The Elders, page 9

My mentor, L’teriaz is a wonderful and he has chosen me to write this and Cynthia Silk, to help me too.  The Elders have so much to do you would be amaze at what they have to do.  I am now more contented to be writing with the Elder L’teriaz, as we are getting closer every time we write together.  He tell me the things I do not know of and what I do know.  I am part of him and now he is part of me.  We work together as a team and I never know what I am going to write about until I write it. 

There are myths and legends of what the Angels should look like and really honestly they are people of a higher being than us that is all and they are contented, loving, wonderful and extremely understanding.  There are men and women like on earth and other planets too.  I have seen quit a few of them on my travels and they are all beautiful and so loving too.  A dear friend of mine asked if there were an Angel of death, I knew the answer to it straight away and said nothing as I had to double check about it to my other wonderful friend, Cynthia and she had written about it too.  All Angels give love, protection, care and a wonderful feeling that you can feel and you have those feelings of peace and harmony too.  There is no Angel of death thank heavens as I think I would be afraid myself, no idea why.

I am here to help people realise that there are more in heaven and earth than they thought.  I know in my heart that people will think I am ridiculous what I am saying, however, I know this is true what I say about the Angels and now the Elders too.  I have seen ghosts, Angels and my relatives too and now my Elder, L’teriaz.  I have made mistakes and I said some thing wrong but I am only human and I am learning all the time.  Even when I am sleeping I am learning as they send me to classes all the time to different ones. There is a lot about different ways to do healing as they do on earth and other planets too.  I am happy to tell everyone there folk will live longer and some of the aches and pains will be cured or managed well.  People all over the world will be helped as well as the rich and poor. 

Writing about this is a form of healing for me and I am getting stronger each time I write.  There will be still evil in the world and I have to say the good are getting stronger themselves.I hope one day there will be no more evil in the world, but there will as it will lurk in one or two of us.  Its upto us to be good and kind as well as considerate too.  Every Angel and Elder has a  great sense of humour, and thank goodness we can say that as humans can have a wonderful sense of humour too.  I have met a few people with no sense of humour and not even a smile – I found it quite strange really.  Any how lets hope the more we smile, laugh and giggle that God will definitely smile upon us.

love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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