The Elders, page 10

I have a group dedicated to the Angels and there are beautiful pictures with wonderful people looking at them.  I am hoping that more and more people will understand what I am writing about.  I need people to think about what I am writing too as now that people are believing Angels more and more, the Elders thought it was time for them to tell people about them.  The Elders are good and they are the ones that have the last say, they work for God and Jesus too. 

We the people are evolving all the time and we have decided to go with the Angels, God and Jesus too.  There are so many good people but sometimes they let it go to their heads and they realise what they have done.  Angels are written by many and to tell you the truth I wish to tell you that Cynthia works directly with the Angels and I am not easily persuaded by people to believe inn what they believe.  I have to warn you though now that ouija boards are widely used and they have conjured up demons from different dimensions.  There is no hell but there are dimensions and they are scary to telll you the truth.  There have been possessions and with the help of the  Angels and the Elders they have won but some times they cannot always win which is even more scarier. 

Men have been monsters and a few are still monsters.  Dear God has been on our side as they have given other humans the brains to capture them.  Life has been hard from when time began and we are learning with each century to make sure that our world will be a better place.  Right now we need to save the planet and all the beings on it including mammals, animals etc.  We must work together and this is what I am trying to tell you.  The Elders work with the Angels, God and Jesus to make it a much better world for our children and their children.  It is time that we humans started remembering that this is our home and we must do a lot of things to protect it and we must together work as fast as we can.  Our Angels and Elders are helping in their way too.

I hope I will see over earth when I go home to Jozhua and my children.  There is so much for me to do up in heaven and I will be there and here too.  I have lived a quite a few lives and you would be surprise too.  I was seriously thinking of becoming a nun to serve God and I have chosen a different path and I love it.  I was so naive when I was young and learnt the hard way.  People are hard to get a long with and I was heart broken a few times and they got to know I was a virgin and oh my goodness I did not realise what young ladies were talking about, and I felt such a shame and they had a good time teasing me and people can be really really cruel.  Young children were cruel too with me they ripped my hearing aid box and the wires to my ear pieces.  The teachers were cruel and so were the children.  I am still naive in some ways now and I have had my heart broken several times by people.  I am hoping the Elder will help me to overcome that. 

Love Cindy xxxxxxx

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