True Ghost Story: Lilian

little ghost girlAll my life I have been surrounded by ghosts. From being a child I have see and heard ghosts, nasty and sweet at the same time. Different energies for different kind of ghost, spirits or what ever you want to call them. I was not scared of them as I thought our house was always full of people little did I know that they were ghosts. I could never tell my parents what I saw as I was totally deaf until the age of 7 and could not speak until then. I missed a lot of schooling so I was at home. In those days there were not much for deaf schools nearby where we lived. When I got older my deafness improve but had to wear hearing aids with a box and wires with an ear mold in each ear. I hated them and I really got bullied by children and teachers too.

Anyhow moving back to the time when I saw and met spirits I was wow I cannot really remember but I was about 6 years old and we lived in a place near Liverpool and we had a house at first that was all right but never could keep warm. We eventually lived in a bungalow and that was a big mistake. We had nothing but bad luck and we certainly had money problems it got so bad that mother had to get a job and then she worked all the time and so did dad. I was alone at times at home when they were at work just after school. My sister Tracy had friends so she was always late. Tracy was 11 years old as she was 4 years older than me. I was on the sofa and I was nodding off to sleep as per usual as I was scared at night to go to sleep even though my sister was in the same room. I awoke to see this pretty young girl about my age about 7 or 8 years of age. She was dressed like a Victorian little girl and was from a good family. I did not know at this time I just thought she let herself in the house and wanted to play with me. Well, I did not have any friends due to the fact that I was deaf and spoke differently to others as I spoke erm shall I say different to them. I spoke to this young little girl and asked her name and she was called Lillian and she was really pretty with blonde hair and a red bow in her hair and around her waist too and definitely a pretty satin blue dress up to her ankles and white socks with black shoes. I began to play with her and she was use to my speech. I had a lonely life until this girl came a long to cheer me up and play with me. We played with marbles and skipped too. I was very good at that. Then when the family returned home she vanished and I could not understand this and I was so naïve and I am still a little naïve too.

My mother came home cooked and washed up and then went to bed she was exhausted and so was dad. My sister was tired also and at night she would hold my hand as I was always scared in that bungalow. No one else was and I was always scared to go to the toilet at night I use to switch the hallway light on and then I use to run and go to the toilet switch on the light and quickly do what I needed to do and wash my hands and switch off the lights and ran back to bed. I was terrified and I never told my parents that I was. We had a beautiful black Labrador and he was so gently and I was small for my age and use to ride him. We had tortoises too mother and daughter they were lovely, well I have to say we had nothing but bad luck as our dog had to be put down as he attacked another dog and he was such a wonderful dog and we broke out hearts too. Plus he was a sheep worrier too. Dad always locked him in but he got out. Then our tortoises died as a parasite killed them off. Then with the rent and everything else we had problems with the electric as we could not afford paying it and my mother was on the phone pleading them to take a little money at a time. However, it was a winter of discontent and we had no money for electric or food etc. as even though mother and father were working.

At night, when everyone were in a deep sleep including myself I got woken by Lillian and we would go into the living room and play all night and no wonder I use to be so tired. One night though my fears came through, this man came and he looked aggressive and looked really nasty too. I was terrified as he looked at us both and he seemed aggressive and certainly was menacing. He was really scary looking and looked angry also. He rushed to us and I closed my eyes and Lillian disappeared and I screamed. The family rushed in the living room and comforted me and said I must have been sleep walking. So I got put to bed and covered up and held hands with our Tracy and went to sleep. It was a recurring habit of Tracy holding my hands and one night I did not hold her hand and Tracy discovered this as I had turned over and she was holding hands with Lillian. Eventually. Tracy started to believe what I was saying about Lillian and night time play time and then I mentioned the nasty man. Tracy could understand me as she was the one that taught me how to speak. I had a lonely world of being deaf and had frequent ear infections. I had no sympathy from one of my sisters but that soon changed when she had hearing difficulties such as ear infections.

One of the days mother and father were working until late and Tracy was looking after me as it was the school holidays the summer ones. I was hyper active and we were playing I cannot remember what. Then., all of a sudden the atmosphere change and it went a lot colder and I was cold and I was frightened too. Our Tracy began to feel the same and this entity was rather aggressive and mother and father had a beautiful black forest clock and on the side board. It was lovely and it played a tune when it was playing the hourly time. Father use to get a little annoyed especially when he was watching a film. All of a sudden we were huddled together as the entity came forward and I could see that he was angry for some reason and we huddled in the corner of the living room and he lifted the clock so very hard and banged it down again and hurled a scream at us. I felt so scared and so did Tracy. We feared that mother and father would not believe us. However, Mother and father were very psychic themselves, father was not a believer but Mother was thank heavens. They came in from work as father picked up mother and came to two frightened children in the corner of the room with a broken clock which was mother’s favourite. She loved that clock and would never get rid of it. We both were in tears as we told mother and thankfully they believed us as they knew we both loved the clock. The clock got broken and it was such a shame too. Then Mother took it to a clock mender and the man died fixing it. So she left it as it seemed weird and she never got rid of it as it looked lovely on top of the radiogram which mother had bless her.

The house was haunted terribly and we could not sleep at night and things were happening during the day, I did not see Lillian again as I think she was too scared. Anyhow, more bad luck happened and we got switched off with the electric and we owed to everyone as it was the winter of discontent the government was dreadful and everyone went on strike, miners, electric, gas and dust bin men, fire service and ambulance too. It was dreadful. Everyone had a hard time and this place near Liverpool was really bad. We eventually, moved to Wakefield and lived with our sister the eldest one and every night mother cried and she did not work as father worked and we eventually moved to a place outside Wakefield. We moved twice and the one in the terrace house had ghost of cats. So, that is my childhood in a place outside Liverpool. I will tell you more about the ghost that I encountered more spirits in the future and in the past too. I have so many stories to tell and you will know why I am a little eccentric lol.

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