The Elders, page 12.

As 2021 enters there will be new difficulties arising and we will have diferent annoying problems to occur.  I am hoping it will be a lot better year for most people if not all.  I know we will be almost getting rid of the Coronavirus, and then enters the Brexit.  There are going to be major changes in economy and also people will be annoyed and upset by   the world governments.  There are more and more vegans now than ever before.  Meat has been wasted and I feel that the world is going to change dramatically in order for everyone to survive, including trees plants, animals and mammals too.  This century will be different and will need a firm hand and hopefully the world, government will survive?

People will feel betrayed and also feel that though they cannot trust the government not just in the UK but other countries.  The countries wont be the same anymore.  I  will certainly change as I will have a new life and a new man in my life also.  I know the children who are now grown up will change their  lives too.  Christmas 2020 will be our last Christmas together as a family.  I am looking forward to it and I Hope other people will enjoy their Christmas too.  We will have great Christmas in the future but there will be new people in our lives which will make it extra special awww  which is wonderful.

The next nine years are going to be different in a good way.  I know the next nine years where as four years have passed so its a further 5 years.  We will move house and I do knowI will have a husband and books to write.  I need to get going with my written work.  I am definitely happier with out my health ailing me all the time.  I was born with my illness unfortunately.  Never mind,  I feel we will change the government again and they will have to change so much as there will be a  lot of mess to clear up and sort out too.  I say God bless the world as we will need a lot of strength and courage too.

Love Cindy  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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