Animals that have passed over the rainbow.

Hello everyone, Ithought I would do a piece on your animals that have passed away. One of my friends gave me an idea to write about them as they are important too. They live in our lives for several years, they bring comfort to you unconditionally love also. They also brought joy too, and very protective.

However, and whatever they were whether they were cat, dog, horse, gerbils, hamsters etc. They loved you and you loved the animal, that brought you love which people need and so do animals. My daughter has a snake and that snake looks on her for comfort and love as well as food. Every being on the planet loves food, lol.

When an animal pass over the crossway. They will come back to you and you will know its them by the smell, how they brushed pass you, how they will try and make noises to let you know that they are there for you and that they love you unconditionally like the Angels and Elders do too. Just talk to them like they were there and they do understand a lot more than you think. Once they are in heaven they will remember you and want to come back for a visit. They talk to you when you are in heaven and they love you. If they could they would talk now to you, however, its a miracle of heaven that they can do this. Some times, when you feel that they are there thank them for coming to see you and you will feel a cool delicate breeze next to you. I hope I have answered some questions. Oh and you do occasionally have an Angel dog or cat, horse etc. At the moment, I have an Angel dog called, Casper he is so bubbly in his personality and he has brought joy to the family, bless him.

Love Cindy xxxxx

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