The Elders, page 7.

When I was talking about miracles I can also say an Angel saved my son from flying like batman out of the window when he was 4 years old. My son, Luke suffers from severe autism and severe learning difficulties too. I feel that my life has been full of sadness and miracles combined.  Life has been so tough for my family and I.  Not everyone in my family knew what I went through.  Anyhow, I am lucky as I have my children.  Well they are not children but they are grown ups now bless them. 

Elder L’teriaz is so please to have gotten through to help people understand him and the others too  I have had mixed reviews on this topic that I have written and I assure you I am not making it up.  I am proud to be the one to tell you how it all works.  Like I said they are in the background keeping an eye on things.  They are here to protect all planets and beings on each one.  The Angels are here to protect and love you unconditionally.  I feel that I am honest enough to tell you how life is for them and for us.  Cynthia Silk, is the person to tell you about the Arch – Angels and I am the one that will tell you about the Elders.

Angels are so beautiful and so serene, the Elders are mixed aged and they are there to help anyone and everyone.  They walk hand in hand with the Angels thank heavens as they do need help.  Elder L’teriaz well he is middle aged and he is now my mentor and Arch-Angel David helps with the readings and they are both wonderful.  Elder L’teriaz helps me write this and I have to say I have no knowledge of what I am about to write.  I have always been like this and when I was little I thought Aliens were Angels coming to protect us.  Its funny what you dream of when you are an innocent child.  I am happy though to tell you that there are Archangels, Elders and aliens as well as God and his son, Jesus. 

Please read everything that I have written as I am a honest person and I speak what on my mind and I have to say I really do not mean to hurt people’s feelings.  I am sure people have done the same as me.  All I do is take care of whom I talk to.  Elder L’teriaz will help me to realise what they do, why they have not been talked about and why do they keep in the back ground.  I have to say I was rather slow when I was little and I hated being like that I wanted to do more with my life and now I am doing and I do have a lot more friends now.  I have taught myself a lot and I have to say my ex husband helped me in so many ways.  I am now with my children, they are grown up and they have helped me too for which I am grateful for.  Cynthia Silk has helped me also thank heavens.  I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Love Cindy xxxxxxxx

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