Red-planet-and-blue-planet_1920x1080On this journey, I was going with Gabriel and Jozhua and they were taking me to the Red Planet which I loved and they knew I did.  We took the fast route to the planet and I was so very pleased and no sooner we had arrived there and I was flying over the Red Planet.  it’s a magical place where you want to go there again and again.  it’s a beautiful planet and so peaceful as well as serene,   I had noticed that we were not going to visit the Dolphins and we flew down and there was a path for us to land upon.  Upon landing, there were beautiful flowers, grass and the animals there grazing and they had come up to us.  Gabriel was directing this trip.  When we had passed the flowers they were growing into full bloom and they were pleased we had come, and one had reached out to me and I stopped to smell it as well as touching it gently.  It was like a big daisy, yellow and darker yellow inside of it and it was so beautiful.  I then continue my walk down the path and nature was happy that we had arrived.  There were some nature Angels waiting for us and they were wearing green and they had beautiful smiles and lovely hair and it was dark, their eyes were a beautiful green.  One of the Angels was different to the rest and she had more of a light coloured hair as it was a strawberry blonde and she seemed the one that took charge and they were waving to us to go to them.  We were walking barefooted so I notice and I could feel the grass under my feet and the grass grew each time we took a step as the grass was feeling more and more like a cushion to walk upon it felt so soft too as we walked.  We were close to the nature Angels and they had formed a circle and the grass had grown into a circle for us to be in and the flowers were on the outside of the ring.  The flowers were continuing to grow around the circle and the nature Angels had asked me to lay down and the grass had made a bed for me and I laid upon it.  Jozhua and I were waiting for u to lay down and the nature Angels had put petals on me and they told me to close my eyes, however, I was too amazed by it all.  The Angels smiled at me and they stroked my hair and it was just amazing how kind they were and the flowers were singing, as well as the trees and the trees, had put branches over my eyes from a distance so the sun would not shine into them.  I felt one with nature and they all wanted me to close my eyes so that they could help me, but first they gave me a green tall drink to help me.  Then with that I needed rest and calmness and so I closed my eyes while the nature Angels were healing me for 25 minutes.  Cynthia left me alone to rest and she would contact me when it was my time.

Cynthia woke me up on the msn computer and she had told me it was time to wake up.  I had smiled and I had laughed with her.  I had told her it was a wonderful experience and I had told her that I had floated and the petal were all around me when I was hovering and my arms had extended.  I was lucky enough to name them which was exciting, P’delia, P’etra and K’lia all with accents.  They were lovely ladies with beautiful smiles.  I was really pleased as I was naming names now and that I could not do before.  I had said my goodbyes and thank you to the nature Angels.  I joined Gabriel and Jozhua once again and we started to walk on the path again to a building and it was another tall building .  It looked as it was brick but they did not use brick, and I then discovered it was blocks made of mineral.  This was a nature part of the planet and it is so beautiful.   We started to walk through the doors and we were expected as they opened and then shut afterwards as the echoed.  It was a big wide open space and there were so many doors inside of the building and I was not sure which one I had to go into.  Luckily enough someone was coming out of a door and it was a man.    He was dressed in green/beige suit and he was smiling.  He had told me that it was good to see me and he so sweet and he looked familiar also.  I was trying to think and Cynthia had confirmed that I had met him before.  Apparently, it was a very long time ago and I got his name and spelt it as Sch’dia with no accent and he had smiled at me once again for getting his name correct.  He wanted me to follow him and Gabriel had to speak with some friends, however, Jozhua was still with me and we followed my old friend and he had told me that the last time I had seen him was that I was healing.  Apparently Sch’dia had seen me with my father too as I nearly always traveled with him.  When I was having this healing done, I was aware of someone being in the room with me.  I knew it was my sister, Tracy from this lifetime and then I notice someone else too and it was my brother, Christopher from this lifetime also.  My sister is an Arian Angel and my brother was a Qarian Angel.  I heard songs in the background which were very angelic.  Cynthia and I both very emotional by all of this.  They looked different but I knew them instantly.   They wanted me to listen to their guidance and explain a few things to me also.  I had been through some tough times and now I was going to have some good luck coming our way and it wont be for a while, I was also going to be busy as this year was going to be start getting busier as it went by.  I also must calm down and rest to get better and must not let people’s emotion get the better of  me and for me not to burden myself too much. I will also move to a better place and I will live life to the fullest and I will be so much happier than I am now.   I will also be successful and become a good book author and I will help people and I will write about my experiences, life and autism.  I will help those who have lost loved ones and I will be stronger than I am now and that I would be fine.  They also said that my friend, Cynthia and I would be fine and that Cynthia is a wonderful healer and will help those in need.  Cynthia will be one with her originator soon and she will be reunited with Kam and she will be happy and also a successful author.  They were please that we had met and that we are now friends as well as be able to help and explain to people about Angels.  Apparently, I had past lives with Tracy and Christopher but not Elaine.  I would also one day meet up with them in the future.  I kissed and hugged them and I was also grateful too.  It was lovely to see them again and it will be nice to see them in the future too.

By this time I was ready to come home and I was going to take the fast route home as per usual.  Jozhua was taking me home and he was so kind to me.  I had thanked Sch’dia for everything and gave him a kiss and a hug.  Before embarking on the journey home I was to see my Dolphin friends, again and we got on to the Dolphins.   The Dolphins were chatting away and smiling too and we were coming out of the cavern.  It was a wonder we had a little swim with them and we were so pleased that they had taken us on the journey.  I hugged the Dolphins and thanked them too and when I got out of the waters I automatically dried and I waved goodbye to the Dolphins again.  Jozhua and I set off home to earth and I have to admit the journey home always make me dizzy and it is well worth it as it makes me feel a lot better and a brighter.

Love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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