Presence of an Angel.

When I feel a presence of an Elder or an Angel, its a very light coolish presnece. You will feel safe and rewarded by knowing that they are there for you. I am lucky as I have an Elder called “L’teriaz”, as my mentor and also he helps me to write as well as teaching me. I am well guarded and helped by Arch Angels Kam and David. I have to admit I do talk to them quite a lot. They are patient and kind to me. I am learning all the time from them and Cynthia too.

I have to admit I have been at peace and I am happier now that I was. The Angels helped me through a turmoil, that I have and so has my children and aw bless Cynthia, she has been there for me. When my future husband comes I will definitely be happy. I knew I would have a new husband as my angel sessions with Cynthia has shown me the future. I have been shown my past lives too as well as dreaming about them. I have lived on other planets too. Like I said I have never been a male and this is my last time on earth.

There are many things that are happening on earth and will happen. We in England have planted so many trees to cope with the floodings and I have been saying this to my family for years that we should plant a tree and save earth. When my parents moved to Canada they found it so different to England. They were so intrigued by it all. Father worked so hard and he had been a lumberjack worker, Canada packers, oil rigs, he was looking for a job where he could get money in for the family. My mother had travelled over on Queen Elizabeth oceanliner. They loved it as Mother came over on her own with two children, Christopher and Elaine. They were born in Liverpool. The father worked as a Canadian Army officer. Bless him he did well. They stayed in Canada from 1952 to 1961. My sister Tracy was born in Ontario in 1959. When father was stationed in Germany, they lived in Iserlohn where I was born. Mother lost my twin. I was born in 1963.
That is another story that I will tell you about.
I am sorry I got carried away telling you about my life. It has been a different life.

Love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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