The 14.

Hello again, everyone and how are you all? I have been writing about the Elders for a few months now. I am proud to be part of the Elders and Angels. I have been writing slowly about them as I have had a few people that have not liked what I have written, which upset me a little as I am not a liar. Its hard for people to understand about the Elders as they have not really been mentioned. Cynthia has met one gentleman who is an Elder, and he was lovely. Like I have said they do outrank the Angels as they come to decisions about people who have done wrong. I would not like to be a person to come to a decision on what to do with them.

Talking about bad people. The both world wars were disgraceful and evil also. I would never like to be in a war. My parents were in the war, God bless them. My mother was in the A.T.S., and my father was in the Paratroop regiment, he was in the Pathfinders. My Mother became a cook and my father was fighting and he got injured in Arnhem. He got shot in the face and was killing the germans until he got captured on the 9th day. He was operated on and a nurse screamed when she saw his face how bad it was. He was in the Prisoner of war until the very end of the war. Father met Mother in Chester and they got engaged and married for nearly 60 years until father died in 1997, Mother died in the year 2001.

I see them often as I see ghosts, spirits etc. Sometimes it is scary when I do see ghosts. They pop up out of no where lol and do not always look nice. I have helped a lot pass over to heaven and I have tried to help as many as I could. My Elder, L’teriaz and my Angels Kam and David help and protect me all the time, bless them. I am going to do a piece on animals that have passed over and I think it will be a good idea. God bless you all and I will write again.

Love Cindy xxxxxxx

2 thoughts on “The 14.

    • Hello there Cynthia, yes it was however, he never really spoke of it as it was mother who told me. Bless them both. Thank you for reading it and commenting too.

      love Cindy xxxx


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