I have a young man with autism and he has learning difficulties too. One day he came up to me and said you know I cannot read and write but I do love Angels. He asks for guidance from the Angels and he has also asked them to heal me, He also asks them to heal me which is so lovely of him. He talks to Gabriel a lot. He talks to him quite a bit and I think this is why he had a vision that seemed so real. He told me that he has a very realistic vision which he wanted me to share with everyone.

Daniel sat and told me that he was approached by a very beautiful lady who had long blonde hair and she was tall and wore a pure white suit with a thick necklace, and white shoes to match. Daniel knew her name and she was called, Jenny Godfrey. He has shared some lives with her from time to time. Daniel said that she was his guardian Angel for him many times. They were walking along the corridor and had to climb these stairs and they were pure and white. As Daniel looked up the stairs there was a big square glass with this surrounding figure. Daniel asked who it was and she replied and said you already know who it is, ‘God’. , she nodded her head to him for reassurance. As they approached this glass box, Daniel touched the glass and with that Jenny kissed his forehead. He was very touched by that. ‘God’ was a handsome man with a beard that flowed and a moustache, with his hair down to his shoulders with a white gown. Personally, I think he just looks like a person like you or I. We will certainly know when the time has come.

Music started to play, Daniel and Jenny walked towards it and it was very soothing music. There were people there and suddenly Jenny received a crown of an Angel. They entered a beautiful Orchard with white roses and a hint of yellow. They were fantastic and they grew as they walked along the path, some of the white roses developed into Doves that flew away into the air into heaven. The white started to fade and them colours came along and the flowers started to grow bigger. The scent of the flowers was literally out of this world. There were mountains, trees and the animals there were so many of them that they definitely looked different to the ones on earth. The birds were colourful and also different to the ones on earth too. The peacocks were bigger and their wings oddly as the feathers were thicker and more colourful and they were glowing too. The colours turned into paintings. The birds were all singing a tune and it sounded so pleasant to hear. Funnily enough, children appeared and sang with the birds which wasAngels_141.jpgIOIOIO delightful.

Daniel looked to the sky and it started to get dark he has been there a long time and Jenny said it was time to go and as the stars came out he notice how shiny they were like a diamond they sparked so much. He noticed that it was dark there and it was morning here for us. He was happy to have experienced a lovely vision and it is nice to be able to share it with the world.

By Cindy Poulson.