Subject: The Elders

I had a dream one night and it was a man whom, I was not afraid of or familiar. He had a deep gentle voice and I could not see his face. He had a beard. I told my friend who is an Angel channeler, she told me that he was higher than an ArchAngel. I wondered what he wanted with me. Later in the week Cynthia was able to tell me that he was one of the Elders. I suddenly knew his name which was, L’teriaz.

Apparently, I have been chosen to write for the Elders which I was very honoured about and happy too. This means, Cynthia is no longer my teacher, however, she is chosen to help me write about the Elders. Which Cynthia was happy to do so.

The Elders are a group of people who keep a tight management and carry the highest order of the task in hand. They are very private and also the chose carefully who they want to help them. Elder L’teriaz has given me a chance to write about them and to make sure that people understand them. They are very honourable are the Elders.

They monitor all the Angels and also planets in the Universe. They also watch the gravity, and weather and the beings of the planets.

The Elders are of a different heights and they are a great generation of people of a great age. They are gentle, yet firm in all what they do for anyone that wants help. Some planets are younger than the Earth, and earth is younger than other planets. They are advanced in cultures and technology. There are war torn planets which can be sorrowful, dangerous and evil. Other planets are beautiful, healing and kind to each other too.

As I write about the Elders, I feel that Elder L’teriaz is helping me to write this for you to read and remember. Elders are a closely nit sort of group which are part of the Angelic Realm. Apparently, the Elders have been keeping an eye on me for some time. They will make sure that I write about them professionally and correctly too.

I hope this first addition to the many espisodes I write will be of an interest and truefully true and to show you that there is life after death and they also want you to know that they are indeed friendly and the Angelic Realm is beautiful and serene. Please do not be afraid.

Love Cindy xxxx

Animal Magic

I have loved animals from being so small. We have had all sorts of animals such as kittens, dogs, and birds as well as tortoises. I seem to have a great rapport with animals of all kind. I am a kind person with animals and I will look after them if I can. When father’s allotment got broke into one of the female ducks had died and and the chickens were flustered too. There were two little ducklings were hatching and they were beautiful I looked after one over night. They thought I was their mother. I use to feed them and look after them. We had a bassette hound called, Penny and she was adorable. We had to give the ducks away as they were in our back garden and I cried. I wonder what happened to them and they were females if you were wondering. I had a lovely canary and he use to sing on his perch to Mario Lanza and fell off when he was singing. He would get back on it and sing again.

All through my life I came across animals of all kinds and I love every minute of it. I have had animals following me home. I went to a place that Luke was in for 2 years and there was a cat that no one could catch and he sat on my lap. Then I went on holiday to Chester and we went to the Zoo there. There was a butterfly section under a very warm tent and there were other people there in the tent as it was a big one and all of the butterflies landed on me. They had to be chased away so that they would not come out of the tent. Then we had passed Sealions and they were following me until they could not anymore they were talking in their own language, bless them. I have had rescued dogs all my life and I have had 2 female cats who were both strays, which I found strange. I love all animals.

By Cindy Poulson

My Psychic Family

I will tell you about my psychic family.  My grandmother on my mother’s side was very psychic and she certainly could see spirits and know about things that were going to happen too.  She had a sister that lived in Wales and Grandmother sent my mother to be a companion for her sister.  The Aunt took her to a spiritualist church and apparently a bright white light shone over my mother’s head and it was very bright indeed as my mother had to close her eyes rather tightly.  The medium that was on stage said that my mother was very gifted indeed.  My mother was very gifted bless her and she could see the future.  She was a medium and she was brilliant in palmistry too.

My father was also psychic and he was the seventh son of the seventh son which is supposed to be the seventh son of a seventh son is a concept from folklore regarding special powers given to, or held by, such a son. The seventh son must come from an unbroken line with no female siblings born between, and be, in turn, born to such a seventh son.  He could see ghosts and also predicted his own death too and he relied on his intuition.

My brother and both sisters were psychic but were afraid of it, however, I loved my psychic abilities.  I do all sorts of readings and have done classes in the past.  I hope one day that I will make my parents and family proud of me.  I have had the ability to do readings of all kinds.  I am now an Angel Channeler, a Medium.  I have had this ability since I was born.  I always relied on my intuition to help me get by.

I have been through so many heartaches in the past, now I am moving forward by doing this I am helping people to believe in the Angels and that heaven is such a wonderful place to be.  My Angels sessions with Cynthia Silk has led me to believe in such things and I have worked hard and I am one of the few people that can do this.  My psychic abilities are increasing every day.  My life is changing for the better and I have written so many stories of my life and the Angels.

I will change my life for my children, two of them are autistic and my daughter.  My children are very psychic too.  They share their experiences with me and I am never amazed as I have accepted ghost, mediumship and also other kinds of psychic abilities.  It was my daughter. Ruth that said I was with someone else and was no longer married to their father.  The psychic abilities will be passed on to the next generation.


Cindy Poulson.

Believe in Angels

People have often said that they are helped in so many ways from what they say a divine intervention. Angels are often seen, heard or the scene of them too. They help and guide you through life. Angels have a sense of humours, they get angry just like us. Some of them feel like old friends, and usually, they are. Angels are here to help us and over half of America now believe in Angels, British are sceptical which is such a shame.
There are so many signs that show you that they are there guiding you and helping you throughout your life on earth. You can hear a song that will remind you of your family that will help you to cope with your grief, a colour that will remind you of how you feel if you are not feeling so great you may want to wear an item of clothing such as
Red is the colour for the base or root chakra. This chakra is located at the base of the spine and allows us to be grounded and connect to the universal energies.
The first chakra, the base of the spine. Groundedness, trust, belonging, lessens feelings of mistrust.
Gemstones that will aid the Root chakra include lodestone, ruby, garnet, smokey quartz, obsidian, hematite and onyx.
A feather will fall on the ground when you are thinking of someone. animals have meanings too. You are indeed surrounded by loved ones and also Angels. When you smile it is a form of healing, Green for healing and Purple is a colour of meditation and also psychic abilities too.
The Crown Chakra, also known as the Sahasrara, is located at the top of the head.
The Crown Chakra is linked to the crown of the head, the nervous system, and the brain, and is representative of pure thought.
This chakra connects one with the infinite consciousness. Opening this chakra will help tap into a deep spiritual understanding.
Gemstones that will aid the Crown Chakra include amethyst and clear quartz.
There are so many signs from our Angels as well as our loved ones. Do not forget we are never lone.
As I keep seeing Pegasus – this is the meaning – PEGASUS: A Pegasus symbolizes freedom.
WHITE WINGS: Wings symbolize the presence of an angel.
So, therefore, my dear friends we are on this dear planet and we will learn so many things. It has been said that we will no longer need mediums to talk to our loved ones and that we will definitely be talking to them our selves. We are evolving in so many ways and this year, 2012 is the year of awakening, evolving and realizing there is more to this earth than greed as well as war. We are getting beyond that and we are realising that is not the way of solving our problems. I know I have so much to learn even though I have learned so much.
I just wish to thank everyone that has been sending me healing and I am a little stronger than I was before…
Love and hugs from Cindy Poulson

The day an Angel saved my son’s life.

I lived in Streethouse with my ex-husband and children.  My youngest son was just about 2 years of age and I had opened the window and it was warm in the boy’s room, not thinking.  He was fast asleep in his cot.  He did not walk he was slow at it.

I had tidied up the house and was resting and I was not thinking of anything.  Then all of a sudden I heard Luke’s name called out.  There was no one in the house as the other two children were at school and my ex-husband was shopping for me.  I had an urge to go up to the bedroom which was upstairs and I went into the boy’s bedroom and my son, Luke was looking down from the bedroom window and he was just about ready to fly out of it.  I saved him just in time and shut the window and then cuddled my son who was unable to talk.  He smiled at me and then we went down the stairs and I thanked whoever saved my son’s life.  I know it was an Angel.  I thanked them so much.  I then, found out a year later that Luke had severe autism and severe learning difficulties too.  He is improving daily and God bless him.

My ex-husband nailed the windows shut as they gate windows.  Luke was a lot safer than heavens


By Cindy Poulson.

My Healing Session With Cynthia A. Silk:  Swimming with Dolphins, Sharks and Whales!

Hello everyone!

I thought I would share yet another angel session with you.  Cynthia was guided by our angels that I needed to have a session in order to calm my nerves.  I get nervous sometimes and I am very depressed at the moment.  Having these sessions calm me down.  Below is a transcript of it:

Archangel Kàm and Angel Jozhua have arrived to escort me on my journey.  We are leaving and I am flying through space looking at the stars that always cheer me up.   Now I see there are suns in the distance and a small planet that is similar to ours.   However, it has more oceans than ours. Archangel Kàm and Angel Jozhua are taking me to visit this planet and we are all holding hands as we gently land on the ground. 

We are greeted by animals licking our faces, I am giggling away and so are the Angels.  There are deer, lamas, sheep, lambs and cows. There are also elephants!  We are greeted with so many of them.  I am told by Archangel Kàm that Angel Joshua and I are going swimming with the dolphins and Whales as well as Sharks.  They won’t hurt us at all.  We are walking to a boat of some sort and we board it and sail to another part of the planet where life is very precious as it is home to dolphins, whales, sharks and exotic fish. 

We are greeted by a couple named Franerr’a and Sherr’a.  They are difficult names to pronounce for me however, I did it!  Wow!  We are having a lovely trip and now we are in the ocean with the dolphins, whales and sharks where we will be for 35 minutes.  It felt good swimming with the mammals and fish as it gave me energy and I felt happier too.  When we got out of the ocean 35 minutes later Cynthia told me that it was time to return home.  It is wonderful having these healing sessions.

I enjoyed every minute of it and I thanked Cynthia also.  I love these sessions as they make me feel so good and not as depressed either.  I am thankful to Cynthia, Archangel Kàm and angel Jozhua too.   Angel Jozhua stayed with me throughout the night so I could sleep.


By Cindy Poulson

Being Friends with Cynthia A. Silk.

I have known Cynthia Silk, who is a medium and Angel Channeler, for nine years now.  We have done well as friends and I am sure she feels this way about me.  I have been doing Angel sessions for 9 years.  At first, I could not believe what I saw as I thought I was imagining it, however, I was not.  It is wonderful when you do an angel session as you get to see what life is like beyond this planet.  I see flowers bigger than ours and they are looked after.  Their scents are so beautiful and you smell them as you are walking by.  All different scents together so lovely.  I am happy to do these sessions as you can see the artistic work they do on buildings etc.

I swim with dolphins, fly on a Pegasus and also ride on unicorns.  I have waterfall healing as well as natural pools.  I lay on beds in healing rooms full of crystals.  The crystals are so large and I hear them hum (vibrate) to me as I am being healed by them.  It is so wonderful and I am also being given drinks to make me healthy and I can taste the flavour in my mouth.  It is fascinating and wonderful too as it helps me to think clearly and be happy too.  

These Angel sessions make me have more confidence too.  It also makes me happier within myself.  I can see into the future with the Angels.  I have Archangels and Angels to guide and protect me whenever I have these sessions.  Angels are wonderful and so beautiful as well as handsome.  I feel so at home as well and feel that life is worth living.  I felt so depressed at one stage that I did not want to live.  Doing these Angel sessions have helped me a great deal.  I have had so much proof of an afterlife and God bless them for helping me as well as Cynthia Silk.  I am thankful for Cynthia helping me in so many ways.  Bless her.  Bless all the Archangels and Angels for helping me.

Almost all of the planets that I have visited are inhabited mainly by humans.  Some dressed in casual attire but they dress up for special occasions.  Like us some wear uniforms for work and will wear casual clothes when the work is over.  Please know that  Angels give you unconditional love.  They will help you as much as they can.  Do not blame them if something does not happen or something that does.  They can only do so much.  

In each Angel session, I will explain as much as possible about how I feel and what things look like.  I do have help from Cynthia and the Angels.  I have Archangel David around the house looking after my disabled boys and myself.  I have Archangel Kàm helping me with the angel sessions and Archangel David helping me to write my sessions for people to understand. 

These sessions prove that there is a lot of life around the Universe and that we are not the only humans in it.  We are often sent here to learn.   It has taken me a long time to understand about love and honesty that we are often sent here to learn.   I will conquer all of them including money too.  I will help people as much as possible and will be comfortable in helping people with their troubles.  God bless you all for reading this and God bless you all for giving me the chance to write about this and to help you.  I will do my very best for you all.  Being friends with Cynthia A. Silk is wonderful as she is such a kind-hearted lady with the knowledge of Angels around the Universe.  Thank you so much indeed for your help and kindness over the years.  This is dedicated to you dear Cynthia.

By Cindy Poulson.

The Pool of Gold.

I was feeling under the weather and Cynthia suggested to me to have an Angel session to make me feel brighter.  I was going to a session with Archangel Kam and Angel Jozhua, I call him Joz.  I went the quick way to the planet and there I landed on it.  This planet is similar to the Purple planet that I visited a little while ago.  The planet draws energy from the 24 moons and the 3 suns, one of them is a large sun.  The sky was a blue/purple colour and it was beautiful.

I saw two people walking up to me and greeted me.  They are the people who are in charge of me for this session.  There are flowers that are so big and beautiful and the colours are wow gorgeous, the scent is wonderful.  It is very warm here and the glow of the suns shine down and a cool breeze every now and then makes it bearable to walk around.   The people are wearing a golden outfit like gowns with a silver belt around them.  They appear human but one thing that we do not have is golden eyes.  They have beautiful golden eyes matching their outfits.  They have emotions like humans on earth.

The people that came up to us, the man is called is De’roe and the lady’s name is Na’noe.  They directed me to a cave for the healing process and I went with Jozhua while Kam went elsewhere and he would pick us up when the time was over with the session.  Cynthia asked how Joz was?  I said he was fine but was worried for some reason.  I had to ask him what was wrong.  Apparently, he was worried about me.  We entered the cave and there is a golden pool.  It looked inviting and looked warm too.  It was a special kind of water to help with your well being.  We changed into the changing rooms in our swimsuits, into the pool of gold.  As we entered the pool we were given protein drinks to help us.  I was really pleased that Joz was here.  I asked them why they gave me a drink and they said I do not eat enough to carry on.  So, therefore, I was given a drink to help me.  They told us to relax in the pool of gold.

Cynthia asked me to describe the cave and I told them it had cushions on the walls as well as the floor, the crystals were everywhere you looked.  The insenses were smoking gently.  It was beautiful too and I really liked it here.  There was a television flat screen of course and it was showing me some personal things about my life and what is going to happen in the near future.  I also see that I will eventually write books and they will be different as they will be of different subjects.  I will also meet a man with silver hair and an accent who will be a lovely man with a very kind heart.  I do not know what he looks like and I really do not know when I will meet him as they are not letting me know.  We stayed in the pool of gold for 20 minutes and Cynthia said she would be back to prompt me as some time I have the tendency to nod off, lol.  Twenty minutes flew by and Cynthia said it was time to go.  We got dressed and I told Cynthia that we were going to another planet.

Kam came to us and we then took the fast route to another planet which was beautiful so green and lovely.  We had 2 suns and 2 moons.  It was a very large planet and it was very much like ours except ours was smaller and there is more water now than greenery.  The laws of gravity make you either tall or small or even medium.  The animals were almost the same as our like lions, deer, badgers, elephants, dogs and cats.  The people were lovely and so beautiful and handsome too.  They all had a green outfit on like a uniform and brown shoes.  They all looked lovely.  We Were greeted by some of the people who kindly took us to the healing room at this building.  I was fascinated by the carvery of the building as it has carved into the marble cupid, Angels, Unicorns and Pegasus too.  We were escorted down the hallway and the room was not far.  I felt if I was given special treatment.  I Felt that I knew these people before many times.  Anyhow, I was told to lay down for another 20 minutes and relax.  I did relax as I nodded off for a few minutes and woke up just before Cynthia came to tell me it was time.  It was time to go home and I felt less achy but I was tired.  Cynthia asked how I felt and I told her I was a little brighter.  I thanked everyone before going home.  I thanked Cynthia, Kam and Joz.

By Cindy Poulson.


The Purple Healing Planet

I was tired and a little stressed out. So Cynthia suggested me having a angelic session to alleviate the stress that I have.  The lads as I call the Angels came forward.  Archangel Kam and Michael.  They were taking me on a fast route to a planet.  I never know where they are going to take me until I actually on the journey.  I was asked by Cynthia where they were taking me.  They told me to a healing planet which is an unusual one.  I was particularly achy and when I was on the route I discovered a Purple planet.   Beautiful colour purple shining with a mysterious mist over it.  There is a big energy around the planet and its humming quite loudly too.  Our hands were held because of the energy.  I felt rather shaky and Kam and Michael had to hold me down as it was a rather powerful place.

The people looked purple and they were called the ser’rar people.  They are special very special indeed and i am honoured.   The Angels have requested this for me to get my health in order and my mental health.   I was being approached by the senior Ser’rar’s person to escort me to the healing room.  Oh wow the amethysts are large and powerful.  The building was small on the outside but very large on the outside.  It was so amazing and wonderful to look at. The name of the person was De’rror and I was so please to have healing on the planet.  He wore a lavender gown that glowed with a sash around his waist.  The humming is so loud in this room it nearly gives you a head ache but he has given me a drink to stop it.  Wow it is truly amazing.  I was to lay down while the crystal heals me for 30 minutes.  I was laid on the bed with the echo of the humming while it heals my body.   I see flowers, yes just over in the corner to brighten the corner up and they are of healing powers too.  The flowers are so much bigger here than on earth and the aroma is beautiful too.  I was told to keep quiet as the healing process needs to be done.

My healing was over and it did not seem 30 minutes.  I got up and thanked the people of this beautiful planet.  I felt a little easier and the pain had numbed.  I was grateful for their generous help.  Michael and Kam are ready to take you home with a quick stop as they want to show you something beautiful.  We held hands to fly out of the planet as the humming and energy was so strong.

We manage to fly out of the planet and we headed to another planet which I was please about.  Very futuristic and planes fly without noise there is no pollution there is no smoking anymore.  People are braver and happier.  People socialise nicer than ever before, people are kind and considerate and intelligent too.  The children help each other and there are no arguments either.  I was told that this would happen to our planet in a few thousand years and it will happen.  I could still hear the humming of the crystals in my ears.  Everything was white and silver as it was really beautiful.  Flowers grew so big and the aroma was fantastic.  I returned home as Kam and Michael took me and they were perfect gentlemen.  I thanked Cynthia and the lads.  I slept soundly that night which I was grateful for.

By Cindy Poulson


Angels are always there.


Angels are alway there, all you have to do is ask and you can feel their presence. Angels give you confident, help you in your darkest times of your life. I feel that Angels answer some of our prays even though we do not think of it at times.
Angels are always there, when you need them and they will walk with you and pray with you. Keep you safe as much as they can. They will help you with inspirations and love.
Angels are always there, for you and your loved ones. Each day and each hour they are there at all times all you need to do is ask.
Angels are always there, from when you were born to when you died on earth and they will rejoice with you when the time has come.

By Cindy Poulson