The Elders page 13.

I have to say I did not realise that the Elders have given me so much information. I thank everyone who has read it. I feel at peace when I write this. Life will steadily become better soon. There is a lot of healing to be done on earth. I have not done any writing as I have and still is poorly. I hope and pray that people will understand what I am writing about. Life has become serene at the present and for once I have nothing to worry about. I do not understand being at peace, after all the torment I have had over the years.

When I was a young girl I could not read and write very well even at the age of 13. Appparently, I was slow as I was writing at the age of 7 years of age. I did try and try. However, we had a lovely new teacher who has passed away at the age of 92,. She helped me so much and she found me fascinating as I use to write about all sorts of topics. We all do miss her very much indeed.

Anyhow, I started writing at home about aliens and how advance they were and that there must be millions of them on planets. Some wont be nice and others will be wonderful.
I often wondered if we have all seen ufos and aliens at one time in our lives? I wrote how aliens had a device that cured all diseases and disabilities. There are air forces government that have special knowledge on aliens etc. I cannot believe how technology has advanced since the 60’s. How we have mobile phones and we are knowledgeable about technology computers, etc and cameras in fridges too. Please google it if you do not believe me as they are samsung makes, wonderful they are. We will one day see more technology so advance they will drive cars, they will make proper robots. What you saw in Star Trek and Stargate is not far from the future we will bond with the aliens and they will help us. Mediums have seen this and so I have and my friend, Cynthia Silk. Just sit down and see what we have had since the 60’s, dvds, computers, cable, everything in technologies are everything that humans love and games and so on. I would not be surprise if we have alien technology to invent slowly as life develops into the future. We will drive electric cars and we all need to plant a tree for the future of mankind and animals as well as mammals, We will survive and one day we will live in space and travel into the unknown. Wow how fascinating can this be and also scary too. I know you may think I am stupid but honestly I can tell you that I am serious about all of this and you can reread it and think to yourself what is life going to be like and its not far either. Please consider the fact that you have that you have read on here.

love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2 thoughts on “The Elders page 13.

  1. Another nice article Cindy. Did you know that people have been planting trees in the Sahara desert for quite some time now? It is quite a project and I believe there are several others also underway. Love, Cynthia 💜💚💛🦋


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