The Elders (continued). page3.

Hello again, I thought I would continue to write about, The Elders. I write these episodes of the Elders honestly and truthfully and then maybe one day people will understand about them. I feel in my heart and soul that I am writing about this correctly. I have been told by several people that my psychic abilities have become a lot stronger. I have to say that my emotions are all over the place.

The Elders are an important part of our lives. You have to know this as they will help you through thick and thin of our lives. Even if you do not believe in God they are there and they believe in you. Each individual person is important. Without you they would not understand Mankind at all. Mankind is important for those who are fighting against cruelty humanity and animals alike. I have found friends who are spiritual, psychic and wonderful people. So far no jealousy thank heavens. My life has been rescued by my children and friends thank heavens.

The Elders have long since recued so many people and on other planets also. It has been published in the UK they 50 new planets have been discovered, wow! One of these days we will be literally talking to Aliens in Space and on Earth. They will be put on the television and life will be so different. Cars will be built better also bigger in style too. Mankind is developing all the time. Science is always one or two steps ahead of us. Our technology will be more advanced. People will understand each other better and will evolve too. There will be still some cruelty but it will be stamped out.

Life will be easier too such as housework as they will make machines much more faster and dry almost instantly. Mankind will be stronger and they will live longer too. In time the weather will be more temperate and not as extreme as it is now. There will be less disabled people and some illnesses will be cured thank heavens. I have two sons with autism and in time there will be a cure for it. There will be no more people living on the streets.

The Elders are making this life more enjoyable not just for us but for animals too. They are showing the world that it can be a better place to live in. Remember the Elders and Archangels are here to help you. Those who have mediumship abilities will have a much better idea of what the connection is all about.

There are more people that are awakening mostly Mediums, Healers, Angel Channelers too. We should be proud of ourselves as life will be more peaceful. We will learn to respect each other. However, we must work at it to prove this to each other that we can trust and love one another. We must realise that we can forgive our fellow man and send them love. I know it will be hard believe you me I know more than others do.

I feel that my mentor, Elder L’teriaz is very important and extremely wise . My life has become much more peaceful and steady since he has come into my life. People need to meditate as much as possible and it will bring them closer to their higher being meaning, the Elders, Archangels and of course God, his son, Jesus. Whatever your beliefs are I am sure you will have a belief that is suited to you. We are all here for a task to be fulfilled and it does not have to be spiritual at all. I was discovered on a site by Cynthia Silk and we have been very good friends since 2009 which is a long time. I am grateful for her help since then and I thank the Archangels David and Kam, and my Elder L’teriaz too. I have come a long way and spiritually I love what I do as I have always been different. I have been specially chosen for this task in hand and so has Cynthia with the Archangels. I just needed to be guided in the correct direction by Cynthia and my Elder.

Love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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