The Elders, page 6.

The Elder, L’teriaz has been very patient with me and I have to say that I am grateful for this.  I was rather gullable for some people and others not for some reason.  I suppose that means I am human.  With the Elder, L’teriaz being my mentor that means that I have to work extra harder as I use to have Cynthia as my mentor.  I am very grateful for this chance and I do hope that I will make them proud of me.  I know there is a long road a head of me with working on the Elders, as I know there are things that I do not know of.  I have been on a lot of Angel sessions with Cynthia and so therefore, I know quite a bit what goes on other planets and the heavens too.  There is no such thing as seven heavens at all. 

I have been around a lot of planets and a lot of beings to know that I have lived a good life in all of them, well most of them.  I know I am not going to be born again as I have too much to do up there.  Nearly all Angels like to sing and I am one of them.  When I was very young I wanted to be a nun and I would have loved it as I would have prayed to God and Jesus as well as the Angels all the time.  I sing now in my own way, however, my voice is not so good now.  What I am trying to tell you that you can believe what you want to as God, Angels will always be there for you, except if you are evil.  Like I said in my last epsoide of the Elders that it is upto you to decide what path you lead whether if its Good or Evil.

My life was difficult with people as I was so different from the others.  I never got on with anyone at all.  I tired my best but I never really got on with folk until the deaf school where I met Sarah, she was a good friend to me and we did so much together as I always had to ask for reassurance from her and she was a very good friend to the family, with out Sarah I do not know if I could have survived going to that deaf school.  My wonderful teacher, Mrs Sundram.  She was an Angel herself and I loved her to bits, so did the rest of the class.  The rest of the class did have their moments but we were children.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

There are places we do not know of it yet but we will one day.  I have to say that being one of the chosen ones does have its moments.  Iam not self doubting as much as I use to thank goodness.  My parents were the best and I do not know what I would have done without them and I know that I am proud to be their daughter.  God bless them.  They were both in the war.  They were wonderful.  My ex-husband was a good husband and his parents were wonderful as well.  I have three absolutely fabulous children that are now grown up and still living with me.  I have my daughter, Ruth who works in IT work, very intelligent and has commonsense.  She is very good to me and so is her almost husband.  My sons, Daniel and Luke have autism and learning difficulties.  They are great and Danny has the job of working the dishwasher and other things like hoovering and polishing etc.  He does a very good job.  My youngest, Luke does well he sings and tells me stories.  I am very proud of them all and I love them dearly.  I have met Daniel a few times before and Luke once before, and Ruth I have not met her in a different life time.  My ex-husband and I had met a few times before as well.  This time around was not meant to be.

Its funny how I know and I am correct too.  Cynthia has told me and I already know.  As I grow closer to my mentor, L’teriaz I feel that I am more psychic than I realise.  I am very tempermental at the moment and I do not mean to be.  I know I am growing stronger each day and hopefully one day I will be as psychic as Cynthia.  I know I have always wanted to write and I use to write stories about outer planets and was writing a book and I do not know where it went really which was a shame as I really thought I could write.  I had written plays and got them turned down.  I wrote poetry and attended a group too.  Here I am now writing about the Elders which I find absolutely remarkable and I am so please I have been chosen at last.

Love and hugs Cindy xxxxxx

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