you unconditionally no matter what you believe in and they also care for you such a great deal.

I went on the journey the fast way and it was exciting too.  I always feel that I can really relate to our Angels on how they travel.  I was hovering over the planet and I could see mountains but they were dark in colour and then I could also see beautiful blue sparkling waters and a wood too.  Also, animals too of all kinds and I could see a lot of small and big ones.  There is also a building in the distance and I was a little nervous in case I saw it wrong.  It was a castle type building.  There were what looked like Deer, Squirrels, and Rabbits and there was a path that we could walk down and it was a path of enchantment.  As I was walking through this path of enchantment I could see unicorns and Pegasus and also this was a place you would like to go and stay hidden for the rest of your life it’s that special here.  Nothing would make you depress as everything was so lovely.  You would not be bored either with the way things were in such a beautiful place.  There was a crystal sort of palace which was alluring and we were walking there and it wanted us to go there.  It shone all sorts of colours of the rainbow.  This was indeed a land of enchantment or should I say a world of enchantment.  We entered the building, Gabriel, Jozhua and I and the doors were so detailed, and every building I have come across of the Angels, their handiwork on the doors and building are beautiful.  There were so many Angels walking around they seemed to know me and also others waved towards us.  There were nature fairies there and very small people and tall people, as well as short.  As I walked along it has become very busy and I saw a door and entered it, it became less crowded as I do not like crowds at all.  As I opened the door it was so beautiful and it will full of crystals shining, and they colours were bouncing off each other and they were humming with their vibrations and it was so lovely to see this.  There was a lady in the room and she was smiling away at me and I turned around and realised that I had lost Gabriel and Jozhua, which was a shame.  The lady had been waiting for me and she had the kind face and a lovely sweet smile.  She had put her hands on my shoulders and she was paying particular attention to my left one and she looked at my sore points on my body and I asked her name and she told me that it was ‘D’hilea’, and I got her name correctly and I did well as I have been told by the Angels of their names which are a little difficult for me as I am partially deaf and I am not good at spelling the names either.  ‘D’hilea’ told me to be seated and she talked me through the therapy and she knew I had been for different therapy and was pleased that I had come to her.  She knew I had problems with my ears running and she held my head first then my ears.  D’hilea had a big crystal wand and it was rather thick too and it was lovely and the colours shone from it.  The room was beautiful and it was so peaceful and it was comfortable as well as warm.  D’hilea held my hands and she knew that they had been painful and cold and she said she wanted me to keep typing so I could talk to you and write my Angel Sessions as well as books.  She held the wand in my hands and they began to feel warm and tingly.  I thought there was someone else in the room and it was her aura and it was very powerful as she was holding my hands and hovering the wand over them.  This lady was very kind to me and she knew how much pain I had been in.  Her energy was very strong and she was smiling as I was telling Cynthia what had happened.  I had realised that I knew D’hilea and we were old friends and it was so good to see her.  We used to talk such a lot together and we did healing together.  It was so good to see her and she asked me to lie down on this crystal bed which was hovering.  I have to say when I got on to the bed it was very comfortable.  The bed was hovering in the air and nothing was holding it up at all.  I was to receive more healing from the crystals and D’hilea’s wand too.  It was very intensive was the healing and it was going to last for 30 minutes.  She had told me to relax and said I would feel perkier when this session was over.  She said after this was done Jozhua would come get me as Gabriel was having a chat with some of his friends.  D’hilea was very concerned about me and that is why she wanted to heal me and so I would feel the benefit of it.

The 30 minutes was up and I felt warmer and relaxed which I was pleased about.  It was a cold winter in early February 2010.  I was cold all the way through the winter.  Cynthia enquired if I had enjoyed the session and also if I felt any benefit from it and of course I had done.  Jozhua came for me to take me to another special place which I grew excited about.  After giving D’hilea a hug and a kiss on the cheek to say thank you and that I would be seeing her again.  D’hilea had been wonderful and it was so kind of her to help me this way.  Jozhua was waiting patiently and smiling away and he has a lovely smile.  This was going to be part two of my exciting enchanting journey with Jozhua.  I was going to swim with the Dolphins and as I walked out of the room I had waved goodbye to my dear friend, D’hilea.  I felt at peace with myself and I never notice how bright the hallway was and the crystals were vibrating here and they were humming with it and they were also so very beautiful too.  We walked out of the building and there were two Pegasus waiting for us and I was over the moon.  There was a pure white one and a pale blue one too.  They came up to us and I was fascinated by them and their beauty.  I asked if we were going to ride them and these were one of my favourite animals, and Cynthia confirmed that we were.  I had to hover a little to get on to the Pegasus and it was quite comical to watch.  Cynthia asked which one I was on and I told her the pure white one.  Jozhua was quite happy to be in the pale blue one and he was smiling away at me.  The Pegasus was as beautiful as each other and Jozhua knew what was going to come next but he was not telling me.  As we rode on the Pegasus I could hear the song, ‘A whole new world’, from the cartoon “Aladdin”.  Cynthia asked what we both were wearing.  I looked at both of us and described to her that I was wearing a white dress and she asked if it was short or long.  Which I replied as short which I would not wear short dresses long on the earth.  I described what was Jozhua wearing and he wore Jeans with a white shirt.  We were both comfortable wearing these outfits.

I had to describe what I was doing in detail.  I was holding on to the main of the Pegasus and the air was blowing in my face and hair.  It did not feel cold but it felt rather refreshing and at least I was having some fresh air.  My body and my face did not feel the cold and it felt like a healing energy and I asked Cynthia if I was right and she told me that I was.  I had looked down and we were hovering some land, woods as well as flowers, there were other birds, insects and I could see as I had excellent eyesight.  We could even see Dolphins swimming in the waters and even polar bears and whales, penguins and also sea lions as well as other animals.  There were other Pegasus flying with other Angels and this was so fascinating and it was a wonderful enchanting journey.  Jozhua and I loved every moment of this journey, and it was therapeutic and we were all smiling away.  We were so relieved of the stress and pain.  It was lovely and it was also freedom from everyday life.  It was a fantastic experience which I will remember as its was wonderful to be on the back of a Pegasus, and I have to admit it was tiring too.  I started to feel very tired as it was energy travel and indeed it was well worth every moment.  Each journey I take is an energy travel and that is why I rest better and relax too.  It was peaceful and quiet also which I found as nice as sometimes it can be hectic at home having two autistic sons.   I have to admit that I have accomplished a lot on these journeys and done so much and see a lot that people have not seen on earth, besides Cynthia and me.  I could see there were meadows and also there was a place for us to land upon as there were water and flowers, etc.  It was so beautiful here with the mountains that were so high as if they were touching the sky, flowers and grass were so green and healthy.  Everything looked healthy and a life and their beauty shone.  The scenery was untouched by man and therefore, the spectacular views were literally out of this world.  The air smelt so fresh and it was clean air.

We had landed and we had to say our goodbyes to the Pegasus and also thank them for letting us ride them.  Jozhua and I both walked along the meadow and Cynthia enquired if we were walking barefooted?  We were and we were one with nature.  The meadow had lovely flowers, insects, animals too and we walked hand in hand like young lovers would do.  We are so very happy and contented, with that Jozhua gave me a kiss on the cheek.  We were nearing the lagoon where the dolphins were waiting.   They were there waiting for us and they chatted and smiled at us too.  As I was talking to Cynthia someone was playing with my hair and it was one of my Angels.  We entered the waters and mounted the Dolphins and they knew where they were taking us.  We can breathe underwater and they were taking inside a cavern and it was different again.  This cavern looked a little darker than the other ones, there was a little light shining and it was cone shade lighting.  In fact, it was a portal of some kind and it started to brighten up and the whole place became brighter and it was like if someone had put a light on, and to look at it the place was quite big.  I then notice a man near what seemed to be a portal and he waved to me and Cynthia confirmed that it was a portal.  The man waved to us to go along to him and he was really nice and humble too.  We went to him and he told us that we were going through a portal for a treat.  Jozhua was very excited by this as he loves to travel to unknown places.  I had to ask Cynthia why I kept getting astral travel and she told me that it was astral travel which was energy travel.  Astral travel is an Earth name for it.  We were very excited by this and Gabriel was going to join us on the other side.  I said to Cynthia that it was very exciting and it just seemed like you see on stargazing, it was very thrilling.  As we were going through the portal I felt the energy on my face.  It was exciting and it was real too.

On the other side, we came through and there were woodlands and waters, mountains as well as other things too.  There was a log cabin and it was beautiful too.  We started walking up to the cabin and we notice that Gabriel was there smiling away and then I notice a man next to him and he was a little smaller.  I was walking up to him and he looked really familiar.  Then I looked into his eyes and realised that it was my son, Daniel who is on earth with me.  He was Daniel’s originator, Rufus and he was just as handsome as he is now but his face was not the same, but yet it was.  He gave me the same sort of look as he does when he is teasing me.  His face morphed and this is how I knew it was him.  I suddenly saw a door open here in my room at home.  However, it had a meaning to it and the Angels were opening a door of knowledge for me and wisdom.  The portal travel had given me a headache and I was assured that it was only temporary and that it would pass.  I looked at Daniel’s originator and he was just as cute and as handsome.  My headache started to improve and I was pleased about that.  Daniel’s originator was very pleased that I had come on earth with him as he has had a few rotten lives and that I came on earth to protect him, as he asked me to do this.  He said I needed to be firmer with Daniel and I was too soft with him, which I have to admit I am.  He was also pleased that Daniel and I were doing Angel Sessions with Cynthia.  He was pleased that we were doing them and that we will be able to help Cynthia.  Apparently, he had a few rotten lives and that is why he wanted me to come to earth with him to help him and protect him.  I have been his guardian angel.   He has been abused and suffered awful too.  He said he was pleased that it was his last time on earth and he always thought the song, ‘I want to get out of this place, get out of this human race’ was appropriate.  He was pleased that I had made his life so much happier.  He was now going to show me something very special and he was stepping on a side and it looked like a crystal flower and there was a rainbow too going into an arch.  I also saw something else and it was a tunnel of rainbows and crystals.  There was a fountain of knowledge and it was a very large one, and the Angels followed me and the scenery was beautiful and the humming vibrations of the crystal were in the tunnel of rainbows and it felt so lovely as well as special.  I was honoured by Rufus, Daniel’s originator for being here with me and it was a comfort.  He smiled at me and so did Gabriel as well as Jozhua.  We all walked down the tunnel and the energy was fantastic.  It was so incredible and we were coming to the end of it and I could see a fountain of crystals which were literally out of this world.  It was rather large and it was like an arch and I could go into it and it flowed on to my head and I felt that it would help me more.  It was a fountain of knowledge and I am more connected with the Angels now more than ever before, and that I would understand them a lot more.   I alone stepped into the fountain and I was told it was going to be all right, and I was going to be enlightened.  The water was special and it felt thicker than the normal waters and it looked gold looking and then silver, and I also saw white flashes, as well as gold ones.  I was one with the planet once more and I felt so happy that I was there as I was one with everything on the planet.  There was the knowledge that was given, also love and enchantment as well as peace which was very important.  I felt that I would be all right in every way possible.  I know that I will be very knowledgeable and also very wise as well and I was already on my way.  I also knew that I would be dedicated to our Angels and also seek out my friend, Gabriel’s advice and also have help with readings and also I would have advice from the Angels as well as Cynthia.  I also know that I would tell people of my experience and dedication too and this would help people to understand a great deal more than they do.  I knew that my psychic visions and abilities would grow and that Cynthia and \I would work together side by side and we would help people to find their way.

I have noticed that things come in songs from our dear Angels and those they help you remember and they do it this way to help me understand more and more.  I was still in the fountain and I found myself washing my hair with knowledge and with that I relaxed for a while in the water of knowledge.  It felt so gentle and serene.  After this part of the session, I was going to go and swim with the dolphins and I should be able to relax and sleep for the night.  This was an exciting session and it was a long one too.  So I had healed and it was so lovely and calming for me as well as peaceful.  Jozhua had healing done with me as he feels all I am feeling and he goes through all the emotions too.  When the healing session was done Jozhua and I flew to a different location where we were to swim with the dolphins.  We flew over some land and we took the fast route to the lagoon where the Dolphins were waiting.  Before we left I said my goodbyes to Rufus and he gave me a hug and a kiss and said thank you again for coming to earth with him.  With that, we went on the fast route to the lagoon.  Sure enough out dear friends, the Dolphins were waiting for us, chatting and smiling and they were so very pleased we had come.  I looked around and it was a very beautiful serene peaceful place where I was happy to be as it reminded me of the unspoilt areas of Tibet.  When we entered the waters I notice instantly that the waters were different, and how well I have to say it was thicker than normal water and it was like mineral water with a sparkle about it and it was most exciting too and it bubbled too.  It reminded me of a Jacuzzi which I have never been in and it tickled and it was very relaxing too.  It relaxed the whole body and it helped my weary pains that I had been experiencing.  Jozhua and I loved the whole experience as we are both smiling.  He had enjoyed the journey as much as me and I had noticed how my hair felt softer and I poured the mineral waters into my ears as they needed healing.  We swam with the Dolphins and we also floated around the waters chatting away.  Mer-Angels had popped up and they must have been husband and wife, we swam with them as they wanted to show us something.  We were going deep into the waters and we were entering a busy cabin, and there was a lot of Mer-Angels and it was a place where you went to pick up your crystals and took them home with you.  We were going up to a man and he said that the crystals chose us and I walked up to where the crystals were held.  I closed my eyes and wondered what crystals were going to choose me and they all brightened up but I notice one more than the others.  It was a purple crystal and it was like a big wand and it was going to talk to me.  It was going to help me with my intuition and help me open up more and have a lot more confident in myself.  Jozhua walked up to the crystals and the one that shone more was a green one for healing and also to stop jealousy, as well as helping in other ways. The green crystal was for Jozhua himself.  By this time I was absolutely shattered and it was time for my sleep. We were taken by our Dolphins and we came out of the cavern but I did thank everyone before I left.  I thanked the Dolphins when we reached our destination.  Gabriel and Jozhua were taking me home the fast way and I was so grateful to everyone that had helped me on this wonderful journey.  I had waved to the Dolphins and they said we would be back.

The Amethyst crystal was a crystal of intuitiveness and it was going to help me.  I came home and Jozhua was going to stay with me like he always does and he sleeps at the side of me each night. Each journey is spectacular and it’s wonderful as I am seeing more and more now than I ever did before.  The Angels have developed my channelling and it has come a long way.  I have been doing this sort of thing off and on since July 2009.  Cynthia and I try to do this sort of session each night before I go to sleep and I still receive healing while I am asleep.  The Angels are working closely and also working with me all the time for which I am grateful for as I love every moment of these sessions.

By Cindy Poulson


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