german villageIn the year 1963, my mother was heavily pregnant with myself and twin. She had been in this flat that was made by a big German house and the old German lady lived downstairs as it was hers but had to make money after the world war 2. Since father was stationed in Zose in 1963 with the Canadian army.

It was not a very nice place and Mother did not feel at all at ease, Father put it down to her pregnancy being extra sensitive. My sister and brother were working hard babysitting and doing paper rounds. My other sister was only 4 years old and she hated bedtime. She did not like it in the bedroom as she told us that there was a doll that used to come to life. My mother kept an eye on her and she caught her talking with someone and my mother asked who she was talking to and it turned out to be an old man in a gray tweed suit and my sister described her to the old lady and she went as white as a sheet and said that was her father.

She did not speak of it again and did not speak to the mother or the children again. It must have brought back some memories that she did not want to share

. Up in one of the rooms my mother had cleaned it up and looked under a carpet and there was witch’s pentagram which was upside down and my mother was horrified by it. So she got a bucket of soapy water and steadily got down on her knees and started scrubbing it. She was scrubbing it and it would not fade and she was thinking it was used for bad things as mother did not know anything to do with Wiccan, devil worship.

After that, she pulled herself up from the floor. After doing this she just uncovered the bed and fell ill and went to bed., as she was trying to rest she felt something come on the bed as it felt like a cat. After she looked up she felt as she was losing blood and when she looked under her covers she was. She shouted for my brother as she knew he would be home now and got my brother to phone for an ambulance, she went into the hospital. She had lost my twin and just gave birth to me and nearly lost me. My Father came on leave as they sent for him as they thought the mother was going to died. She asked him to move her children and belongings out of the house and go elsewhere. Father obeyed mother and felt she must have had good reasons. Soon after my father had wanted to leave the Canadian army and come back home to England. My mother had told me the story and it left such an impact on our lives and so I thought I would share the story. When we had come back to England I started to cry and cry. The doctors could see nothing wrong with me but then when we had finally settled in Bolton in Lancaster, United Kingdom, they found out I was profoundly deaf. I often wonder if there was a connection with the pentagram and my deafness? What do you think?


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