Animal Magic

I have loved animals from being so small. We have had all sorts of animals such as kittens, dogs, and birds as well as tortoises. I seem to have a great rapport with animals of all kind. I am a kind person with animals and I will look after them if I can. When father’s allotment got broke into one of the female ducks had died and and the chickens were flustered too. There were two little ducklings were hatching and they were beautiful I looked after one over night. They thought I was their mother. I use to feed them and look after them. We had a bassette hound called, Penny and she was adorable. We had to give the ducks away as they were in our back garden and I cried. I wonder what happened to them and they were females if you were wondering. I had a lovely canary and he use to sing on his perch to Mario Lanza and fell off when he was singing. He would get back on it and sing again.

All through my life I came across animals of all kinds and I love every minute of it. I have had animals following me home. I went to a place that Luke was in for 2 years and there was a cat that no one could catch and he sat on my lap. Then I went on holiday to Chester and we went to the Zoo there. There was a butterfly section under a very warm tent and there were other people there in the tent as it was a big one and all of the butterflies landed on me. They had to be chased away so that they would not come out of the tent. Then we had passed Sealions and they were following me until they could not anymore they were talking in their own language, bless them. I have had rescued dogs all my life and I have had 2 female cats who were both strays, which I found strange. I love all animals.

By Cindy Poulson

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