I have to admit while I have been on these journeys I have taken a different one and I could never ever say its boring. I have found myself more intrigued at each journey of the Angel session, that as made me become more understanding our Angels and why they work so hard to help us through unhappy times and turmoil too. Our Angels have helped me through some pretty unhappy times and I feel stronger as they are here supporting and helping me.

This journey was just as fascinating as the last one. Daniel, my son was with me and I have to say he was not very well at the time of doing this Angel session. I had said this journey was totally different to the other one and I looked inside the Spacecraft and it looked like the inside of what I could only say a beehive. Daniel and I could both see this and it was incredible as the Spacecraft was round and it was really nice too and a warm feeling to it, also. I was granted entry to the spacecraft and there was a balcony with crystals all around it. It was lovely and sparkly and I asked if we could look around the place and was told not yet, as we had to lift off and we were being taken to a room and we were going to be seated and the room colour was gingery orange. There was a very large window and we could look through it and it felt nice and calming. Cynthia said that we would feel a tingly feeling sensation and lift off was imminent and there were different lines in all directions with the big screen and it was fantastic. My nose felt tingly and it was tingly in Daniel’s ears. There were starts and a big round planet. This was like taking a space tour and it has a ring around it and but no stops and there was plenty to see. Cynthia, of course, asked me what was so unusual about the planet and I had to say there were tingling in my ears which I found so fascinating, and it was to do with the journey we were taking. The rings around the planet, there were two of them and there were crystals in the rings. One of the rings was harder to see until you got closer to the planet. It was a bit like Saturn but only not and it was not very far from our solar system. They were protecting shields of crystal energy and Cynthia asked what else we could see in the surroundings. It was lovely and I was looking a little too hard and I could see then there was a red moon and had a bit of grey in it but it was mostly red. It was different to the other moons, and she asked me how many moons I saw as I said something special must have happened on the red moon. I looked closer and there were 5 moons and there was something special about the red moon as it had a special energy force as there was another object and the energy of the moon was from inside of it.

There was a lot of beautiful colours and energy too and the crystals and energy were for a special purpose as they kept the planet a life. Daniel thought the 6th object was a crystal and apparently, it was and it was glowing and I thought it was like the sun to the planet and it was not. So I pondered for a moment and said it was a healing planet and I was correct. It was fascinating as I said it looked different and I said that the planet needed healing as it has had no sun for a while and the planet looked dead and Angel Vincent is always testing me on these sessions and asked me what I think it should be healed and it was once a beautiful planet and it will be healed and it will be alive again. I had said it would become lovely and it would be better than it was before. Life was just beginning and before there were grass, animals and magical beings, creatures, I asked why I could see them and apparently as the planet was once inhabited by animal metamorphs, (changelings). They were happy now as the planet was being healed and it was like a fairy tale planet, they had to leave but they will return in the summer solstice. I felt if I had been there before and I had. Cynthia asked Danny what he had to say to it and he felt that he had been to the planet but not in a past life. I kept seeing a beautiful blue creature and I had to tell Cynthia. I was rather surprised at what she told me. I had to recall the information about the creature and it was blue like I said and it had a long neck and long body and furry, it was like a caterpillar. Apparently, I did not get the information from Vincent but the Angel Database which was truly amazing. I felt so relaxed at that place and was happy too. The blue creature was a changeling and it was so friendly and so huge too. It represented a creature that reminded Daniel or a cartoon and at that point Daniel was tired and it was rather late for him and he went to bed, as he had college the next morning.

I continued the journey without Daniel thankfully Cynthia enjoyed doing these Angel session and I have to say I surprise myself at each session that we do. I was still in the spacecraft and we were still moving and I felt a bit of a bump and I felt rather different this time for some reason which I found fascinating. Cynthia asked what I felt different and lighter and she had inquired why? We had gone beyond our solar system and Cynthia had said to me that my seat will recline about 40 degrees and that I felt slimmer and tall as we went into orbit I felt the journey. Wow, I was rather giddy at the time and I found it wonderful. Cynthia said that on the count of three I would feel euphoria and that meant extreme happiness and I was giggling like a school girl and it was fun and I felt light headed and it was like a drug but in a good way, as I said as I am on morphine, ‘Morphine eat your heart out’. I did giggle away and Cynthia said it was good to do this and I had needed to giggle and I had said thanks lad to Vincent. I am sure he finds me amusing. Oh, the next bit was yet to happen and I could float around the commander’s deck where I was seated. I looked outside through the window and I could look at the stars. It was a very big window and the stars twinkled. Cynthia had told me to keep an eye on my right side and told me to tell her what I could see. I looked and I do not try too hard when I do these Angel sessions and I saw something glowing and it was like an energy yet again and there was someone to my left side and the energy was transforming itself into something that I recognized. It shone and it was forming into a creature and spurts of energy were changing shape just for me and they were representing bears. There were 4 dancing bears and they were magnificent and they looked as if they were laughing, and Cynthia said that they represented our support of the ‘Moon Bears’ that we were supporting and they were dancing for me. They looked so happy and they were metamorphs – Zoltarz., they were the animals that changed shape. They were so pleased I was here and I was so glad as they were helping me to help them. Cynthia had apparently worked with them before in a recent journey. They were there representing us both and that I was so pleased about and now they were changing shape to Elephants and they were going to help us too and they were smiling and they were only babies. They were so cute too, as baby Elephants were one of my favourites animals. They also changed colour from grey. They changed colours of orange, red and then blue and the green glowed as well. They were a warmth form them as they glowed. They were so happy thank goodness. The metamorph blew kisses to me and I did too. My nose tingled as they did this and they looked so at home. They were so loving and kind.

It was a big room with a very large window on the spacecraft. I had felt someone brush my hair and someone was on the left and right side of me. They were holding me and I began to feel lighter too. I was being taken outside the spacecraft where I was very safe and comfortable. I was enjoying every moment of it and I went outside and it was cooler and it felt wonderful too. They were holding me and my ears were tingly too and I was being held by Angel Spirits and there was a feeling of overwhelming as there were starts and there was another planet too. I was given a tour and I was feeling emotional too and now the Angels showed me a performance of the Zoltarz animals while I orbited the planet and there were wolves like creatures and cats, etc. There were birds and it was almost like a zoo but in a different way and they were all nice to each other as they did not fight or eat each other. I thought they were spiritual and healing but apparently, they were all energies and they entertained all around the Universe and they made you laugh and smile when you needed it and I thought this was wonderful. They made me feel so relaxed and happy this evening. There were no bad tempers or anything like that and I felt safe and happy there and my hearing was intact, no disabilities’ either and I did not feel any pain what so ever and felt whole once more. My ears were tingling as I was talking to Cynthia and it was to help me hear Vincent and Gabriel correctly. I was happy and meanwhile as I was talking to Cynthia, she has told that Angel Michael had gone for some dinner and brought back two angels with him David and Gabriel had paid an unexpected visit and was peering over her shoulder as she spoke to me on the msn and they were interested and I was certainly pleased that they did. I loved it there and I was happy and then I heard a strange humming and I had to head back into the spacecraft heading for another surprise and I thanked Cynthia and Vincent as per usual. The Angel spirits had brought me gently inside. There was a lovely glow around me and it was a while energy and it was healing energy of my Angels.

This is how Cynthia explained about the Angel Spirits. Angel spirits are a wonderful group of angels who have been in existence for two millennia and who have contributed to our own history in so many ways. These magnificent beings were first introduced to our planet one thousand years ago. Angel spirits are here as Guardian Angels and are helping with our ecological development.

Angel spirits were so called due to the nature of their origins and because they are not from the Universe originally, but from an outer region called Melódia. They were named spirits because of their affiliation with the Spirit Realms and because they are founders of a form of metaphysical communication we now call channelling. The angel spirits are currently developing a brand new form of communication called ‘para-physical teleportation’. This amazing new method involves the transference of visual objects from one dimension to another that can be seen telepathically by multiple people simultaneously.

Angel spirits are one of the forces behind another belief system called transitional energy projection is known as trans-astral travel.

I had thanked the Angel Spirits and I was seated and I could then hear a loud vibration and we were going into space and I would not feel as light, My seat shook for a for moments and I could feel it. It made me giggle and I have some tingling in my nose yet again and so did Cynthia, it also tingled my tongue too. The spacecraft moved in a clockwise fashion and I felt a little strange at first and I felt dizzy, however, I was fine. I was all right and happy too and I was then asked if I could see the rest of the spacecraft when all the shaking had stopped and I was so pleased about this as I was eager to see the rest of the spacecraft. I was in for a surprise again and this time a male attendant approached me and was asked if I would like to see the rest of the spacecraft. He looked a little different and I had been on that craft before and when I looked at the man somehow I knew him. I thought he was funny as he made me laugh and I could not really understand him as he spoke rather quickly. He was a gentleman and I was like a beehive the spacecraft and there were all windows in this craft. The man who was showing me around, I looked at him and I had said that he looked Asian and almost Chinese. I had known him in a past life. It turned out that he was my husband and I had recognised him and he did make me laugh and he had a great sense of humour and he wanted to cuddle me. He was a perfect gentleman as he offered his arm to show me around and he was so nice as he did make me laugh until I cried. I notice that he was good at mimicking someone I knew and he was good at taking people off. His name is J’or’da’ch, and I could not really pronounce it, however, Cynthia helped me as per usual, ‘Jorache’. Cynthia had told me that he had loved me dearly and I had missed him and I wanted to live life to the fullest and he wanted me to be happy and he put his hands on my face and he loved me so much as he was my other eternal soul mate. I had felt more loved and I felt special too and I had lived on earth with him also he had been with me every step of the way and he was one of my Guardian Angels. I was rather puzzled as I did not know you could have two eternal soul mates and I had to ask why I had two of them. Jozhua was the other eternal soul mates and they were friendly but rivals because of me. They had fought over me and I found this rather amusing, they fought as Angels and in past lives too. I found it amusing but Cynthia said it was apparently very serious, and I had loved them both equally. Apparently, I am a beautiful Angel and my Angels wanted me to know that. I thanked them for saying that and for Cynthia and Vincent too. I had two visitors and it was Jorache and Jozhua, and they were on either side of me. They were making me feel stronger and happier.

Anyhow I was being shown around the spacecraft and it was like a foyer of some kind and that is the only way I could explain it. It was all around and it was like a mother ship and there were people walking by me and they were smiling. There were little rooms and some of the people waved to me and I was being taken to a room and I walked towards it and it looked a very big room. I asked permission to go into the room where a person was at a desk. He was dealing with paperwork and he was one of my elders and he looked wise, and elders were nothing to do with age and he had called me into the office to tell me something and he wanted me to start to write and he was showing me the paper he had been working on. It had my name on it and Cynthia’s too. He also showed me a list of people that are possibilities of helping us. There were a lot of people and there were other names that I could not make out. I just saw Cynthia and my name on it and he showed me some other paper but this was a different list. It was for me and it said I was going to write my books and that I needed to trust our Angles and I have now Michael, Gabriel, David, Anthony and John with me to help me and to listen to them too. Cynthia asked me who was Anthony and there was Diana. Angel Diana apparently loved Anthony so very much and he was a tall Angel jet black angel 6’7.

Anyhow there was a list of things to do. The Elder told me that I would be writing a book or two or more and he was pleased that I was here to talk with him and he was pleased to see me again. The Elder’s, his name is T’onin. I asked as per usual to pronounce it and we could say in English, Tony with an ‘n. I was so pleased to see him and I knew him too and apparently, he was my eternal father. He was the one I saw in a vision and he put his hand on my face and I was so pleased to see him again and he was blocking his emotions or he would have a break down as he loved me so much indeed. He was very emotional and I did not want to cry but it was great to see my eternal father again. He loved me more than life itself and he gave me a hug again and it was so lovely as I was his precious child. He had adopted me as an infant and it was many light years ago that |I was adopted. I was his favourite child and he was going to guide me and help me along as he presides over the Arian Counsel and he is a very important man and has a wicked smile. He was going to enter my dreams going forward and helping me along too. I was his precious jewel, and that is what Tonin had said. I would see him again and he had loved me from the moment he saw me as an infant and I was so honoured by it all and Cynthia was adopted also. I felt my father’s love and he is so handsome too and he had an overwhelming love for me and I had felt very emotional by it all. He said he would help me with healing too and the connection between my father and I was very strong indeed. I knew that he travelled a great deal. He also said he will be travelling and I will be too and he will go with me.

I was then taken back to the room with the large window and was brought home quickly. I was so pleased that I had met my other eternal soul mate and my father too. I was so happy that this had happened and it was indeed an experience that I will never ever forget.

love Cindy Poulson

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