The Purple Healing Planet

I was tired and a little stressed out. So Cynthia suggested me having a angelic session to alleviate the stress that I have.  The lads as I call the Angels came forward.  Archangel Kam and Michael.  They were taking me on a fast route to a planet.  I never know where they are going to take me until I actually on the journey.  I was asked by Cynthia where they were taking me.  They told me to a healing planet which is an unusual one.  I was particularly achy and when I was on the route I discovered a Purple planet.   Beautiful colour purple shining with a mysterious mist over it.  There is a big energy around the planet and its humming quite loudly too.  Our hands were held because of the energy.  I felt rather shaky and Kam and Michael had to hold me down as it was a rather powerful place.

The people looked purple and they were called the ser’rar people.  They are special very special indeed and i am honoured.   The Angels have requested this for me to get my health in order and my mental health.   I was being approached by the senior Ser’rar’s person to escort me to the healing room.  Oh wow the amethysts are large and powerful.  The building was small on the outside but very large on the outside.  It was so amazing and wonderful to look at. The name of the person was De’rror and I was so please to have healing on the planet.  He wore a lavender gown that glowed with a sash around his waist.  The humming is so loud in this room it nearly gives you a head ache but he has given me a drink to stop it.  Wow it is truly amazing.  I was to lay down while the crystal heals me for 30 minutes.  I was laid on the bed with the echo of the humming while it heals my body.   I see flowers, yes just over in the corner to brighten the corner up and they are of healing powers too.  The flowers are so much bigger here than on earth and the aroma is beautiful too.  I was told to keep quiet as the healing process needs to be done.

My healing was over and it did not seem 30 minutes.  I got up and thanked the people of this beautiful planet.  I felt a little easier and the pain had numbed.  I was grateful for their generous help.  Michael and Kam are ready to take you home with a quick stop as they want to show you something beautiful.  We held hands to fly out of the planet as the humming and energy was so strong.

We manage to fly out of the planet and we headed to another planet which I was please about.  Very futuristic and planes fly without noise there is no pollution there is no smoking anymore.  People are braver and happier.  People socialise nicer than ever before, people are kind and considerate and intelligent too.  The children help each other and there are no arguments either.  I was told that this would happen to our planet in a few thousand years and it will happen.  I could still hear the humming of the crystals in my ears.  Everything was white and silver as it was really beautiful.  Flowers grew so big and the aroma was fantastic.  I returned home as Kam and Michael took me and they were perfect gentlemen.  I thanked Cynthia and the lads.  I slept soundly that night which I was grateful for.

By Cindy Poulson


Angels are always there.


Angels are alway there, all you have to do is ask and you can feel their presence. Angels give you confident, help you in your darkest times of your life. I feel that Angels answer some of our prays even though we do not think of it at times.
Angels are always there, when you need them and they will walk with you and pray with you. Keep you safe as much as they can. They will help you with inspirations and love.
Angels are always there, for you and your loved ones. Each day and each hour they are there at all times all you need to do is ask.
Angels are always there, from when you were born to when you died on earth and they will rejoice with you when the time has come.

By Cindy Poulson

The Old man that dwells in the house.

Since I was a child I have live and seen ghosts of all kind.  There is an old man that haunts this house and he looks around the corner of the doorway from the living room.  Its very haunted I have tried sage and prayers and I still cannot ask it to leave, however, I have asked my Angels to protect the children and I from the Ghost that dwells in the living room.  We have heard footsteps and tops of come off the jars, he has been seen by the neighbour across the road in the living room.  AS the children and I are in the hallway and bedrooms, either watching telly or on computers.  I have told him that this is my home now and they are not to bother us in any way.

He is stocky built and rather chubby with flap cap and he has an old style jumper with a coat and he wears dark trousers as well as dark shoes.  He has white hair, his eyes are black and he has a white face and his lips are black now and then.  He also has a normal looking face which I have seen and Daniel has seen the old man with the white face and black eyes as well as lips.    He use to stared at the window of the bedroom of the boy’s, however,  Daniel told him to go away and leave them a lone.  He looks around at the living room doorway looking at us. He has sat on a computer chair in the hallway and swirled it around.  One day I had cleaned up and was about to do the polishing of the furniture and the stereo came to life and it lit up and the case came out to play cd for music and my ex husband turned to me and said it wants us to play music.  Then another day my ex-husband had this small television which was a radio too.  It turned on and my daughter, Ruth screamed as it was playing music as well.  My ex husband just giggled and threw away the small tv.

My sister in law, sensed him one day when we were trimming up for the Christmas holidays.  I took a picture of my daughter, Ruth and there were orbs around her and there were a lot of them. Ruth was having a shower one day and she came running out in a towel and asked who had been in the bathroom.  Apparently, the shower curtain got hurled up in the air.  She went back into the bathroom and had a shower and quickly came out.  It upset her quite a bit.   My youngest son, the second one has severe autism and severe learning difficulties he does not like him at all. He makes our Luke scream which is not great as he gets very upset.  So we try and calm him down, by comforting him and telling the ghost to go away and leave us a lone.

The old man use to live here as there were terrace houses at one stage. He does not like the idea of the family being here and that we take no notice of him really.  Daniel is the 1st son and he has autism as well as moderate learning difficulties.  He is also a collector of ghosts as well.  Some ghosts just come in and look around and walk out.  Some ghost stay and others go.  The house is getting slowly crowded again and I am going to have to ask them to leave as this is my home and I need it back.  I probably going to get some holy water from the church and I can get some from E bay.

I will certainly write more about my life with ghosts, spirit guides and of course Angels.  My life with the other side has made me more understanding about life here and over there.  Life over there is a lot more calmer and happier as well as the technology is so much better than we have it.  Life over there has no violence and no mean words to say anymore.  The flowers are bigger and the fragrance is wonderful too.  There is much more to say and a lot of mediums will agree with me.


By Cindy Poulson

My Wonderful Holiday with Cynthia at Lake Vrynwy.


Farming was the main occupation of the inhabitants of the valley. For fuel, the inhabitants relied largely on peat, which was cut on the moors, and carted, or pulled on sledges, down to the houses in the valley. This simple self-sufficiency was reflected in the diet of the majority of the people, which consisted of mutton broth, porridge, gruel, and milk. That such an apparently harsh way of life could be a remarkably healthy one can be demonstrated by the longevity of many of the inhabitants in days when the average expectation of life in the rest of Britain was far below what it is today. Evans reported 21 persons in the parish of over 75 years of age in 1870, of whom one was 102. Cases of others reaching 100 were recounted to him from previous years.

Meanwhile, the City Council of Liverpool were looking for a site for a new reservoir to provide more water for the ever-expanding population of the great, sprawling urban area they controlled along the banks of the Mersey. Various sites were under consideration in northern England and Wales, but in most cases, some snag prevented them from being suitable. In the summer of 1877 Mr Deacon, the city engineer of  Liverpool, arrived in Llanwddyn to investigate the possibility of damming the river Vyrnwy at a point somewhere below the village to create a large, artificial lake capable of holding many millions of gallons of water. During his surveying of the area, a rock bar was discovered lying across the bed of the valley, at the point where it began to narrow two miles south of the village. The potential of this rock bar as a base on which to construct a dam convinced Deacon that he had, at last, discovered a good site for the creation of a reservoir.

Deacon worked swiftly and presented his report to the Liverpool Corporation on 27 November that year, 1877. It was accepted in principle, and in September 1878 trial shafts were sunk at the chosen site to see if the rock bed would provide a secure enough foundation on which to build a dam destined to hold back ahead of water of ten thousand million gallons.

I was invited to a holiday with Cynthia A. Silk and she was kind and generous and a lovely lady too.  I was invited to Lake Vrynwy Hotel and Spa.  I had my breakfast brought to the bedroom which was lovely.  We had evening meals and travelled during the day to look at the surroundings of Lake Vrynwy.  We also went to POWIS CASTLE, which was wonderful and we took pictures.  Peacocks came up to us and Cynthia took pictures of the valley or gardens there and Deers too.  We really enjoyed ourselves and met some wonderful people too.  Wales is a beautiful place to stay and live. I hope one day we will go back.  

I was watching Once Upon a Time on the television and I really enjoyed the show as I turned off the television as the show ended.  Then I saw a lady in our room who was dressed in 1800’s clothes and a man in work clothes, as well as another man who was dressed in like a suit.  I suppose the horn was a dinner break.  Times were hard then and men did work hard as well as the women.  I did not see them for long as I thought oh wow I cannot go anywhere without seeing ghosts lol.  I did ask them if they wanted to go to heaven, they declined the offer.  It was a shame as they have been there that long they had forgotten that they were dead and did not have to work on the lake anymore.


By Cindy Poulson

My Ghosts

From when I can remember I have seen ghosts all my life.  I have seen them in nearly every house we have lived in.  We lived in Mafking street in Featherstone and they were miner’s houses and I saw the ghost of cats, dogs and people.  I did not really realise that I should be scared of them, I did not thank goodness. I was about 8 years old and very young for my age as I could not hear that well I did not do very well at school in subjects and was bullied awful.  Mafking street is now called Hardwick road and I use to live at number 15.  It was an open yard and if you climbed the wall you could play on the bits of grass and the open yard was great for playing ball or skipping with friends.  This old man hated noises and would tell me to shut up and go in the house.  My mother came out of the house and told him off. We had bonfire and mother use to do baked potatoes, pie and peas as well as toffee home made for bonfire night. Everyone use to cook something or buy fireworks and get the wood together and we made a guy Fawkes too.

I had my sister Tracy who was 4 years older than me and we did argue a lot lol.  I also use to play the piano as this old man would teach me how to play I loved it.  Unfortunately, it stopped due to him dying and he was a nice old man.  I got an organ for Christmas to help me as I was severely bullied all the time.  I ran home every day from school.  I panted a lot and was so scared of the kids and teachers.  We had the old man who was a headmaster and he was so nasty and horrible.  I got the ruler for no reason too.  He could not teach me as he had no patience and he was of the old era of teaching.  I have to admit I was glad when I went to the deaf school.  I did very well their thank goodness.  I finally had a wonderful teacher who helped me so much and I will thank her for the rest of my life.  I love her for what she did for me.  Mrs Joyce Sundram was a fantastic teacher for the deaf.

We stayed for about 3 years and then we lived in Girnhill lane it was number 1 it is now gone and a supermarket has taken its place.  That house was haunted too.  The gates use to open and then close all by itself.  We would hear footsteps and it was always cold all the time too.  Never warm even in the summer.  It was a lovely house.  The school policeman came to the house as I did not go to school because of the bullying and the bad teachers too as they were not understanding at all.  So I went to Elmete Hall School which is now put into flats which is beautiful.  The boy’s domain was haunted as lights use to switch off and on and there were doors opening and shutting etc.  Fascinating.  Ghosts are real and they are part of your life.  Some are just here to live their lives and to share what used to be their home.

When I got married ghosts just followed us all the way round to each home.  We moved 5 times and I am now hoping to move for the final time if I meet someone.   This bungalow now that we live in is definitely haunted we have someone that runs the hallway about 11.25pm and he goes quickly as a flash.  There is another one that haunts the living room and hears footsteps too, doors open and other things happen too and it’s never warm either in my bedroom.  I have sent a world war Tommy to heaven and also a postman that died of a heart attack while posting letters.  My ex-husband did not believe me once about it and he sat by the window as it was warm and he heard the footsteps and the letter that dropped in the letterbox.  He went to the door and there was no letter but soon afterwards the real letters came.  I am not bothered about the ghosts they are part of my life and I will no doubt meet more.


By Cindy Poulson.


Every journey has been magical and you have to experience an Angel session as you have to see the sights and the beautiful stars, Milky Way and all the crystal stars too as well as the planets that have been created. I love the suns and the moons also, they are all so beautiful and the make the Universe a place to love and cherish. The Universe is full of mystery and wonder as well as the unknown. My Angel Sessions are definitely helping my nerves and also my health and Angel Channeling. Every time I do an Angel session I am hearing my Angels more clearly each time which I am so very pleased about.

Cynthia is so very kind to me and has helped me in so many ways and has made sure that I am resting as much as I can. On this very night, Gabriel was escorting me on my journey and Gabriel is my main Angel that helps me with my channelling as well as writing the journals with me. He helps me in so many ways and I have to say ‘thank you’ to him and also my other Angels too. It’s wonderful to have such good friends.

This Angel Session was going to be a special one and now I am going to share with you what I saw and felt on this beautiful Red Planet. It had the amazing energy which I was certainly pleased about and I am so happy that this will be an experience to remember. Gabriel was my escort this evening and I was pleased as he is a dear friend to me. We departed our journey to the red planet. I saw the red atmosphere of the planet below and I indeed was fascinated by it and we were flying over it and we were flying but I had no wings and I was flying as energy. Cynthia confirmed this as most angels fly as energy. The planet glowed red and it was, in fact, glowing a terra cotta colour. We were flying pretty fast and I felt as I was one with the planet. I felt the feeling of love, enchantment and healing as well as adventure. I had no idea what was in store for me. A part of being red there was little buildings and when I saw the land I had seen a rather strange looking vehicle. I had to describe what the vehicle was like and it was dark longish and flattish too. When we gently landed we could go inside of it and it was very big inside and in fact, the doors slide open for us to enter and it was like a train and there were people inside of it. The vehicle had made no noise what so ever. I soon corrected myself when I had seen the people inside, they were Angels, and they all smiled contently and they were happy to see us. We were being seated on the train and we were going through what was a tunnel and it grew darker and I was not scared and I am usually scared of things like this normally. It was light inside of the train and I saw all the Angels smiling away and they were nodding their heads and they seem to know me. We were travelling through two dimensions of this planet and I looked at myself and I had a dress on, hence the tunnel effect. My hair was longer and my face pulled back a bit and I notice dear old Gabriel was talking with someone as per usual. I was looking around while being seated and I was looking at the faces of Angels. I commented that I was sure I knew some of them and apparently I did as Cynthia had confirmed this for me.

A man approached me and he was talking to me and I knew he was An Arian Angel. He had said he knew me and it was good to see me again and he was so nice. He had a lovely smile and he had a wonderful sense of humour. He also confirmed to me we had shared a life together and he said it was along. Long. A long time ago. He was holding my hands and his name was ‘Thorazz’ with accents. As Cynthia told me. He was continually talking to me and said that we were married and he hugged me and kissed me and I was so happy to see him after such a long time. He was very special and very nice too. I was trying thinking of the past life that we had shared as I was interested. I knew it was a rather unusual one and it was not on earth. I was really trying to think as I wanted it cleared up then and there as I felt this special bond with him. I felt it was a special healing planet and I then said, ‘was I a teacher’? Apparently, I was a teacher of knowledge and I helped Arian Angels and he was on the Arian Counsel and he was still on it. It was before I met Jozhua. I was an Arian Angel and my name was Lucinda. I notice I was wearing a lovely long white dress with shoes to match and also a gold loose belt and I had long curly hair and also I was quite slim too. There was also something gold in my hair and it was a gold headband and it was ornate with a lot of designs on it. It was like something that Cleopatra wore and it represents things and it was beautiful.

This was a swift long journey and we were being transited to another dimension and it was going to be a shorter ride. It was brighter outside and it was lovely too and a bit glary after the journey we had taken in the tunnels. The travelling was coming to an end and there was a sound stop. There was going to be three people meeting us and I notice it was a man and two women that were meeting us. The man is taller than the women and they greeted us with a smile. They were telling us to follow them and we were walking along to a building and I notice the sky and there were 17 moons and two suns. I always notice the sky when we are on a new planet. All the moons were not barren like the one we have near earth. Everything was peaceful and serene here and we were entering a building and it was a beautiful building and the craftsmanship was beautiful and I had notice tall walls and pictures on the walls and the landscapes and the people too. Cynthia asked if I had recognised anyone. The landscape before and after they started building on it. I had noticed there was my eternal father, Cynthia and her father as well as Michael, Vincent and Kam as well as myself which I was surprised at. I had said that I looked important and Cynthia had confirmed that I was. Gabriel and I were walking along and it looked like a big hall and there were chairs and we were going to an Event of some kind.

Of some kind. Very high ceilings and again wonderful craftsmanship and it were beautiful. I also saw crystals shining too. There was a podium, where people made speeches from but not a stage. It was a rather unusual one. We were taken there by three people and we were being seated to listen. They were all Angels and there was a gathering of Angels to sitting there waiting for the speech to commence. The man who greeted us was talking and he was wearing a special gown and all three of them were wearing the same sort of gown and the man had trousers underneath it. He was making the speech now and he was nodding his head our way and his hand too. He had said what a great pleasure it was to have us there and see us again after such a long time and that we were doing good work. He said that I was a very good friend to Cynthia and that they were grateful. He also spoke about something else and he was happy that I was there to witness this speech. One of the ladies had spoken and she was about my healing on earth and had said that she was happy that it was helping me as I have been receiving intensive healing from my very own personal Emerald Angel, Zain. She also said that knowledge was the key to success and it will help me in the long run. She was also pleased that I was doing well with the Angel Channeling too. She said that the healing was going to carry on until I was off the morphine completely. I will benefit from the healing with the healing and will need it for a while longer as I have so much to be healed in my body. I thanked them for their kindness. Cynthia asked what about her current circumstances and that Cynthia had been treated so unfairly, and those responsible must have been mad to have let it all happen this way. Cynthia had enough on her plate without being tormented this way and that it must end straight away. They said that she will be fine in a few weeks and those who are responsible will pay for their misjudgement and they should be a shame of themselves. It was not personal but they ignored their directives and that the instructions that were given. Cynthia confirmed that this was correct. I told Cynthia that they have a special place for her when she had completed her work on earth. It would be a high honour for her work on earth and that Cynthia has endured too much suffering on earth and that the response should be ashamed and that it will be rectified as soon as possible. They should not have let it happen in the first place. They were saying something about the Arian Counsel. Cynthia will be part of them when her work is completed on earth. That was the end of the speech.

As the meeting continued without us I was taken to a wonderful place with Gabriel and I would be meeting Zora. I waved to those who had met us when we came from the train. We were going through the doors and we went into an open space and it was like a magical garden and there were animals there too. Cynthia asked what the animals were like and I said they were like metamorphs and energy ones too. They were like out of a fairy tale and it was really lovely here and there were little hummingbirds and they were like ours but bigger. They moved slowly and you can see their wings and the details of some of them were beautiful. There were rainbow birds and also multicoloured ones too. There were yellow, blue, white, gold and silver ones flying all around and even purple ones too. There was a rainbow also to look at and there were so many colours and it’s sparkled so beautifully. The colours were intermingled as well as not being able to describe every colour that you could mention and also they were colours of the rainbow but there were more than that.

I was going to go into a strange but beautiful place and it was so exciting at the prospect of being on a beautiful journey where I would be receiving healing and I was walking with Gabriel. I was looking in the distance and there were flowers everywhere and I was mesmerised by it all and I was to lie down amongst them. These were special flowers and they smelt so lovely too and the fragrance was strong but not overpowering. They were healing flowers, and there was a place out the door where I was going to it and I was walking along for sun therapy too. It was very powerful healing energy and the suns were shining down so vividly and it’s not too hot and it was to make me feel brighter as the winter months definitely make me blue. I saw a place for me where all the flowers grew and it was rather strange looking and they were strange looking and definitely different to the ones I have seen here on earth. There were animal metamorphs and they glowed beautifully, they were energy metamorphs and they were very special indeed as they healed and they hummed with the suns and flowers and it was like a haunting music with singing that I could hear, and funnily enough, I had heard that all day long. I was taken to an arch what was made with flowers and Zora was there and she was on my right. Someone else had just Torah and Zora as well as nature was helping me. Thorazz was there helping and I relaxed and rested and almost fell asleep. Zora was using a rare emerald crystal to help my legs heal and Torah was working on my feminine areas with another crystal unknown to us also green. Angel Aria had come and she was using a crystal wand and it was yellow in colour. Michael then came along and he was healing me with a crystal wand in white and they were all there working on my body and I was so very pleased that they were doing this for me. I was very comfortable and I began to relax and I stayed like this for a further 25 minutes. I felt the energy generate throughout my body and I felt so relaxed. I felt someone breathe on me and I asked Cynthia who it was and apparently, it was Michael, and he does the same with Cynthia to let her know he is there for real and it’s not your imagination. I almost fell asleep during this session. The Pain scale was from 9 right down to 1 and I felt so much better and knew I would sleep well. I was so pleased that everyone was working on me and I was so tired. Michael was taking me home as I felt so tired and sleepy and I was so grateful for their kindness and powerful healing energies that had helped me. We were going home the fast way and there was an animal that wanted to see me first before I went and she was fluffy and very sweet and very fussy too. She had a little face and I was stroking her head and she had pink eyes and they were a nice pink, I would say a rose pink. She was smiling too which I thought was wonderful. Michael escorted me home and a few moments I would leave the planet and feel a breeze on my face and body as I left the planet and as I travelled through the Universe. My face felt tingly after the breeze on my face and I saw the space dust and a galaxy and there were some magnificent colours and they were sparkling away. It was a wonderful view before I landed home. I also saw crystal lights and the sun shining on the galaxy and Universe. They were shining and transmitting and now I was home again on Earth. Angel Michael gave me a kiss on the head and said goodnight to me. He is very kind and sweet to me. My Angel Cats Kara and Zuzu greeted me as they had missed me and also they were purring away. I bought Kara and Zuzu from the journeys that I had made to their planets. They are adorable and loving as well as a comfort too. They also listen to me and they are very angelic also. I went to sleep that night with some comfort and healing thanks to Cynthia and all the Angels.

Cindy Poulson.


I thought I would start on another journal and tell you of the

Different ones that I have experienced during the months that I have met Cynthia and our dear Angels. I am certainly pleased that I have met Cynthia and the lads as we call the ‘Angels’. The adventures were just beginning and this is another one of them. I never know what is going to happen on any of the journeys that I take.

Here is the beginning of this adventure. As usual, I am always intrigued by the whole situation and I always want to know what is going to happen or what has happened. I am told this is good and this is how Cynthia had learnt from our dear lad, who I have come to love and treasure. I am certainly pleased to find that I am now belonging to a world of wonder and mystery. It is a mystery to many people but I am sure as they enter these Angel sessions they will begin to understand what its like to meet our dear Angels.

This journey was different again to the other one. Here is the beginning of the adventure that will unfold and keep you intrigued every minute of the story. As usual, I was in bed and waiting for the instructions for my dear friend, Cynthia to give me and for the images from Angel Vincent.

The images were sent to me by Vincent and I could hear music and it was a flute that was played in the distance. I had heard the music before and I could see the fields of beauty and it was like a valley of some sort and there were hardly any clouds in the sky. It was a beautiful sunny day and I could see for miles. There was some kind of lake in the distance and long grass and flowers too. I had looked around and said it looked like England. I had long dark hair with green eyes and was slim too. As I was walking down the hill, there was someone there and I could make out that he was a man and he was smiling and waiting for me to come down the hill. He had a nice white shirt and black trousers and was smiling away but I could not see his face properly at first. We started walking together and I tried to figure out who this man was and I have to admit I was not sure at first and then I discovered he was my intended as he was going to be my husband, and this man was hurt as a child and had a scare on his face. He had loved me since I was a child but I did not love him which was a shame as he would have made a great husband. I had felt sorry for him and I felt a little guilty too. We had walked into the valley and there was a man with a flute playing and I was torn between them as the man with the flute had loved me too. The men had not liked each other and I was so pleased as two men wanted me and I had never had it in this lifetime at all. I then discovered that I had another admirer, I was no surprise.

I was admired by three men in the village and I was so pleased by this and wanted who the third one was. I was loved by the older man with the scar who loved me and the man with the flute who had no money. The third man had land and he loved me too. I was surprised that I had 3 admirers and that they loved me so much. There was gossip in the village and I was wondering what who I ended up with and then I could see a marriage in a church and I had married the man with the land and he had worked very hard to provide for us, and I realised that as it was England it was the southern part and after a few guesses I discovered it was Somerset and I had a boy and a girl. One of them is my son today, Luke. The man I had married is the man that I have ended up marrying for 30 years and divorce him today. This life was taken in the 17th century and I am happy to say I had experienced this lifetime with the man I am married to now. I have had twelve lives with my ex-husband. It had come to the end of the past life of mine and I have to say I was most intrigued by it and I was so happy too as I can share it with you.

Best wishes, Cindy Poulson.


I have been on many journeys with Cynthia and our Angels which I call them ‘the lads’. Angel Vincent ask sometimes if I want to visit somewhere and I have to say its lovely to be asked and wow I feel like that I am part of their world, having said that I am. I feel complete with our Angels and I know I am on a great journey with them and I am safe and happy too. On this particular journey, I was so pleased as it was different yet again. Angel Gabriel had taken me on the journey, bless him and Angel Jozhua had asked if he could come along this time too. I had wondered why my eternal soul mate, (husband) had come on this journey but later on, that was to be revealed.

Angel Vincent again sent images to my mind and was telling Cynthia what was happening and that I was either correct or not. I saw blue skies and white fluffy clouds and I was flying. Cynthia asked what else I could see and I saw a mountain and it was a very, very tall one, there were lakes also. I paid particular attention to the mountain as it was very pointed. I thought I saw snow on the top of it but no it sparkled and Cynthia kindly told me that it was a Sanctuary – the mountain and it was red and then the colours changed. I flew on top of the mountain and I then entered from the top of it. The colours were amazing and the sun shone down upon it too. When I entered the mountain it was rather cool, I have to admit I did not expect an entrance to it and when I went inside thankfully it was warmer. It felt lovely, peaceful a calm.

Some had come to greet me and the person looked wise and humble looking and very knowledgeable indeed. I felt that I had been there before and Cynthia had verified it and I had felt emotional about it all and I shed a tear too. I was taken down a corridor and I was shown to a room that was being prepared for healing. There were many doors in the corridor and I had to go through the blue door and there I was given a gown to wear for the healing and it was a crystal healing. There was a lady that had greeted me and I remembered her face and there were 3 stages of my healing to work. The lady had welcomed me and explained the healing process. At that pointed, I had said that someone was playing with my hair while I was doing this Angel session and Cynthia had said that it was Angel Michael doing it, which I found funny. The lady was so kind to me and she did have a lovely face. | had seen her before and Cynthia had confirmed this. As I said there were 3 stages of healing and they were going to work from the top of my head to the bottom of it, especially where it really hurt and she also showed me my sore points. The lady knew I had not been well and she said I had been there before and I would go again after this treatment as they wanted to do an intensive healing. Cynthia enquired what I was doing and I had told her that the lady had shown me a seat and also a bed where the crystals would sing to me. The also glowed and that they worked on the sore parts and they wanted to heal the damage that had been done to my body. Also, I would feel less achy and tired. That is why my Angels and Ezzra had been working overtime healing me and I do thank them every day. It was going to require many visits and stress must be reduced at home. Cynthia had been sending healing energy from the sun and I had thanked her and I was so so grateful too.

I asked the lady her name and she was trying to pronounce it and I could not really grasp it and I asked Cynthia and her name was ‘Pradah’ and you had to do the Pr so it was Prrrrrrrrrdah, which helped me a lot as I have difficulties with the pronouncing of words, with being deaf. Apparently, she rolled her rs and that is why she tried to help me pronounce her name. I thanked Pradah and then I laid on the bed and I was there for 30 minutes and I could fall asleep and I was feeling very relaxed and calm as well as tranquil. It was painless treatment and Pradah had stroked my head reassuring me that the treatment was for me and she was smiling. Such a kind face and sympathetic too. I was just achy and sore and tired too. I wanted the pain to go away and here I laid on this bed with the crystals singing to me and they hummed away and I drifted off into slumber. While the treatment was going I felt so relaxed and warm and snugly. this happened for 30 minutes and I relaxed and calmed down too as well as feeling tired. This was a good way of feeling tranquil of the treatment.

Cynthia said hello to me and I have to admit I did not say hello back straight away as I fell asleep. I had heard the humming of the crystals and that is why I fell asleep and Pradah had looked after me and she brought over a tall drink and I was so pleased that she had done so. It was a blue drink and it looked a lovely colour and I drank it and it was rather refreshing and I was pleasantly surprise. Ii had thanked Pradah for her kindness and her understanding. I was going to be taken on a buggy ride then straight after and it had no engine in and yet it rode people around. I was going to the centre of the mountain for a blue bright water therapy and the water was saline and it was wonderful for my condition. . Here were my ride and I was so pleased that it was here and Cynthia said to me who was taking me and I looked and saw that it was a man that was taking me and the seat was comfortable and I was on my way. I had looked at the man and he looked familiar too and his name was Fahluzza. On the way Fahluzza explained the therapy I was having and he was also explaining about the crystals how the grew and also that they sing and make the place feel warm and eventually they would make me feel better. The spa was ageless like our dear Angels and timeless too. It had been one of the most important healing therapies that I will receive. The healing spa will make me feel less achy and sore. He had said that it would help me to stop feeling cold all the time too. He was right as I have Raynaud’s disease. The colours of the crystals were beautiful and they were singing and there were people that were attending them and singing with them also. I looked around and we finally reached the blue waters and I was so pleased that we had and it was so pretty was the waters and it was saline waters and it was special also. I had thanked Fahluzza for the ride and I went into the warm waters and it was thicker than water itself as it was special healing waters. The waters had felt lovely and smelt so nice too. I began to wash my hair and put it in my ears to heal them as they hurt and also I am partially deaf and it would help me. There were places for me to sit down and I did this and I let the water cover my shoulders and again I felt comfortable and sleepy too. I also leaned back and I could still hear humming still and apparently that was good and now I had to stay for another 30 minutes in the saline crystal waters. I was lovely and comfortable and I was happy that I could do this and I had stayed for 30 minutes and Cynthia had tried to get my attention and I had felt a lot better and more relaxed too. There was one last part of the healing and I got out of the waters and I was dried immediately. It was a short healing part and my last healing and I looked forward to it too. Cynthia had said some was coming for me and it was Jozhua and he wanted a private chat with me and I was being taken to a room with the view of the valley below and I was to spend about 20 minutes with Jozhua. He wanted to talk to me about himself and I and then Jozhua and Gabriel would escort me home after that. He wanted to try and tell me something and I could not understand him and I think I was trying too hard and I had to ask Cynthia for her help. He was concerned about my health and said I should be looking after my self better and eating better too. I had to eat to keep up my strength. I felt very emotional with Jozhua and he did not like to see me in pain at all and he said he will be by my side until I leave this earth and he loved me more than life itself. He had told me I had not had an easy life and he was sorry for that too. He has wished we had a life together on earth this time around and he knew that I had thought of him. Jozhua was around me constantly and he had fears for my health and he said I needed constant care and rest as well as stress-free. Jozhua had told me that I was doing well with my developments. Jozhua told Cynthia about me and said he had guided me and wanted me to continue my work with Cynthia also. He had also told me that we had been together for such a long, long time and we had four children that we were proud of and I was so happy about this. He was very caring and he loved me so much and he touched my face and I could feel it too. He watched me wake up in the night and he also watches me sleep. When I wake in the night he tried to help me go back to sleep and comforts me too. He did not want to let me go. With that I had felt rather tired and I asked if I could go home. Jozhua and Gabriel took me home and they took me home the very quick way. I thanked them so very much and Cynthia also. I am so pleased that I had done this trip. I was so tired and I fell asleep and had a peaceful sleep.

Cindy Poulson


I have to admit while I have been on these journeys I have taken a different one and I could never ever say its boring. I have found myself more intrigued at each journey of the Angel session, that as made me become more understanding our Angels and why they work so hard to help us through unhappy times and turmoil too. Our Angels have helped me through some pretty unhappy times and I feel stronger as they are here supporting and helping me.

This journey was just as fascinating as the last one. Daniel, my son was with me and I have to say he was not very well at the time of doing this Angel session. I had said this journey was totally different to the other one and I looked inside the Spacecraft and it looked like the inside of what I could only say a beehive. Daniel and I could both see this and it was incredible as the Spacecraft was round and it was really nice too and a warm feeling to it, also. I was granted entry to the spacecraft and there was a balcony with crystals all around it. It was lovely and sparkly and I asked if we could look around the place and was told not yet, as we had to lift off and we were being taken to a room and we were going to be seated and the room colour was gingery orange. There was a very large window and we could look through it and it felt nice and calming. Cynthia said that we would feel a tingly feeling sensation and lift off was imminent and there were different lines in all directions with the big screen and it was fantastic. My nose felt tingly and it was tingly in Daniel’s ears. There were starts and a big round planet. This was like taking a space tour and it has a ring around it and but no stops and there was plenty to see. Cynthia, of course, asked me what was so unusual about the planet and I had to say there were tingling in my ears which I found so fascinating, and it was to do with the journey we were taking. The rings around the planet, there were two of them and there were crystals in the rings. One of the rings was harder to see until you got closer to the planet. It was a bit like Saturn but only not and it was not very far from our solar system. They were protecting shields of crystal energy and Cynthia asked what else we could see in the surroundings. It was lovely and I was looking a little too hard and I could see then there was a red moon and had a bit of grey in it but it was mostly red. It was different to the other moons, and she asked me how many moons I saw as I said something special must have happened on the red moon. I looked closer and there were 5 moons and there was something special about the red moon as it had a special energy force as there was another object and the energy of the moon was from inside of it.

There was a lot of beautiful colours and energy too and the crystals and energy were for a special purpose as they kept the planet a life. Daniel thought the 6th object was a crystal and apparently, it was and it was glowing and I thought it was like the sun to the planet and it was not. So I pondered for a moment and said it was a healing planet and I was correct. It was fascinating as I said it looked different and I said that the planet needed healing as it has had no sun for a while and the planet looked dead and Angel Vincent is always testing me on these sessions and asked me what I think it should be healed and it was once a beautiful planet and it will be healed and it will be alive again. I had said it would become lovely and it would be better than it was before. Life was just beginning and before there were grass, animals and magical beings, creatures, I asked why I could see them and apparently as the planet was once inhabited by animal metamorphs, (changelings). They were happy now as the planet was being healed and it was like a fairy tale planet, they had to leave but they will return in the summer solstice. I felt if I had been there before and I had. Cynthia asked Danny what he had to say to it and he felt that he had been to the planet but not in a past life. I kept seeing a beautiful blue creature and I had to tell Cynthia. I was rather surprised at what she told me. I had to recall the information about the creature and it was blue like I said and it had a long neck and long body and furry, it was like a caterpillar. Apparently, I did not get the information from Vincent but the Angel Database which was truly amazing. I felt so relaxed at that place and was happy too. The blue creature was a changeling and it was so friendly and so huge too. It represented a creature that reminded Daniel or a cartoon and at that point Daniel was tired and it was rather late for him and he went to bed, as he had college the next morning.

I continued the journey without Daniel thankfully Cynthia enjoyed doing these Angel session and I have to say I surprise myself at each session that we do. I was still in the spacecraft and we were still moving and I felt a bit of a bump and I felt rather different this time for some reason which I found fascinating. Cynthia asked what I felt different and lighter and she had inquired why? We had gone beyond our solar system and Cynthia had said to me that my seat will recline about 40 degrees and that I felt slimmer and tall as we went into orbit I felt the journey. Wow, I was rather giddy at the time and I found it wonderful. Cynthia said that on the count of three I would feel euphoria and that meant extreme happiness and I was giggling like a school girl and it was fun and I felt light headed and it was like a drug but in a good way, as I said as I am on morphine, ‘Morphine eat your heart out’. I did giggle away and Cynthia said it was good to do this and I had needed to giggle and I had said thanks lad to Vincent. I am sure he finds me amusing. Oh, the next bit was yet to happen and I could float around the commander’s deck where I was seated. I looked outside through the window and I could look at the stars. It was a very big window and the stars twinkled. Cynthia had told me to keep an eye on my right side and told me to tell her what I could see. I looked and I do not try too hard when I do these Angel sessions and I saw something glowing and it was like an energy yet again and there was someone to my left side and the energy was transforming itself into something that I recognized. It shone and it was forming into a creature and spurts of energy were changing shape just for me and they were representing bears. There were 4 dancing bears and they were magnificent and they looked as if they were laughing, and Cynthia said that they represented our support of the ‘Moon Bears’ that we were supporting and they were dancing for me. They looked so happy and they were metamorphs – Zoltarz., they were the animals that changed shape. They were so pleased I was here and I was so glad as they were helping me to help them. Cynthia had apparently worked with them before in a recent journey. They were there representing us both and that I was so pleased about and now they were changing shape to Elephants and they were going to help us too and they were smiling and they were only babies. They were so cute too, as baby Elephants were one of my favourites animals. They also changed colour from grey. They changed colours of orange, red and then blue and the green glowed as well. They were a warmth form them as they glowed. They were so happy thank goodness. The metamorph blew kisses to me and I did too. My nose tingled as they did this and they looked so at home. They were so loving and kind.

It was a big room with a very large window on the spacecraft. I had felt someone brush my hair and someone was on the left and right side of me. They were holding me and I began to feel lighter too. I was being taken outside the spacecraft where I was very safe and comfortable. I was enjoying every moment of it and I went outside and it was cooler and it felt wonderful too. They were holding me and my ears were tingly too and I was being held by Angel Spirits and there was a feeling of overwhelming as there were starts and there was another planet too. I was given a tour and I was feeling emotional too and now the Angels showed me a performance of the Zoltarz animals while I orbited the planet and there were wolves like creatures and cats, etc. There were birds and it was almost like a zoo but in a different way and they were all nice to each other as they did not fight or eat each other. I thought they were spiritual and healing but apparently, they were all energies and they entertained all around the Universe and they made you laugh and smile when you needed it and I thought this was wonderful. They made me feel so relaxed and happy this evening. There were no bad tempers or anything like that and I felt safe and happy there and my hearing was intact, no disabilities’ either and I did not feel any pain what so ever and felt whole once more. My ears were tingling as I was talking to Cynthia and it was to help me hear Vincent and Gabriel correctly. I was happy and meanwhile as I was talking to Cynthia, she has told that Angel Michael had gone for some dinner and brought back two angels with him David and Gabriel had paid an unexpected visit and was peering over her shoulder as she spoke to me on the msn and they were interested and I was certainly pleased that they did. I loved it there and I was happy and then I heard a strange humming and I had to head back into the spacecraft heading for another surprise and I thanked Cynthia and Vincent as per usual. The Angel spirits had brought me gently inside. There was a lovely glow around me and it was a while energy and it was healing energy of my Angels.

This is how Cynthia explained about the Angel Spirits. Angel spirits are a wonderful group of angels who have been in existence for two millennia and who have contributed to our own history in so many ways. These magnificent beings were first introduced to our planet one thousand years ago. Angel spirits are here as Guardian Angels and are helping with our ecological development.

Angel spirits were so called due to the nature of their origins and because they are not from the Universe originally, but from an outer region called Melódia. They were named spirits because of their affiliation with the Spirit Realms and because they are founders of a form of metaphysical communication we now call channelling. The angel spirits are currently developing a brand new form of communication called ‘para-physical teleportation’. This amazing new method involves the transference of visual objects from one dimension to another that can be seen telepathically by multiple people simultaneously.

Angel spirits are one of the forces behind another belief system called transitional energy projection is known as trans-astral travel.

I had thanked the Angel Spirits and I was seated and I could then hear a loud vibration and we were going into space and I would not feel as light, My seat shook for a for moments and I could feel it. It made me giggle and I have some tingling in my nose yet again and so did Cynthia, it also tingled my tongue too. The spacecraft moved in a clockwise fashion and I felt a little strange at first and I felt dizzy, however, I was fine. I was all right and happy too and I was then asked if I could see the rest of the spacecraft when all the shaking had stopped and I was so pleased about this as I was eager to see the rest of the spacecraft. I was in for a surprise again and this time a male attendant approached me and was asked if I would like to see the rest of the spacecraft. He looked a little different and I had been on that craft before and when I looked at the man somehow I knew him. I thought he was funny as he made me laugh and I could not really understand him as he spoke rather quickly. He was a gentleman and I was like a beehive the spacecraft and there were all windows in this craft. The man who was showing me around, I looked at him and I had said that he looked Asian and almost Chinese. I had known him in a past life. It turned out that he was my husband and I had recognised him and he did make me laugh and he had a great sense of humour and he wanted to cuddle me. He was a perfect gentleman as he offered his arm to show me around and he was so nice as he did make me laugh until I cried. I notice that he was good at mimicking someone I knew and he was good at taking people off. His name is J’or’da’ch, and I could not really pronounce it, however, Cynthia helped me as per usual, ‘Jorache’. Cynthia had told me that he had loved me dearly and I had missed him and I wanted to live life to the fullest and he wanted me to be happy and he put his hands on my face and he loved me so much as he was my other eternal soul mate. I had felt more loved and I felt special too and I had lived on earth with him also he had been with me every step of the way and he was one of my Guardian Angels. I was rather puzzled as I did not know you could have two eternal soul mates and I had to ask why I had two of them. Jozhua was the other eternal soul mates and they were friendly but rivals because of me. They had fought over me and I found this rather amusing, they fought as Angels and in past lives too. I found it amusing but Cynthia said it was apparently very serious, and I had loved them both equally. Apparently, I am a beautiful Angel and my Angels wanted me to know that. I thanked them for saying that and for Cynthia and Vincent too. I had two visitors and it was Jorache and Jozhua, and they were on either side of me. They were making me feel stronger and happier.

Anyhow I was being shown around the spacecraft and it was like a foyer of some kind and that is the only way I could explain it. It was all around and it was like a mother ship and there were people walking by me and they were smiling. There were little rooms and some of the people waved to me and I was being taken to a room and I walked towards it and it looked a very big room. I asked permission to go into the room where a person was at a desk. He was dealing with paperwork and he was one of my elders and he looked wise, and elders were nothing to do with age and he had called me into the office to tell me something and he wanted me to start to write and he was showing me the paper he had been working on. It had my name on it and Cynthia’s too. He also showed me a list of people that are possibilities of helping us. There were a lot of people and there were other names that I could not make out. I just saw Cynthia and my name on it and he showed me some other paper but this was a different list. It was for me and it said I was going to write my books and that I needed to trust our Angles and I have now Michael, Gabriel, David, Anthony and John with me to help me and to listen to them too. Cynthia asked me who was Anthony and there was Diana. Angel Diana apparently loved Anthony so very much and he was a tall Angel jet black angel 6’7.

Anyhow there was a list of things to do. The Elder told me that I would be writing a book or two or more and he was pleased that I was here to talk with him and he was pleased to see me again. The Elder’s, his name is T’onin. I asked as per usual to pronounce it and we could say in English, Tony with an ‘n. I was so pleased to see him and I knew him too and apparently, he was my eternal father. He was the one I saw in a vision and he put his hand on my face and I was so pleased to see him again and he was blocking his emotions or he would have a break down as he loved me so much indeed. He was very emotional and I did not want to cry but it was great to see my eternal father again. He loved me more than life itself and he gave me a hug again and it was so lovely as I was his precious child. He had adopted me as an infant and it was many light years ago that |I was adopted. I was his favourite child and he was going to guide me and help me along as he presides over the Arian Counsel and he is a very important man and has a wicked smile. He was going to enter my dreams going forward and helping me along too. I was his precious jewel, and that is what Tonin had said. I would see him again and he had loved me from the moment he saw me as an infant and I was so honoured by it all and Cynthia was adopted also. I felt my father’s love and he is so handsome too and he had an overwhelming love for me and I had felt very emotional by it all. He said he would help me with healing too and the connection between my father and I was very strong indeed. I knew that he travelled a great deal. He also said he will be travelling and I will be too and he will go with me.

I was then taken back to the room with the large window and was brought home quickly. I was so pleased that I had met my other eternal soul mate and my father too. I was so happy that this had happened and it was indeed an experience that I will never ever forget.

love Cindy Poulson


This was yet another journey of adventure, and I have to say Vincent takes me on some wonderful journeys through time and space as well as travel. I was going on a special sort of journey again and this was going to be one of the exciting ones that I have been on. I have found every journey I take exciting. Angel Vincent is always in charge of my journeys and he always tells Cynthia what is happening and she will confirm what I see. I am so happy with what I see and do on these journeys as I can share them with people. I have to say I always have a laugh and a joke with the Angels, female or male. They have a great sense of humour and they are also wonderful and understanding too. They love you unconditionally no matter what you believe in and they also care for you such a great deal.

I went on the journey the fast way and it was exciting too. I always feel that I can really relate to our Angels on how they travel. I was hovering over the planet and I could see mountains but they were dark in colour and then I could also see beautiful blue sparkling waters and a wood too. Also, animals too of all kinds and I could see a lot of small and big ones. There is also a building in the distance and I was a little nervous in case I saw it wrong. It was a castle type building. There were what looked like Deer, Squirrels, and Rabbits and there was a path that we could walk down and it was a path of enchantment. As I was walking through this path of enchantment I could see unicorns and Pegasus and also this was a place you would like to go and stay hidden for the rest of your life it’s that special here. Nothing would make you depress as everything was so lovely. You would not be bored either with the way things were in such a beautiful place. There was a crystal sort of palace which was alluring and we were walking there and it wanted us to go there. It shone all sorts of colours of the rainbow. This was indeed a land of enchantment or should I say a world of enchantment. We entered the building, Gabriel, Jozhua and I and the doors were so detailed, and every building I have come across of the Angels, their handiwork on the doors and building are beautiful. There were so many Angels walking around they seemed to know me and also others waved towards us. There were nature fairies there and very small people and tall people, as well as short. As I walked along it has become very busy and I saw a door and entered it, it became less crowded as I do not like crowds at all. As I opened the door it was so beautiful and it will full of crystals shining, and they colours were bouncing off each other and they were humming with their vibrations and it was so lovely to see this. There was a lady in the room and she was smiling away at me and I turned around and realised that I had lost Gabriel and Jozhua, which was a shame. The lady had been waiting for me and she had the kind face and a lovely sweet smile. She had put her hands on my shoulders and she was paying particular attention to my left one and she looked at my sore points on my body and I asked her name and she told me that it was ‘D’hilea’, and I got her name correctly and I did well as I have been told by the Angels of their names which are a little difficult for me as I am partially deaf and I am not good at spelling the names either. ‘D’hilea’ told me to be seated and she talked me through the therapy and she knew I had been for different therapy and was pleased that I had come to her. She knew I had problems with my ears running and she held my head first then my ears. D’hilea had a big crystal wand and it was rather thick too and it was lovely and the colours shone from it. The room was beautiful and it was so peaceful and it was comfortable as well as warm. D’hilea held my hands and she knew that they had been painful and cold and she said she wanted me to keep typing so I could talk to you and write my Angel Sessions as well as books. She held the wand in my hands and they began to feel warm and tingly. I thought there was someone else in the room and it was her aura and it was very powerful as she was holding my hands and hovering the wand over them. This lady was very kind to me and she knew how much pain I had been in. Her energy was very strong and she was smiling as I was telling Cynthia what had happened. I had realised that I knew D’hilea and we were old friends and it was so good to see her. We used to talk such a lot together and we did healing together. It was so good to see her and she asked me to lie down on this crystal bed which was hovering. I have to say when I got on to the bed it was very comfortable. The bed was hovering in the air and nothing was holding it up at all. I was to receive more healing from the crystals and D’hilea’s wand too. It was very intensive was the healing and it was going to last for 30 minutes. She had told me to relax and said I would feel perkier when this session was over. She said after this was done Jozhua would come get me as Gabriel was having a chat with some of his friends. D’hilea was very concerned about me and that is why she wanted to heal me and so I would feel the benefit of it.

The 30 minutes was up and I felt warmer and relaxed which I was pleased about. It was a cold winter in early February 2010. I was cold all the way through the winter. Cynthia enquired if I had enjoyed the session and also if I felt any benefit from it and of course I had done. Jozhua came for me to take me to another special place which I grew excited about. After giving D’hilea a hug and a kiss on the cheek to say thank you and that I would be seeing her again. D’hilea had been wonderful and it was so kind of her to help me this way. Jozhua was waiting patiently and smiling away and he has a lovely smile. This was going to be part two of my exciting enchanting journey with Jozhua. I was going to swim with the Dolphins and as I walked out of the room I had waved goodbye to my dear friend, D’hilea. I felt at peace with myself and I never notice how bright the hallway was and the crystals were vibrating here and they were humming with it and they were also so very beautiful too. We walked out of the building and there were two Pegasus waiting for us and I was over the moon. There was a pure white one and a pale blue one too. They came up to us and I was fascinated by them and their beauty. I asked if we were going to ride them and these were one of my favourite animals, and Cynthia confirmed that we were. I had to hover a little to get on to the Pegasus and it was quite comical to watch. Cynthia asked which one I was on and I told her the pure white one. Jozhua was quite happy to be in the pale blue one and he was smiling away at me. The Pegasus was as beautiful as each other and Jozhua knew what was going to come next but he was not telling me. As we rode on the Pegasus I could hear the song, ‘A whole new world’, from the cartoon “Aladdin”. Cynthia asked what we both were wearing. I looked at both of us and described to her that I was wearing a white dress and she asked if it was short or long. Which I replied as short which I would not wear short dresses long on the earth. I described what was Jozhua wearing and he wore Jeans with a white shirt. We were both comfortable wearing these outfits.

I had to describe what I was doing in detail. I was holding on to the main of the Pegasus and the air was blowing in my face and hair. It did not feel cold but it felt rather refreshing and at least I was having some fresh air. My body and my face did not feel the cold and it felt like a healing energy and I asked Cynthia if I was right and she told me that I was. I had looked down and we were hovering some land, woods as well as flowers, there were other birds, insects and I could see as I had excellent eyesight. We could even see Dolphins swimming in the waters and even polar bears and whales, penguins and also sea lions as well as other animals. There were other Pegasus flying with other Angels and this was so fascinating and it was a wonderful enchanting journey. Jozhua and I loved every moment of this journey, and it was therapeutic and we were all smiling away. We were so relieved of the stress and pain. It was lovely and it was also freedom from everyday life. It was a fantastic experience which I will remember as it was wonderful to be on the back of a Pegasus, and I have to admit it was tiring too. I started to feel very tired as it was energy travel and indeed it was well worth every moment. Each journey I take is an energy travel and that is why I rest better and relax too. It was peaceful and quiet also which I found as nice as sometimes it can be hectic at home having two autistic sons. I have to admit that I have accomplished a lot on these journeys and done so much and see a lot that people have not seen on earth, besides Cynthia and me. I could see there were meadows and also there was a place for us to land upon as there were water and flowers, etc. It was so beautiful here with the mountains that were so high as if they were touching the sky, flowers and grass were so green and healthy. Everything looked healthy and a life and their beauty shone. The scenery was untouched by man and therefore, the spectacular views were literally out of this world. The air smelt so fresh and it was clean air.

We had landed and we had to say our goodbyes to the Pegasus and also thank them for letting us ride them. Jozhua and I both walked along the meadow and Cynthia enquired if we were walking barefooted? We were and we were one with nature. The meadow had lovely flowers, insects, animals too and we walked hand in hand like young lovers would do. We are so very happy and contented, with that Jozhua gave me a kiss on the cheek. We were nearing the lagoon where the dolphins were waiting. They were there waiting for us and they chatted and smiled at us too. As I was talking to Cynthia someone was playing with my hair and it was one of my Angels. We entered the waters and mounted the Dolphins and they knew where they were taking us. We can breathe underwater and they were taking inside a cavern and it was different again. This cavern looked a little darker than the other ones, there was a little light shining and it was cone shade lighting. In fact, it was a portal of some kind and it started to brighten up and the whole place became brighter and it was like if someone had put a light on, and to look at it the place was quite big. I then notice a man near what seemed to be a portal and he waved to me and Cynthia confirmed that it was a portal. The man waved to us to go along to him and he was really nice and humble too. We went to him and he told us that we were going through a portal for a treat. Jozhua was very excited by this as he loves to travel to unknown places. I had to ask Cynthia why I kept getting astral travel and she told me that it was astral travel which was energy travel. Astral travel is an Earth name for it. We were very excited by this and Gabriel was going to join us on the other side. I said to Cynthia that it was very exciting and it just seemed like you see on stargazing, it was very thrilling. As we were going through the portal I felt the energy on my face. It was exciting and it was real too.

On the other side, we came through and there were woodlands and waters, mountains as well as other things too. There was a log cabin and it was beautiful too. We started walking up to the cabin and we notice that Gabriel was there smiling away and then I notice a man next to him and he was a little smaller. I was walking up to him and he looked really familiar. Then I looked into his eyes and realised that it was my son, Daniel who is on earth with me. He was Daniel’s originator, Rufus and he was just as handsome as he is now but his face was not the same, but yet it was. He gave me the same sort of look as he does when he is teasing me. His face morphed and this is how I knew it was him. I suddenly saw a door open here in my room at home. However, it had a meaning to it and the Angels were opening a door of knowledge for me and wisdom. The portal travel had given me a headache and I was assured that it was only temporary and that it would pass. I looked at Daniel’s originator and he was just as cute and as handsome. My headache started to improve and I was pleased about that. Daniel’s originator was very pleased that I had come on earth with him as he has had a few rotten lives and that I came on earth to protect him, as he asked me to do this. He said I needed to be firmer with Daniel and I was too soft with him, which I have to admit I am. He was also pleased that Daniel and I were doing Angel Sessions with Cynthia. He was pleased that we were doing them and that we will be able to help Cynthia. Apparently, he had a few rotten lives and that is why he wanted me to come to earth with him to help him and protect him. I have been his guardian angel. He has been abused and suffered awful too. He said he was pleased that it was his last time on earth and he always thought the song, ‘I want to get out of this place, get out of this human race’ was appropriate. He was pleased that I had made his life so much happier. He was now going to show me something very special and he was stepping on a side and it looked like a crystal flower and there was a rainbow too going into an arch. I also saw something else and it was a tunnel of rainbows and crystals. There was a fountain of knowledge and it was a very large one, and the Angels followed me and the scenery was beautiful and the humming vibrations of the crystal were in the tunnel of rainbows and it felt so lovely as well as special. I was honoured by Rufus, Daniel’s originator for being here with me and it was a comfort. He smiled at me and so did Gabriel as well as Jozhua. We all walked down the tunnel and the energy was fantastic. It was so incredible and we were coming to the end of it and I could see a fountain of crystals which were literally out of this world. It was rather large and it was like an arch and I could go into it and it flowed on to my head and I felt that it would help me more. It was a fountain of knowledge and I am more connected with the Angels now more than ever before, and that I would understand them a lot more. I alone stepped into the fountain and I was told it was going to be all right, and I was going to be enlightened. The water was special and it felt thicker than the normal waters and it looked gold looking and then silver, and I also saw white flashes, as well as gold ones. I was one with the planet once more and I felt so happy that I was there as I was one with everything on the planet. There was the knowledge that was given, also love and enchantment as well as peace which was very important. I felt that I would be all right in every way possible. I know that I will be very knowledgeable and also very wise as well and I was already on my way. I also knew that I would be dedicated to our Angels and also seek out my friend, Gabriel’s advice and also have help with readings and also I would have advice from the Angels as well as Cynthia. I also know that I would tell people of my experience and dedication too and this would help people to understand a great deal more than they do. I knew that my psychic visions and abilities would grow and that Cynthia and \I would work together side by side and we would help people to find their way.

I have noticed that things come in songs from our dear Angels and those they help you remember and they do it this way to help me understand more and more. I was still in the fountain and I found myself washing my hair with knowledge and with that I relaxed for a while in the water of knowledge. It felt so gentle and serene. After this part of the session, I was going to go and swim with the dolphins and I should be able to relax and sleep for the night. This was an exciting session and it was a long one too. So I had healed and it was so lovely and calming for me as well as peaceful. Jozhua had healing done with me as he feels all I am feeling and he goes through all the emotions too. When the healing session was done Jozhua and I flew to a different location where we were to swim with the dolphins. We flew over some land and we took the fast route to the lagoon where the Dolphins were waiting. Before we left I said my goodbyes to Rufus and he gave me a hug and a kiss and said thank you again for coming to earth with him. With that, we went on the fast route to the lagoon. Sure enough out dear friends, the Dolphins were waiting for us, chatting and smiling and they were so very pleased we had come. I looked around and it was a very beautiful serene peaceful place where I was happy to be as it reminded me of the unspoilt areas of Tibet. When we entered the waters I notice instantly that the waters were different, and how well I have to say it was thicker than normal water and it was like mineral water with a sparkle about it and it was most exciting too and it bubbled too. It reminded me of a Jacuzzi which I have never been in and it tickled and it was very relaxing too. It relaxed the whole body and it helped my weary pains that I had been experiencing. Jozhua and I loved the whole experience as we are both smiling. He had enjoyed the journey as much as me and I had noticed how my hair felt softer and I poured the mineral waters into my ears as they needed healing. We swam with the Dolphins and we also floated around the waters chatting away. Mer-Angels had popped up and they must have been husband and wife, we swam with them as they wanted to show us something. We were going deep into the waters and we were entering a busy cabin, and there was a lot of Mer-Angels and it was a place where you went to pick up your crystals and took them home with you. We were going up to a man and he said that the crystals chose us and I walked up to where the crystals were held. I closed my eyes and wondered what crystals were going to choose me and they all brightened up but I notice one more than the others. It was a purple crystal and it was like a big wand and it was going to talk to me. It was going to help me with my intuition and help me open up more and have a lot more confidence in myself. Jozhua walked up to the crystals and the one that shone more was a green one for healing and also to stop jealousy, as well as helping in other ways. The green crystal was for Jozhua himself. By this time I was absolutely shattered and it was time for my sleep. We were taken by our Dolphins and we came out of the cavern but I did thank everyone before I left. I thanked the Dolphins when we reached our destination. Gabriel and Jozhua were taking me home the fast way and I was so grateful to everyone that had helped me on this wonderful journey. I had waved to the Dolphins and they said we would be back.

The Amethyst crystal was a crystal of intuitiveness and it was going to help me. I came home and Jozhua was going to stay with me like he always does and he sleeps at the side of me each night. Each journey is spectacular and it’s wonderful as I am seeing more and more now than I ever did before. The Angels have developed my channelling and it has come a long way. I have been doing this sort of thing off and on since July 2009. Cynthia and I try to do this sort of session each night before I go to sleep and I still receive healing while I am asleep. The Angels are working closely and also working with me all the time for which I am grateful for as I love every moment of these sessions.

By Cindy Poulson