From my ghostly past

ghostly old woman in a houseFrom my past ghosts have been around my family all my life.  I remember like if it was yesterday.  I was married once to a man that was the love of my life and my hero.  I did not realise until 30 years down the line that he would leave me for another woman.  My heart was broken into bits and I was shocked and did not realise he did not love me anymore.  Our 3rd house in a place called Featherstone, West Yorkshire.  The house is no longer there.  It was a cold house and I have to say we stayed there for 7 years.  It was 1987 and there was a hurricane and my husband at the time was laying down a carpet in the living room while I was in the dining room watching the storm and the dog we had called sam was under my chair terrified.  Anyhow, I was pregnant with my daughter and the next day I was in hospital as I was poorly with toxaemia and needed to rest.  I felt un easy in that house and I should have known it was haunted.
After 3 weeks in bed and my daughter coming premature I came out of hospital.  I had a lot of sleepless nights and my ex-husband’s mother whom I loved gave me advice about feeding the baby as she was so hungry all the time every two hours she needed feeding.  I started to have a good night’s sleep as my ex-husband went to work.  He did not earn very much.  I did not go to work as no one wanted a deaf person to work for them and I tried in vain to work.  I started seeing things move and I took no notice at first.  I was so busy with the baby and I was tired all the time doing the washing drying and hovering as well as going to see mother and father, as well as shopping and cooking.  I did my best for the family and I was fit and well or so I thought.  I use to see my sister in law as I got on well with her.  I started to rest a little and had some me time.
The sounds of the house started to make it known to me that it was a live.  Doors slamming and crockery been broken – cups and plates.  Funny sounds too.  I thought oh blimey its haunted.  I told my ex-husband who was a believer in ghosts, spirits or entities.  It got that bad with the cupboard doors being slammed that he tied it with strong string being wound around the handles and keeping the crockery inside also.  It gave up thank goodness.  The baby – my daughter did not like being alone in the rooms on her own.  When she was a sleep I would wash up and dry up and – she gave a all mighty scream to let me know she was a wake.  I realise it was haunted by an old woman as my ex-husband and I saw her walk a long the landing – yikes.  She use to thump on the ceiling and on the walls.  She really made our lives living hell.  We did not have much money it was sad really as we did not get a good start in life.
I started getting poorly and I got that I could not walk for long.  I walked every where I use to walk four miles per day.  I was poorly after having my daughter but I had fallen and hit my head on the road as it was slippy through the ice as it was in December when I had my daughter.  Anyhow, I had  not seen my ex-husband for 3 years properly as he got jobs where it was paying better.  Poor lad worked and I just looked after my daughter and cooked dinners etc and clean the house.  We did not have much at all.  Lady next door use to have our Ruth for a hour while I lit the fire and hovered etc.  I saw my ex-husband and I was pregnant with my next child who was a boy.  I was heavier with him I had toxaemia again and was in hospital.   I was never well.  I loved my ex-husband dearly and I missed him always.  Anyhow he was heavier and all my children were beautiful.  My next door neighbour loved the children.  She was a brilliant neighbour and I have to say I have been blessed with neighbours where ever I have been.  He was an easier baby to feed and change etc.  My daughter was 3 years old then, there were three years and three days between them.  I was thankful for my ex-husband as well as my children.  I love them all dearly.  I then realise the ghost was upsetting the children by starring at them which was a horrible thing to do.  Again I was busy, my poor mother in law died and she was a kind hearted lady with a great sense of humour and stuck up for her husband and children.  We had a very sad year.  I was fighting for DLA at the time and it was the same day that I went for an assessment.  I felt so guilty.
!8 months later, I had another son and he was lovely too.  He was hard to feel also.  I had a feeling there was something wrong with my son and I realise then we needed for him to see some one.  The children got put into the next bedroom except the youngest, he was in our room.  The children woke up screaming one night saying there was a nasty lady looking at them.  So, therefore I put the children in my room with the ex-husband and slept in their room.  After a few hours she came and visited me and I was shocked and asked for my angels to get rid of her and also to cleanse the house.  I asked for Angel Michael to help me.  However, I did not do very well at it as she came again and again.  I asked each day to move and asked each day for us to be happier and no ghosts in the next house.  I said it every day.  The ghost scared the children again.  We had to see a specialist for our youngest son and we found out that he had severe autism and severe learning difficulties.  So screamed and shouted at her and told her if we moved she was not going to follow us as they can do.  I told her not to scare the children.  It worked thank goodness. She was quiet for some time and I knew she was not gone but as long as she did not scare anyone I was no bothered and that she did not break any of my glasses and crockery too, or banged cupboard doors and the other doors, or turned on the washer and dryer.  She was annoying.
Anyhow, we got a nice house with a toilet down stairs We were very happy and I even went out to the pubs which was lovely.  I also was happy to find that I could sit in the back garden with roses and daises too.  Everything was so easy.  We did have difficulties with the neighbours, however, we did have some good times. It was a long living room so we had the Christmas tree at one end of the room and the dinning room table at the other end.  It was fantastic and I had a lot of cupboards too.  I found it increasingly hard to prepare dinners and ovens too.  We also found out that our middle child who is a boy has moderate autism and moderate learning difficulties too.   My father died in 1997 and it was tough on the family as well as my mother in law.  Loved them both so very much indeed and I loved my ex-husband and children too.  I was trying to drive, I think I would have made a very good driver too.  I tried my best in so many different ways.  My ex-husband came from a big family and there were always different parties going on.  I felt happier at this house and it was a shame that we moved, however, my health got worse unfortunately.  We got to move to a village not far away into a new bungalow which was beautiful, however, yet again it was haunted.  I still live there with the children.  We have had a lot of tough years and I found out that I have fibromyalgia, sjogren’s syndrome, arthritis, hernia, Raynaud’s syndrome and asthma too as well as being partially deaf.  So I had a lot of illnesses and my ex-husband had blood pressure, bad  arthritis. I do my best to look after the boys and I hope to God I can help them as long as I live and be  a good mother.
That is another story from my past and present.  I have been in the bungalow for 20 years this August 2017.  There is never a dull moment in our home, lol.
Cindy Poulson.

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