crystalI have been on many journeys with Cynthia and our Angels which I call them ‘the lads’.  Angel Vincent ask sometimes if I want to visit somewhere and I have to say its lovely to be asked and wow I feel like that I am part of their world, having said that I am.  I feel complete with our Angels and I know I am on a great journey with them and I am safe and happy too.  On this particular journey, I was so pleased as it was different yet again.  Angel Gabriel had taken me on the journey, bless him and Angel Jozhua had asked if he could come along this time too.  I had wondered why my eternal soul mate, (husband) had come on this journey but later on, that was to be revealed.

Angel Vincent again sent images to my mind and was telling Cynthia what was happening and that I was either correct or not.  I saw blue skies and white fluffy clouds and I was flying.  Cynthia asked what else I could see and I saw a mountain and it was a very, very tall one, there were lakes also.  I paid particular attention to the mountain as it was very pointed.  I thought I saw snow on the top of it but no it sparkled and Cynthia kindly told me that it was a Sanctuary – the mountain and it was red and then the colours changed.  I flew on top of the mountain and I then entered from the top of it.  The colours were amazing and the sun shone down upon it too.  When I entered the mountain it was rather cool, I have to admit I did not expect an entrance to it and when I went inside thankfully it was warmer.  It felt lovely, peaceful a calm.

Some had come to greet me and the person looked wise and humble looking and very knowledgeable indeed.  I felt that I had been there before and Cynthia had verified it and I had felt emotional about it all and I shed a tear too.  I was taken down a corridor and I was shown to a room that was being prepared for healing.  There were many doors in the corridor and I had to go through the blue door and there I was given a gown to wear for the healing and it was a crystal healing.  There was a lady that had greeted me and I remembered her face and there were 3 stages of my healing to work.  The lady had welcomed me and explained the healing process.  At that pointed, I had said that someone was playing with my hair while I was doing this Angel session and Cynthia had said that it was Angel Michael doing it, which I found funny.  The lady was so kind to me and she did have a lovely face.  | had seen her before and Cynthia had confirmed this.  As I said there were 3 stages of healing and they were going to work from the top of my head to the bottom of it, especially where it really hurt and she also showed me my sore points.  The lady knew I had not been well and she said I had been there before and I would go again after this treatment as they wanted to do an intensive healing.  Cynthia enquired what I was doing and I had told her that the lady had shown me a seat and also a bed where the crystals would sing to me.  The also glowed and that they worked on the sore parts and they wanted to heal the damage that had been done to my body.  Also, I would feel less achy and tired.  That is why my Angels and Ezzra had been working overtime healing me and I do thank them every day.  It was going to require many visits and stress must be reduced at home.  Cynthia had been sending healing energy from the sun and I had thanked her and I was so so grateful too.

I asked the lady her name and she was trying to pronounce it and I could not really grasp it and I asked Cynthia and her name was ‘Pradah’ and you had to do the Pr so it was Prrrrrrrrrdah, which helped me a lot as I have difficulties with the pronouncing of words, with being deaf.  Apparently, she rolled her rs and that is why she tried to help me pronounce her name.  I thanked Pradah and then I laid on the bed and I was there for 30 minutes and I could fall asleep and I was feeling very relaxed and calm as well as tranquil.  It was painless treatment and Pradah had stroked my head reassuring me that the treatment was for me and she was smiling.  Such a kind face and sympathetic too.  I was just achy and sore and tired too.  I wanted the pain to go away and here I laid on this bed with the crystals singing to me and they hummed away and I drifted off into slumber.  While the treatment was going I felt so relaxed and warm and snugly.  this happened for 30 minutes and I relaxed and calmed down too as well as feeling tired.  This was a good way of feeling tranquil of the treatment.

Cynthia said hello to me and I have to admit I did not say hello back straight away as I fell asleep.  I had heard the humming of the crystals and that is why I fell asleep and Pradah had looked after me and she brought over a tall drink and I was so pleased that she had done so.  It was a blue drink and it looked a lovely colour and I drank it and it was rather refreshing and I was pleasantly surprise.  Ii had thanked Pradah for her kindness and her understanding.  I was going to be taken on a buggy ride then straight after and it had no engine in and yet it rode people around.  I was going to the centre of the mountain for a blue bright water therapy and the water was saline and it was wonderful for my condition.  . Here were my ride and I was so pleased that it was here and Cynthia said to me who was taking me and I looked and saw that it was a man that was taking me and the seat was comfortable and I was on my way.  I had looked at the man and he looked familiar too and his name was Fahluzza.  On the way Fahluzza explained the therapy I was having and he was also explaining about the crystals how the grew and also that they sing and make the place feel warm and eventually they would make me feel better.  The spa was ageless like our dear Angels and timeless too.  It had been one of the most important healing therapies that I will receive.  The healing spa will make me feel less achy and sore.  He had said that it would help me to stop feeling cold all the time too.  He was right as I have Raynaud’s disease.  The colours of the crystals were beautiful and they were singing and there were people that were attending them and singing with them also.  I looked around and we finally reached the blue waters and I was so pleased that we had and it was so pretty was the waters and it was saline waters and it was special also.  I had thanked Fahluzza for the ride and I went into the warm waters and it was thicker than water itself as it was special healing waters.  The waters had felt lovely and smelt so nice too.  I began to wash my hair and put it in my ears to heal them as they hurt and also I am partially deaf and it would help me.  There were places for me to sit down and I did this and I let the water cover my shoulders and again I felt comfortable and sleepy too.  I also leaned back and I could still hear humming still and apparently that was good and now I had to stay for another 30 minutes in the saline crystal waters.  I was lovely and comfortable and I was happy that I could do this and I had stayed for 30 minutes and Cynthia had tried to get my attention and I had felt a lot better and more relaxed too.  There was one last part of the healing and I got out of the waters and I was dried immediately.  It was a short healing part and my last healing and I looked forward to it too.  Cynthia had said some was coming for me and it was Jozhua and he wanted a private chat with me and I was being taken to a room with the view of the valley below and I was to spend about 20 minutes with Jozhua.  He wanted to talk to me about himself and I and then Jozhua and Gabriel would escort me home after that.  He wanted to try and tell me something and I could not understand him and I think I was trying too hard and I had to ask Cynthia for her help.  He was concerned about my health and said I should be looking after my self better and eating better too.  I had to eat to keep up my strength.  I felt very emotional with Jozhua and he did not like to see me in pain at all and he said he will be by my side until I leave this earth and he loved me more than life itself.  He had told me I had not had an easy life and he was sorry for that too.  He has wished we had a life together on earth this time around and he knew that I had thought of him.  Jozhua was around me constantly and he had fears for my health and he said I needed constant care and rest as well as stress-free.  Jozhua had told me that I was doing well  with my developments.  Jozhua told Cynthia about me and said he had guided me and wanted me to continue my work with Cynthia also.  He had also told me that we had been together for such a long, long time and we had four children that we were proud of and I was so happy about this.  He was very caring and he loved me so much and he touched my face and I could feel it too.  He watched me wake up in the night and he also watches me sleep.  When I wake in the night he tried to help me go back to sleep and comforts me too.  He did not want to let me go.  With that I had felt rather tired and I asked if I could go home.  Jozhua and Gabriel took me home and they took me home the very quick way.  I thanked them so very much and Cynthia also.  I am so pleased that I had done this trip.  I was so tired and I fell asleep and had a peaceful sleep.

Cindy Poulson

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