I am grateful for this opportunity to enable to tell you about my Adventure with Cynthia A. Silk and our Angels Vincent, Kam, Michael and Gabriel.  I dedicate this journal to them as a token of my appreciation.  I have found doing this Transitional Energy Projection with Cynthia the most exciting thing since I got married and had my children.  I have loved every moment of it and every detail too.

Cynthia and I had joined a site for free readings, we did not know each other but we quickly became close friends to which I am so very pleased about.  I respected Cynthia and her work with the Angels and was so very pleased that she had helped me start to understand the Angels.  I knew they existed and I knew they were there, however, I did not know how close they were.  I was apprehensive around them at first, however, I have got used to them as they have with me.  Now I love being around them and its good to talk with them too and laugh as well.  They have a wonderful sense of humour and they just dress like us and they are generous and also hard working, they make us work hard.  Cynthia has been working with the Angels for a long time and I am pleased to say that she has had first-hand knowledge of working with them and I might add efficiently too.  I am so pleased to know her and the Angels too.

I am certainly pleased now that I am working with Cynthia and the Angels, as we refer them as “the lads”.  Now here is the beginning of the Adventure.  I have been really happy, to say the least and I have also received Angelic healing which I am now more relaxed than ever.  I am now going to commence my journey with all of you.  The exciting adventure of a lifetime.

The first journey with Cynthia and our Angels was the most fascinating story that you could ever imagine.  I was on the computer and over the internet, we started the journey.

Cynthia is my mentor and She then said Angel Michael was on my left side and Angel Vincent was going to put an image in my mind.  I was really apprehensive in case I got it all wrong.  However, surprisingly I did not and I started to fly amongst the clouds with Angel Michael and I felt very safe with him and very sure too.  I flew into space and I said that the “Milky Way” was on my left.  There was another planet and it looked different.  Cynthia asked how it looked different?  It got a reddish look but its not dead it just looks reddish but it has a lovely glow to it.  I felt so drawn to it and Cynthia asked if I wanted to visit it.  I said ok and felt so emotional and I also felt nervous for some reason.  I was assured by Cynthia not to and Michael was there holding my hand and I was soon relaxed.  It was a lovely planet and it had 2 suns also and I was so drawn to this planet.  it looks so shiny
so colourful
the flowers wow they are bigger than the ones before
and the trees with the leaves.

Cynthia said,
the name of the planet is Puleia, I was so pleased that the session was going well.  I said “wow the grass does not look green though its looks reddish but it is not red”.  Cynthia very patiently said,
‘is it windy?’  and then I was so busy looking at my planet and said,

‘yes but not too windy
its a calmer day but it feels calmer I mean I do’, and Cynthia was talking to me more and she found that I was looking as I was typing away, She then said to me,

“there is something very unusual about this planet – can you tell me?”.

‘I am walking now and its so nice
apart from the 2 suns mm the sea looks red and the buildings I cannot see many the roofs look flat there are no mountains
it looks flat
you can see for miles’.

Cynthia was really pleased I had got this far and said to me,
“you are right – there are no mountains there”

I was getting excited by it all and found that I was getting all the images correctly and I was letting it flow.  Cynthia asked me if I saw any water and I had not.  I exclaimed, ‘well I thought I saw the sea but it is not sea or water really
it can get really cold too’ and I just knew and with Vincent’s help I had said the correct things and the images were fascinating and Cynthia told me, “yes it does”

There is no water on top but there are some underneath,
so everyone is living underneath, it is better there for them to live and shelter.  Cynthia asked if someone was walking towards me and I could see someone too.  I was fascinated by this as I knew who it was and I knew that he was my husband once and that I used to live there.  He said to me that he could not wait for me to go back and that he will be waiting for me.  He held me and kissed me.  I asked Cynthia what his name was and he was called Jozhua and I felt like if I had known him forever and Cynthia assured me that I had known him longer and that time was not an issue.  Tears had fallen from my cheeks as he loved me for always.  He had missed me and I had missed him too.  We were both from a realm outside the Universe.  Cynthia and our Angels had felt our emotions and they had felt that I had come back home.  I went into the realm and I then discovered that I had 4 children also.  They had surrounded me and said that they had missed me.  Cynthia asked how I felt about the realm and I had felt that it was different but home.  My face was tingling.

The word kept coming up and I said it looks barren and I realised that it was and I do not know what they mean

There is another level still to come

oh, I see something and I see a higher plane does that sounds sense? Cynthia told me to go on and very emotional and very intense and very much a higher being
the one

its a higher level the highest level
oh wow emotional
very emotional
why do I see silver and gold
and white

Cynthia said “you will see something very beautiful – jewel-encrusted”

‘oh wow, it that where everyone goes eventually after so many lives?
I am walking now that way and oh wow its so s big and beautiful oh wow everyone is smiling at me
everyone is greeting me and they said welcome back – home – nice to see you again – etc
I am being hugged by everyone’

“do you see three pagodas?”  and I told her that everyone had missed me.  Yes I had seen the pagodas,
‘one of them is jewel-encrusted’ said Cynthia.

‘oh wow, wow, yes, yes I do
its so lovely
so peaceful and so serene

they are for meditation

everyone is so nice and so thoughtful
oh everyone comes here ‘

from all over the Universe

‘that is why it feels angelic’

“these are not angels – just people from all over the universe,” said Cynthia.

‘It is a very special place’ I said and Cynthia explained to me that.

“like us going to Lourdes in France”.

I was more and more fascinated by all of this and I am so happy to be able to share my experiences with you more and more as I do these sessions.  I also said to Cynthia,

‘standing in front of them
feeling everyone’s emotions and wanting to stay there but I cannot Michael said its not time yet’

“your angel Michael would like to take you to another beautiful planet if you are not too tired.  Would you like to go?”

‘yes please thank you so much if he does not mind and you, of course,
thank you’

“It would be his pleasure and mine too, please say your goodbyes”
I had said my goodbyes and was ready to leave.  I am so pleased that I was able to do this.  I am now venturing on another journey ready for another adventure.  I was guided outside the solar system with Angel Michael, and Vincent still giving me all these images.

On these journeys, I have seen so much beauty and so much serenity about it all.  I am so pleased that this opportunity has been given to me by the Angels.  Cynthia said that I will be seeing a big moon with very bright stars around it, I saw it and said, it was a big moon and the next thing I saw was an identical moon behind it.  The next thing I had to do was to turn right and I saw a beautiful planet apparently it reminded me of a planet where I once lived.

I looked at it in amazement and said ‘what a lovely cheerful looking planet’, as it had a yellowish orange colour aura around it.  Cynthia asked if I would like to visit the planet, and of course, I did as it was so beautiful.  Cynthia told me the name of the planet, “Aurea”, and I was taken by the hand of Angel Michael and when I entered the planet’s atmosphere, it felt different and emotional too.  Eager to find out what I could see, Cynthia asked me what could I see.  I answered with great delight, ‘Oh I see the grass and flowers and big bumble bees wow they are big and happy in the flowers they are so happy humming away and its so nice here too as there are birds who are happy singing at the top of their voices.  Cynthia, of course, asked what else I could tell her about the planet and I must have done well as she listened to me and I told her that there were mountains there but they were smaller.  I told I could see lakes or water of some kind and she told me no there were not water but the pools of water are therapeutic
similar to that of a natural spa.  I was also being observant and saw that there were people on the planet and animals too.  It occurred to me that this was a healing place and Cynthia, sure enough, confirmed it.  I somehow knew that I once lived there and I was a healer too.  Cynthia bless her asked if I wanted to go into the waters and feel the benefits and I did ask if they minded and of course, they did not, and I had their blessings.

I sat in the waters for about 20 minutes and I felt my achy bones feel easier and I could not help be emotional again and felt tears down my face.  I am the emotional person and I was so happy that I could experience this planet.  Cynthia had said to me that I was the first person to go to this planet in this lifetime as there will be others like me, and I am so lucky to have done this and I felt happier and like a young girl again and only Cynthia and I have done this type of energy travel.  I felt so honoured by it all and I felt so pleased too.  I was happy that I was being chosen to gain more knowledge and wisdom from our dear Angels.

Cynthia asked if I was out of the waters and I was dry when I came out.
Vincent is the reason we are able to do this journey and Cynthia had said we were all very special and we had done well in a short space of time.  After coming out of the waters I felt happier and I was smiling away.  I was invited to a very special ceremony and I was shown to another pagoda and it looked most interesting as I was walking up to it. I was talking away to Cynthia explaining how it looked different from the other planet and it looked more serene and peaceful.  I was looking around again and felt emotional for some reason.  I was seated and felt comfortable and I was about to see a blessing performed.  I was very excited by this and was even more pleased as I was the Guest of honour and I was given flowers and the blessing ceremony was for me. They gave me a change of clothing which I was so pleased about and I had a beautiful dress on and it looked so beautiful.  The next 20 minutes I was treated like a Princess.  They spoke to me and they were saying lovely kind words too.  Then when I got up to go on stage, children came to me and sang songs and I felt so happy and so honoured too and they did a special dance also.  I had not recognised the song and apparently, I would on the next visit.  I did not want them to be disappointed so I asked if they would be angry if I had not recognised the song and apparently they would not be. More children came along and danced and they looked so adorable.

I was told I was leaving the Pagoda in about 10 minutes and what was waiting for me in the grand finale was even better than I have ever thought.  There was flower petal falling on the ground and I was going to see my wings grow.  I was going to be flown around the planet and I could then see how beautiful it was before I departed from the planet to home.  I could see my wings and I said I could do it on my own.  They were so big and Angels Michael and David escorted me as I flew.  I flew like a bird and went with the Angels and they held my hands and everyone from was pointing and looking at me as I flew.  They were smiling and laughing at me.  Cynthia asked what I was wearing and I wore a long white robe and my hair was very long indeed, my hair was longer and also I was slimmer and prettier too.  Apparently, my real name was Lucinda and I was an Arian Angel.  I had met my originator, Lucinda as I saw myself as I appeared as an Angel.  I am at the moment in my earth body and we replicate when we incarnate – the original form stays behind and the replicate incarnates so I had met my original self.  Apparently, I will help myself on earth with my other Angels.  I was about to go back to earth in a few minutes and I described how the swimming pools were so big and had not realised it and the grass and everything had a purpose for healing.  The grass to relax on the pools for healing laughter and blessing ceremonies for making you feel special and for bringing the real the real me out, and for helping me on this earth’s plane  Also to help me to help others and my healing abilities
will do that.  I was almost home and I could see our planet Earth.  I thanked the Angels Michael, Vincent, Kam and I also thanked my dear friend, Cynthia.  I felt much happier and relaxed and the Angels surrounded me and were so happy for me and I was in no pain, however, I felt tired and I had a good night’s sleep too,  This was a beginning of a new venture for me and it was going to be even more wonderful and I had come a long way in a very short time.

My dear Angels are now happy that I have reconnected with them at last.

By Cindy Poulson xxxx