The Elders, page 11.

Hello there everyone again.  How are you all? My Elder has been very patient with me as I have not been writing as much.  All my life has been either hard work or sad, horrible and even ghostly and of course happy too.  Everyone has had a tough life.  My abilities to talk to the Angels, and the Elder has become stronger now.  I must try and remember that I should write as much as possible.  There are so much for me to write as the Elder needs for me to do this as soon as possible as he has so much lined up for me to do.  I am grateful that I have been chosen for this task in hand for me to write and help people a long the way.  I do thank everyone for their help and love. 

I know its rather late in my 50’s but they have promised that I will be able to complete my work with them and the public too.  I need to write and help people a long the way.  I hope I can help people as much as possible and God bless you all.  I have a lot to write about not just about myself but about my life, ghost stories, life of being a psychic deaf child and also what is was like to grow up and be put on and being taken advantage too.  Dear God help me to write possibly a new life for my self.  I have started a new life with out a husband and I have not handled it very well.  However, my family and friends have been wonderfully patience, God bless them.

I have written with caution as I do not want to write anything wrong.  So therefore I hope my work will be understood for children and grown ups too from any sort of age really 14 yrs onwards.  I hope it appeals to the younger age too.  I know we have a lot to learn and a lot to do.  I assure you even I have a lot to learn and this is my last time on earth.  I love animals too and in one of my past lives I was a farmer’s daughter and loved feeding them.  I know that I use to cry when it was slaughter time for the animals and use to cry a lot as well.  2020 has shown people that lives are important and also learning how to cope too, being in the house for months and also sharing the house with each other etc.  Plus, some households were vicious with wives and children as the COV19 took charge of us in 2020 and part of 2021.  I  have to say life has been difficult for some people, my house hold coped well thank heavens.  I will continue this on the next page.

love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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