Presence of an Angel.

When I feel a presence of an Elder or an Angel, its a very light coolish presnece. You will feel safe and rewarded by knowing that they are there for you. I am lucky as I have an Elder called “L’teriaz”, as my mentor and also he helps me to write as well as teaching me. I am well guarded and helped by Arch Angels Kam and David. I have to admit I do talk to them quite a lot. They are patient and kind to me. I am learning all the time from them and Cynthia too.

I have to admit I have been at peace and I am happier now that I was. The Angels helped me through a turmoil, that I have and so has my children and aw bless Cynthia, she has been there for me. When my future husband comes I will definitely be happy. I knew I would have a new husband as my angel sessions with Cynthia has shown me the future. I have been shown my past lives too as well as dreaming about them. I have lived on other planets too. Like I said I have never been a male and this is my last time on earth.

There are many things that are happening on earth and will happen. We in England have planted so many trees to cope with the floodings and I have been saying this to my family for years that we should plant a tree and save earth. When my parents moved to Canada they found it so different to England. They were so intrigued by it all. Father worked so hard and he had been a lumberjack worker, Canada packers, oil rigs, he was looking for a job where he could get money in for the family. My mother had travelled over on Queen Elizabeth oceanliner. They loved it as Mother came over on her own with two children, Christopher and Elaine. They were born in Liverpool. The father worked as a Canadian Army officer. Bless him he did well. They stayed in Canada from 1952 to 1961. My sister Tracy was born in Ontario in 1959. When father was stationed in Germany, they lived in Iserlohn where I was born. Mother lost my twin. I was born in 1963.
That is another story that I will tell you about.
I am sorry I got carried away telling you about my life. It has been a different life.

Love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Animals that have passed over the rainbow.

Hello everyone, Ithought I would do a piece on your animals that have passed away. One of my friends gave me an idea to write about them as they are important too. They live in our lives for several years, they bring comfort to you unconditionally love also. They also brought joy too, and very protective.

However, and whatever they were whether they were cat, dog, horse, gerbils, hamsters etc. They loved you and you loved the animal, that brought you love which people need and so do animals. My daughter has a snake and that snake looks on her for comfort and love as well as food. Every being on the planet loves food, lol.

When an animal pass over the crossway. They will come back to you and you will know its them by the smell, how they brushed pass you, how they will try and make noises to let you know that they are there for you and that they love you unconditionally like the Angels and Elders do too. Just talk to them like they were there and they do understand a lot more than you think. Once they are in heaven they will remember you and want to come back for a visit. They talk to you when you are in heaven and they love you. If they could they would talk now to you, however, its a miracle of heaven that they can do this. Some times, when you feel that they are there thank them for coming to see you and you will feel a cool delicate breeze next to you. I hope I have answered some questions. Oh and you do occasionally have an Angel dog or cat, horse etc. At the moment, I have an Angel dog called, Casper he is so bubbly in his personality and he has brought joy to the family, bless him.

Love Cindy xxxxx

The 14.

Hello again, everyone and how are you all? I have been writing about the Elders for a few months now. I am proud to be part of the Elders and Angels. I have been writing slowly about them as I have had a few people that have not liked what I have written, which upset me a little as I am not a liar. Its hard for people to understand about the Elders as they have not really been mentioned. Cynthia has met one gentleman who is an Elder, and he was lovely. Like I have said they do outrank the Angels as they come to decisions about people who have done wrong. I would not like to be a person to come to a decision on what to do with them.

Talking about bad people. The both world wars were disgraceful and evil also. I would never like to be in a war. My parents were in the war, God bless them. My mother was in the A.T.S., and my father was in the Paratroop regiment, he was in the Pathfinders. My Mother became a cook and my father was fighting and he got injured in Arnhem. He got shot in the face and was killing the germans until he got captured on the 9th day. He was operated on and a nurse screamed when she saw his face how bad it was. He was in the Prisoner of war until the very end of the war. Father met Mother in Chester and they got engaged and married for nearly 60 years until father died in 1997, Mother died in the year 2001.

I see them often as I see ghosts, spirits etc. Sometimes it is scary when I do see ghosts. They pop up out of no where lol and do not always look nice. I have helped a lot pass over to heaven and I have tried to help as many as I could. My Elder, L’teriaz and my Angels Kam and David help and protect me all the time, bless them. I am going to do a piece on animals that have passed over and I think it will be a good idea. God bless you all and I will write again.

Love Cindy xxxxxxx

The Elders page 13.

I have to say I did not realise that the Elders have given me so much information. I thank everyone who has read it. I feel at peace when I write this. Life will steadily become better soon. There is a lot of healing to be done on earth. I have not done any writing as I have and still is poorly. I hope and pray that people will understand what I am writing about. Life has become serene at the present and for once I have nothing to worry about. I do not understand being at peace, after all the torment I have had over the years.

When I was a young girl I could not read and write very well even at the age of 13. Appparently, I was slow as I was writing at the age of 7 years of age. I did try and try. However, we had a lovely new teacher who has passed away at the age of 92,. She helped me so much and she found me fascinating as I use to write about all sorts of topics. We all do miss her very much indeed.

Anyhow, I started writing at home about aliens and how advance they were and that there must be millions of them on planets. Some wont be nice and others will be wonderful.
I often wondered if we have all seen ufos and aliens at one time in our lives? I wrote how aliens had a device that cured all diseases and disabilities. There are air forces government that have special knowledge on aliens etc. I cannot believe how technology has advanced since the 60’s. How we have mobile phones and we are knowledgeable about technology computers, etc and cameras in fridges too. Please google it if you do not believe me as they are samsung makes, wonderful they are. We will one day see more technology so advance they will drive cars, they will make proper robots. What you saw in Star Trek and Stargate is not far from the future we will bond with the aliens and they will help us. Mediums have seen this and so I have and my friend, Cynthia Silk. Just sit down and see what we have had since the 60’s, dvds, computers, cable, everything in technologies are everything that humans love and games and so on. I would not be surprise if we have alien technology to invent slowly as life develops into the future. We will drive electric cars and we all need to plant a tree for the future of mankind and animals as well as mammals, We will survive and one day we will live in space and travel into the unknown. Wow how fascinating can this be and also scary too. I know you may think I am stupid but honestly I can tell you that I am serious about all of this and you can reread it and think to yourself what is life going to be like and its not far either. Please consider the fact that you have that you have read on here.

love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Elders, page 12.

As 2021 enters there will be new difficulties arising and we will have diferent annoying problems to occur.  I am hoping it will be a lot better year for most people if not all.  I know we will be almost getting rid of the Coronavirus, and then enters the Brexit.  There are going to be major changes in economy and also people will be annoyed and upset by   the world governments.  There are more and more vegans now than ever before.  Meat has been wasted and I feel that the world is going to change dramatically in order for everyone to survive, including trees plants, animals and mammals too.  This century will be different and will need a firm hand and hopefully the world, government will survive?

People will feel betrayed and also feel that though they cannot trust the government not just in the UK but other countries.  The countries wont be the same anymore.  I  will certainly change as I will have a new life and a new man in my life also.  I know the children who are now grown up will change their  lives too.  Christmas 2020 will be our last Christmas together as a family.  I am looking forward to it and I Hope other people will enjoy their Christmas too.  We will have great Christmas in the future but there will be new people in our lives which will make it extra special awww  which is wonderful.

The next nine years are going to be different in a good way.  I know the next nine years where as four years have passed so its a further 5 years.  We will move house and I do knowI will have a husband and books to write.  I need to get going with my written work.  I am definitely happier with out my health ailing me all the time.  I was born with my illness unfortunately.  Never mind,  I feel we will change the government again and they will have to change so much as there will be a  lot of mess to clear up and sort out too.  I say God bless the world as we will need a lot of strength and courage too.

Love Cindy  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Elders, page 11.

Hello there everyone again.  How are you all? My Elder has been very patient with me as I have not been writing as much.  All my life has been either hard work or sad, horrible and even ghostly and of course happy too.  Everyone has had a tough life.  My abilities to talk to the Angels, and the Elder has become stronger now.  I must try and remember that I should write as much as possible.  There are so much for me to write as the Elder needs for me to do this as soon as possible as he has so much lined up for me to do.  I am grateful that I have been chosen for this task in hand for me to write and help people a long the way.  I do thank everyone for their help and love. 

I know its rather late in my 50’s but they have promised that I will be able to complete my work with them and the public too.  I need to write and help people a long the way.  I hope I can help people as much as possible and God bless you all.  I have a lot to write about not just about myself but about my life, ghost stories, life of being a psychic deaf child and also what is was like to grow up and be put on and being taken advantage too.  Dear God help me to write possibly a new life for my self.  I have started a new life with out a husband and I have not handled it very well.  However, my family and friends have been wonderfully patience, God bless them.

I have written with caution as I do not want to write anything wrong.  So therefore I hope my work will be understood for children and grown ups too from any sort of age really 14 yrs onwards.  I hope it appeals to the younger age too.  I know we have a lot to learn and a lot to do.  I assure you even I have a lot to learn and this is my last time on earth.  I love animals too and in one of my past lives I was a farmer’s daughter and loved feeding them.  I know that I use to cry when it was slaughter time for the animals and use to cry a lot as well.  2020 has shown people that lives are important and also learning how to cope too, being in the house for months and also sharing the house with each other etc.  Plus, some households were vicious with wives and children as the COV19 took charge of us in 2020 and part of 2021.  I  have to say life has been difficult for some people, my house hold coped well thank heavens.  I will continue this on the next page.

love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Elders, page 10

I have a group dedicated to the Angels and there are beautiful pictures with wonderful people looking at them.  I am hoping that more and more people will understand what I am writing about.  I need people to think about what I am writing too as now that people are believing Angels more and more, the Elders thought it was time for them to tell people about them.  The Elders are good and they are the ones that have the last say, they work for God and Jesus too. 

We the people are evolving all the time and we have decided to go with the Angels, God and Jesus too.  There are so many good people but sometimes they let it go to their heads and they realise what they have done.  Angels are written by many and to tell you the truth I wish to tell you that Cynthia works directly with the Angels and I am not easily persuaded by people to believe inn what they believe.  I have to warn you though now that ouija boards are widely used and they have conjured up demons from different dimensions.  There is no hell but there are dimensions and they are scary to telll you the truth.  There have been possessions and with the help of the  Angels and the Elders they have won but some times they cannot always win which is even more scarier. 

Men have been monsters and a few are still monsters.  Dear God has been on our side as they have given other humans the brains to capture them.  Life has been hard from when time began and we are learning with each century to make sure that our world will be a better place.  Right now we need to save the planet and all the beings on it including mammals, animals etc.  We must work together and this is what I am trying to tell you.  The Elders work with the Angels, God and Jesus to make it a much better world for our children and their children.  It is time that we humans started remembering that this is our home and we must do a lot of things to protect it and we must together work as fast as we can.  Our Angels and Elders are helping in their way too.

I hope I will see over earth when I go home to Jozhua and my children.  There is so much for me to do up in heaven and I will be there and here too.  I have lived a quite a few lives and you would be surprise too.  I was seriously thinking of becoming a nun to serve God and I have chosen a different path and I love it.  I was so naive when I was young and learnt the hard way.  People are hard to get a long with and I was heart broken a few times and they got to know I was a virgin and oh my goodness I did not realise what young ladies were talking about, and I felt such a shame and they had a good time teasing me and people can be really really cruel.  Young children were cruel too with me they ripped my hearing aid box and the wires to my ear pieces.  The teachers were cruel and so were the children.  I am still naive in some ways now and I have had my heart broken several times by people.  I am hoping the Elder will help me to overcome that. 

Love Cindy xxxxxxx

The Elders, page 9

My mentor, L’teriaz is a wonderful and he has chosen me to write this and Cynthia Silk, to help me too.  The Elders have so much to do you would be amaze at what they have to do.  I am now more contented to be writing with the Elder L’teriaz, as we are getting closer every time we write together.  He tell me the things I do not know of and what I do know.  I am part of him and now he is part of me.  We work together as a team and I never know what I am going to write about until I write it. 

There are myths and legends of what the Angels should look like and really honestly they are people of a higher being than us that is all and they are contented, loving, wonderful and extremely understanding.  There are men and women like on earth and other planets too.  I have seen quit a few of them on my travels and they are all beautiful and so loving too.  A dear friend of mine asked if there were an Angel of death, I knew the answer to it straight away and said nothing as I had to double check about it to my other wonderful friend, Cynthia and she had written about it too.  All Angels give love, protection, care and a wonderful feeling that you can feel and you have those feelings of peace and harmony too.  There is no Angel of death thank heavens as I think I would be afraid myself, no idea why.

I am here to help people realise that there are more in heaven and earth than they thought.  I know in my heart that people will think I am ridiculous what I am saying, however, I know this is true what I say about the Angels and now the Elders too.  I have seen ghosts, Angels and my relatives too and now my Elder, L’teriaz.  I have made mistakes and I said some thing wrong but I am only human and I am learning all the time.  Even when I am sleeping I am learning as they send me to classes all the time to different ones. There is a lot about different ways to do healing as they do on earth and other planets too.  I am happy to tell everyone there folk will live longer and some of the aches and pains will be cured or managed well.  People all over the world will be helped as well as the rich and poor. 

Writing about this is a form of healing for me and I am getting stronger each time I write.  There will be still evil in the world and I have to say the good are getting stronger themselves.I hope one day there will be no more evil in the world, but there will as it will lurk in one or two of us.  Its upto us to be good and kind as well as considerate too.  Every Angel and Elder has a  great sense of humour, and thank goodness we can say that as humans can have a wonderful sense of humour too.  I have met a few people with no sense of humour and not even a smile – I found it quite strange really.  Any how lets hope the more we smile, laugh and giggle that God will definitely smile upon us.

love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Elder my mentor, is now my life as well as my children and friends.  All my life I have wanted to be notice by people as I led a very shelted life and I really did not know how to get a long with people.  Now with like minded people I am in my elements thank goodness.  Writing about the Elders has given me mixed reviews as people said they have not heard of them in the bible, so they do not exist which I find silly but I can understand them. As God is my witness I am truthfully telling you the whole truth about the Elders. I feel in my heart and soul this is what it should be. There is more to heaven than God has admitted as I feel there is more to tell you and I am the one to do it.  My friend, Cynthia tells folk about Angels and I tell you about the Elders that outrank them.

Elder my mentor, is now my life as well as my children and friends.  All my life I have wanted to be notice by people as I led a very shelted life and I really did not know how to get a long with people.  Now with like minded people I am in my elements thank goodness.  Writing about the Elders has given me mixed reviews as people said they have not heard of them in the  bible, so they do not exist which I find silly but I can understand them.  As God is my witness I am truthfully telling you the whole truth about the Elders.  I feel in my heart and soul this is what it should be.  There is more to heaven than God has admitted as I feel there is more to tell you and I am the one to do it.  My friend, Cynthia tells folk about Angels and I tell you about the Elders that outrank them.

Being the one to tell you please try and imagine rather than give me the unruly  questions that I cannot always answer.  I am here to serve the Elders as they serve the almighty.  He must have help in heaven as well as the Angels.  I work with Arch Angel David and I work with the Elder, L’triaz.  I am very grateful to be working with them and thank you, to them.  I will work very hard and pray that people will understand what I am writing.  My life has changed and my life will change again soon.  Do you realise that you life changes every 9 years, sit down and study what I have said.  You will say that I am correct.  Anyhow, maybe one day if you write down what you want and fold it and put it in a book.  Keep opening the book every year and tick them one by one and you will say I have done it.  You can get what you want if you keep positive about things and matters.

I am sure that you will understand eventually what has happened.  Life will get better and think positive as you can have anything you want.  This is what the Elders have told me to do even though I am ill.  I am doing my best to be positive.  Anyhow, folk I am going to try my best and I hope that you do too.  There are days where I cannot believe where I am and there are days that I think life can be better and it can and it will.  Like I have said I have had a few miracles in life and I am enternally grateful for them.  I have my grown up family still around me and I am so please too.  That was one of my wishes.  Now I need a gentleman who is loving, giving and kind as well as thoughtful too.  He will come along oh and he must have a great sense of humour.

I have put my wishes on a piece of paper and I can honestly say now I wish for people to believe what I have written.  The Elders are quiet people and very hard working too.  They will intervene when they have to like speaking about Murderers  etc, unfit people that hurt anyone.  God will only intervene when he needs to.  The Angels will be there in one corner fighting and the Elders will be in the other corner too.  Of course God will be in the centre.    They have many, many planets to look after and so many being of different parts of the universe, as I said some are worse than our planet and there are some that are better than our planet too.  I feel that some people will already know this and some will not.  I am fascinated to know we are not the only ones in the whole galaxy and the universe is beautiful.  Have you see nebulas they are so wonderful.  I have a husband in heaven and he is called Jozhua and he is quite tall and very good looking.  We have four children and I am called Lucinda.  When I go back home I have so much work to do.  When I first go to heaven I will definitely be in hospital a while and then meet the family.

There is nothing to be afraid of and honestly life in heaven is wonderful.  You are all gifted in some way and that you should try and work on.  People helping people are the luckiest people in the world as you know you are listened to or protected too in some way or another. 

Love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxx

This is The Elder, page 8.

The Elders, page 7.

When I was talking about miracles I can also say an Angel saved my son from flying like batman out of the window when he was 4 years old. My son, Luke suffers from severe autism and severe learning difficulties too. I feel that my life has been full of sadness and miracles combined.  Life has been so tough for my family and I.  Not everyone in my family knew what I went through.  Anyhow, I am lucky as I have my children.  Well they are not children but they are grown ups now bless them. 

Elder L’teriaz is so please to have gotten through to help people understand him and the others too  I have had mixed reviews on this topic that I have written and I assure you I am not making it up.  I am proud to be the one to tell you how it all works.  Like I said they are in the background keeping an eye on things.  They are here to protect all planets and beings on each one.  The Angels are here to protect and love you unconditionally.  I feel that I am honest enough to tell you how life is for them and for us.  Cynthia Silk, is the person to tell you about the Arch – Angels and I am the one that will tell you about the Elders.

Angels are so beautiful and so serene, the Elders are mixed aged and they are there to help anyone and everyone.  They walk hand in hand with the Angels thank heavens as they do need help.  Elder L’teriaz well he is middle aged and he is now my mentor and Arch-Angel David helps with the readings and they are both wonderful.  Elder L’teriaz helps me write this and I have to say I have no knowledge of what I am about to write.  I have always been like this and when I was little I thought Aliens were Angels coming to protect us.  Its funny what you dream of when you are an innocent child.  I am happy though to tell you that there are Archangels, Elders and aliens as well as God and his son, Jesus. 

Please read everything that I have written as I am a honest person and I speak what on my mind and I have to say I really do not mean to hurt people’s feelings.  I am sure people have done the same as me.  All I do is take care of whom I talk to.  Elder L’teriaz will help me to realise what they do, why they have not been talked about and why do they keep in the back ground.  I have to say I was rather slow when I was little and I hated being like that I wanted to do more with my life and now I am doing and I do have a lot more friends now.  I have taught myself a lot and I have to say my ex husband helped me in so many ways.  I am now with my children, they are grown up and they have helped me too for which I am grateful for.  Cynthia Silk has helped me also thank heavens.  I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Love Cindy xxxxxxxx