I have to admit my Angel Channeling has grown stronger over the past few months and even more so in January 2010.  I was proud of the fact my developments had improved and my dedication to Cynthia, my mentor and also the Angels too.  I have written these journals to help people learn from these and also to understand a lot better about Angels and Angel Channeling.  Also to learn that the Angels are human and they have houses, jobs, marriages and divorces as well as children.  I have been aware of the Angels for several months now and I am happy today that I have increased knowledge of the highest order.  Their wisdom and their unconditional love pull us through the day and they are not recognised by some people and they help us no matter what faith we believe in, or if we do not have a religion.  They help us each day and support us also and I feel we need to thank them for all what they do for us and also for their generosity.

I am certainly most pleased that I have started these Angel Sessions with Cynthia and I shall indeed help other to understand them.  I have not had the best education but I know that Angel Gabriel my Angel Channelled has helped me to write these journals and I would not know what to do without him.  He is supportive and kind also.  He has a lovely smile and lovely eyes too.  He will tickle the back of my neck or hold my hands, and he plays with my hair also.  Gabriel has been adorable and I am pleased that he is my Angel Channeled.

Cynthia blesses her is so helpful towards me and I really am pleased that we have become close friends.  Cynthia enjoys doing Angel Sessions with people and I am very lucky indeed.  Cynthia suggested we did another Angel Session to the Red Planet.  Cynthia told me to start the journey with Angel Gabriel.  I could see us hovering over the hazy red planet, to begin with, and we had landed gently on the planet.  Then flying further down it has mountains that so are high they nearly reach the sky with the waters, and grass as well as the flowers and animals.  The Angels were waiting at the futuristic hovercraft which was a wonderful technology.  We sat down on the seats and we travelled over to the land.  I had a look around and everything was unspoilt and very spiritual.  We were nearing the land and the man and two ladies were waving and smiling and it was lovely to see them again.  I could see they had my gown waiting for me.  We had landed and I put on my gowns and we were walking and I was happy to spend some time here when I go home to Jozhua and my children.  I love the marine life and also my friends the Dolphins too.  I wanted to know the names of the man and two ladies to thank them for their kindness.  Cynthia thought this was nice of me and I kept getting the name ‘Gerra’with an accent and apparently I was correct with the name, and this was the male.  I was flabbergasted by it and was so very pleased indeed.  Cynthia asked if I could get the names and I could hear the names, ‘Herra’ with an accent and Sierra with an accent.  I had not got names before and so I was over the moon by this.  The Angels were pleased that I had heard their names.

Continuing with the journey, I was not taken straight to the dolphins this time as they had shown me a cavern which was a healing room and it looked blue.  So I named it the Blue Healing Room.  It looked like blue saline watercolour and I was seated and I was given another tall drink and I could smell the fresh salt water.  It was lovely and the tall drink refreshed me too. When I had finished the drink. I was then told to go into the waters for 30 minutes and relax and it would help with the pains and aches. So I relaxed for half an hour.

After coming out of the waters, I felt refreshed and my aches had gone and I was just feeling a bit of pain in my hips.  My pain level had reduced from 7 to 3 on the scale.  This was good news and I was pleased so was Cynthia.  I have to say for the next level of this Angel session it was very different.  I felt different as I felt if I was floating and there was someone with me and he was a man and he was an Elder as well as a Healer.  He was tall and he had knowledge and wisdom too.  He was helping me to become stress-free, also I needed I needed to try and keep it to the minimum.  I knew this man and he asked me to trust him and he was pulling my hands and I could feel them being tucked gently.  The healer was very kind and sweet and I kept hearing the name Sierra with an accent and I did well but got it slightly wrong, ‘Naira’ which was going and I did wonderfully so Cynthia told me.  I needed to be calmer do not get too involved emotionally and just listen and help but do not get too emotional.  Do not listen to tempers flaring and ignore them rather than get upset.  Naira was a Counsellor too and he was showing me pictures of the lancet and to keep this in mind when I get upset and plus I would be going to this planet when I come home.  My time was not yet up but he said I would come back.  He also said I had so much to do on this planet, Earth.  He had said that he was pleased I was helping Cynthia through this sensitive time.  He also said that this planet was made for our Angels from different realms because all of them had made this planet, what it is today.  They had so much today and done a lot already.  There are plenty of projects to choose from.

I then started to hear all sorts of music all of a sudden and Cynthia inquired, what sort of music.  I had two pieces of music in my ears and one was a piano playing away and the other futuristic rock music.  The music meant something and our Angels like all sort of music to listen to and the love to dance to it too.  All Angels are different and people will realize it one day.  Angels inspire people and I think I was told to listen to music as I enjoy it even though I am partially deaf.  Naira started to relax me and I felt tired.  He looked at me and helped me to relax more and also just keep resting. He looked at me with his blue/green eyes and I was becoming more telepathically aware and connected too with him.  I was feeling rather anticipated by him and it felt strange and I felt if I was being pulled into his mind psychically, my face and body began to tingly as something was happening.  I felt a little panicky and he was floating forward and he was relaxing me and I felt sleepy and he was calling me again.  I realised there was someone else who had appeared in the room and there was a bright white light on my right side.  It was so bright I was closing my eyes as it hurt them a little. I was even shielding my face although I was peeking at who it was.  I could see a face and then the person was making me go forward to them and she was beautiful and she was smiling a lovely smile and I discovered it was ‘Aria’, she was very powerful and very nice too at the same time.  She held out her hands and I walked towards her and I gave Aria a hug and I was happy to see her again.  Aria had thanked me and it was lovely and all of a sudden, there was an echo bouncing around the room and it gave me a headache. At that point, I had a headache and Cynthia told me it would pass.  Aria was a beautiful Angel with a wonderful soul.  Aria told me that she will always be with me and guiding me through this life until I go home.

Naira was looking on and smiling and I was looking at myself and I was slimmer and my hair was long and curly too.  I began to look around and it was a wonderful place and Aria is such a gifted lady.  I had to tell Gabriel to turn down the music as it was far too loud and I could not stand it anymore.  The music was still there but it had calmed down thank heavens.  In Aria’s aura, there was white, silver and gold.

Apparently, Cynthia and I will become closer and we will end each other sentence’s and read each other’s thoughts.  It’s already happening now.  The Angels are so impressed with me and my dedication too and they said I have become quicker in my Angelic Channeling and I also kept hearing organ music and this is a mystery as no on knows what it means and maybe later on it will be revealed.  Some else came to me and it was Zain he is tall and handsome too.  I was surrounded by powerful Angels and I felt their energies and there was a circle of colours too.  I knew I was going to be healed as there was so much energy around me and there was allot to take in at the time.  My face was being touched and they were all smiling at me and reassuring me too.  They did not want me to be in pain anymore as the felt sorry for me as I had been in so much pain.  They told me to close my eyes and they said they were going to do their magic, which I found funny and they have such a lovely sense of humour too.  The healing was going to last 30 minutes again and I was looking forward to it too.  So that is what I did was rest while they helped me with my pain.

The 30 minutes had passed and Cynthia alerted me as I nearly nodded off to sleep and she asked me how I was?  I was feeling relaxed and more tired.  This was good news as I did not sleep very well at all.  I was so pleased that this was happening as I knew I would get a good night’s sleep.  I was going to swim with the Dolphins and I was pleased about that as I loved swimming with them and Cynthia knew I did.  Apparently, the Dolphins love me too.

Aria joined me on my journey with the Dolphins. I was please Aria was coming with me swimming with the Dolphins.  I said goodbye and thank you to Neyrra and Zain was coming with me too.  First, a new adventure with the dolphins and I had noticed there were two new dolphins and there was something different about them.  The dolphins were smiling and chatting away and they were so but too and they were slightly pink.  I knew somehow they were going to show us something different and it was going to be exciting too.  Zain, Aria and I mounted the Dolphins and we followed the Pink Dolphins and they went a different way and also they went deep into the waters.  We went under what seemed like a bridge and there was a pink look about the waters and it looked rather strange too.  It had a pink hazy look about it and there were mer-angels and things looked different pink crystals and there was a glow about it everywhere and it was surreal and I found there were new marine life and bubbles and spheres too.  It was fantastic and everything looked from a different world, it looked futuristic and looked like a new world, not any we have met before.  We had not seen these beings before and I had to describe them to Cynthia and there were from a different realm outside ours and they had come so far away, light years away.  They loved coming here in their spacecraft and some had stayed and others had come and gone.  Everything and everyone got on so well and this was the place to be.  The new marine world which they had created some had two mouths and more legs, to which I was describing the marine life here.  They were like our creatures of the deep but not.  Not all of them were pink; there were rainbow colours but not deep colours.  Like if they had been painted lightly.  There was a blue what type mammal and it was so much bigger than ours and it was very beautiful and the coral was truly out of this world.  Very gentle creature and aw so very serene and even the mer-angels were too.  They share a lot of wisdom with us and they seem to also share their knowledge and love.  This planet was a ‘Sanctuary’ for all Angels from all around the entire Universe.

I was asked if I was still underwater, we had come up and I then notice something gold in the distance and it glowed.  We were attracted to it and Cynthia enquired what I thought it was and we got closer to it and I had a bit of trouble making out what it was.  It was an energy and I finally realized it was an energy that glowed gold.  It was very powerful and it was like a healing energy and I wanted to touch it and I felt that it could help me psychically and I had to ask Aria what it meant.  This golden glow helped me to connect with the Angels better and Cynthia was so pleased that I could explain myself better about the golden glow.  I was being asked by my dear little friends that I could touch it and that it would not hurt me.  I felt it and it was going up my arm, into my body and mind and it was helping me.  Cynthia asked me how it felt and I told her that it tingled and that it vibrated throughout my body and mind. Cynthia had explained that energy does normally tingly and my hair even felt it too.  It is good for healing and funnily enough I kept getting a song, ‘Who Are You’, by the Queen, and I told Cynthia this and of course, being my mentor, she asked.” Who Are You”?  I am Angel Lucinda, and I am An Angel.  Cynthia, god bless her said Yes Cindy you are an Angel.  I felt weepy and I said I was more special than I thought and I had not realised it.  Cynthia agreed with me and I said I had to be more confident and assertive and that I would share my knowledge and wisdom as well with all Angels.  I can talk to Angels now and I could easily hear their names better than I have ever thought.  For some reason my Angelic Channeling has skipped ahead a bit, somehow I knew this.  I had asked Cynthia if this was right and Cynthia confirmed this and said that I was dedicated to the Angel Channeling and my journals quickly, and I felt honoured.  I thanked the angels and Cynthia too.

This cavern was so beautiful and it was so surreal like Cynthia said and there was a beautiful spiritual sight and there were crystals, spheres and also energies.  The energies were very powerful and very special and some more than others and were calmer here.  There is beauty beyond, what we could imagine and they would take me places and where beauty and love is. They had come to share their knowledge, wisdom and we learn from each other and also it was a wonderful feeling of being complete.  There was a glow around the cavern and sparkling of crystal energy and it was a powerful energy and it provides the life for the creatures and it was the main power source.  The Dolphins smiling and chatting away and Aria, as well as Zain, think they are adorable.  They talk to each other as well as us.  We were going to swim with them again even when the waters looked clear they were still pink in colour. Cynthia wanted to know what I saw and the marine life was glorious and the spheres too.  There was a spacecraft under the waters and we knocked at the door to get into it and we could go into the spacecraft.  I was pleased to experience this as I was the first Angel to do this Angelic session with Cynthia.  The door opened and it looked different and it was narrow to enter, and it opened wide and there were Angels inside the craft.  They were busy going about their businesses and there was marine life in behind big glasses.  We walked further and there were more rooms too.  The people were smaller and somehow they dressed informal clothes and they were small Angels.  They were special and they were lovely.  In fact, as I got closer to them they did not look like people and they looked like little Est., as they were so cute.  They were a very different looking species and I was the first to see them and they did not talk, but it was all telepathically.  Things started to float to them, such as pencils, etc.  They showed their abilities openly and some of them were coming up to me and their appearances were that they did not have much hair and when I looked closer they had none at all.  They had an adorable smile that was wide, and they had little noses and big eyes.  The colour of their skins was orange/pink like their outfit and they had no white in their eyes.  Their little suites matched their skins. They were adorable and very chatty as they talked really quickly and they wanted to show me something as they were pleased I was there.  I could not understand their speech, but miraculously I sort of understood them.   Zain, Aria and I went with them and we were into a big room and there was energy in the middle of the room.  There were people coming through the energy and I had to ask for an interpreter as I could not understand my new friends.  The people that were coming through it, is like if they had stepped into the red planet.

This energy was a source of a device and it helped to run the ship and also it that our beings were from other lancets that came through the portal.  They came from other dimensions and this portal was very stable and it is looked after our friends who are called the Shrarrh people, (with no accent).  I did have a go at spelling it and I got Sherrarr.  Nearly got it but hey at least I had a go.  I then was shown the Sheyyyra Portal and it was named after the person who made it and who created it.  I was going through the portal and Gabriel came with me this time to which I was grateful and I felt the energy brushing my face and I just stepped into a new world just like earth but it was beautiful and full of life.  There were creatures and they looked prehistoric and it was like a world that time forgot, but then they did not look like prehistoric creatures they looked like if they came from a different planet. They lived all together peacefully and the planet was unspoilt and I notice none of them ate each other.  I was apparently on the same planet but in another dimension.  They were gentle creatures and the people were there also and they were just as kind and gentle too. It was glorious and I was so lucky to be here and there were creatures I not seen before and there are sceneries that you could die for like Vietnam unspoilt places and spiritual, everything and everyone was one.  The trees, planet life, mountains and lakes were beautiful and there seemed to be energies forms too and there were crystals, but they were large and they were glowing away.  The waters were healing waters.  This journey was nothing like I imagined and it was so calming and beautiful.  Oh, it was a whole new world and it was exciting and you had to be there to appreciate it and I do and I will always treasure this journey.

Cynthia asked if I wanted to go home as it was so very late and it was about 2.20 am in the morning.  Gabriel kindly brought me home the fast way and I always feel dizzy when he brings me home the fast way.  I have to say that this journey was spectacular.  I had thanked everyone that had made my journey possible and I was as grateful for this as it meant a lot to me.  I am thanking everyone that took part in the journey and for my new little friends too.

Love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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