The Elders, page 5

I thought I would continue to write about “The Elders”.   The Elders keep in the background and are very private indeed.  The Elders are ageless and outrank the Archangels.  You have to admit God did need help with all the galaxies thoroughout the Universe and he cannot do it alone either.  

The Elder, L’teriaz knows my father who is a spiritual Elder just like L’teriaz.  My father reccommended me to write about the Elders and to show mankind that they exist throughout the Universe just as much as Angels.  The Elders are here to protect you just as much as the Angels do.  Its just they have more authority and judgement as they know what to do with Killers and Murderers too.  The give everyone a chance, it is upto mankind to choose which path they want, Good or Bad.

I never knew that the Elders existed until now and was rather shocked too.  For a very long time I have been having dreams of being in a crystal cave, and was taught how to conduct healing, which I find fascinating as well as interesting. For a while I had joined the Spiritual Church for a while and now I am an Angel Channeler and apparently I am a gifted Medium too so I am told by many.  I am a very deaf person, as my illness is making me completely deaf.  I have been chosen to write about the Elders.

Our Elders have been here since before mankind was even thought of.  I have to tell you that some of us will come back as a man or a woman to see what it is like to be both.  However, if a man disrepect a woman in any way he will be sent back to learn a lessonfrom it.  I, myself has never been a man and has been a woman all of this time.  This is my last time on earth.

The world is changing for the better and I feel from ‘L’teriaz’, that life is going to be more spiritual, kindness and healing as well as being kinder to each other and animals as well as love.  There are so many earth Angels who are making a big difference in the world.  I feel that we are warriors of the future, past and present.  Elder L’teriaz, tells me as I am writing this what to put.  They are so wonderful, inspiring and so very wise too.  They have lovely sense of humours and you can have a wonderful conversation with them.  The are like mankind in different hights weight etc.  

Everyone in heaven and on earth has a task in life.  The Elders have long since been our mystical, magical leaders of everyone.  I am happy to tell you that they are here just like the Angels to teach us what matters on earth or any other planet.  I can assure you that the Elders will analyse our lives and teach us all what we need to learn in the next life.

I am going to tell you a little bit about my family.  I have three wonderful grown up children.  My daughter is a superb young lady as she does so much for me cleaning cooking and painting as well as DIY.  My son Daniel loves to clean and even cook once in a while he even takes out our dog too.  My severely autistic son Luke does well and he makes masks for me to take pictures of him and he also sings too.  My son in law runs around and takes me to the doctors and hospital as well as picking up my prescrition.  I have been very ill for some years and forgotten a lot.  I am slowly improving as well doing my best.  My family mean so much to me and so does my friendship too.

Love and hugs, Cindy xxxxxx

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