I thought I would start on another journal and tell you of the

Different ones that I have experienced during the months that I have met Cynthia and our dear Angels. I am certainly pleased that I have met Cynthia and the lads as we call the ‘Angels’. The adventures were just beginning and this is another one of them. I never know what is going to happen on any of the journeys that I take.

Here is the beginning of this adventure. As usual, I am always intrigued by the whole situation and I always want to know what is going to happen or what has happened. I am told this is good and this is how Cynthia had learnt from our dear lad, who I have come to love and treasure. I am certainly pleased to find that I am now belonging to a world of wonder and mystery. It is a mystery to many people but I am sure as they enter these Angel sessions they will begin to understand what its like to meet our dear Angels.

This journey was different again to the other one. Here is the beginning of the adventure that will unfold and keep you intrigued every minute of the story. As usual, I was in bed and waiting for the instructions for my dear friend, Cynthia to give me and for the images from Angel Vincent.

The images were sent to me by Vincent and I could hear music and it was a flute that was played in the distance. I had heard the music before and I could see the fields of beauty and it was like a valley of some sort and there were hardly any clouds in the sky. It was a beautiful sunny day and I could see for miles. There was some kind of lake in the distance and long grass and flowers too. I had looked around and said it looked like England. I had long dark hair with green eyes and was slim too. As I was walking down the hill, there was someone there and I could make out that he was a man and he was smiling and waiting for me to come down the hill. He had a nice white shirt and black trousers and was smiling away but I could not see his face properly at first. We started walking together and I tried to figure out who this man was and I have to admit I was not sure at first and then I discovered he was my intended as he was going to be my husband, and this man was hurt as a child and had a scare on his face. He had loved me since I was a child but I did not love him which was a shame as he would have made a great husband. I had felt sorry for him and I felt a little guilty too. We had walked into the valley and there was a man with a flute playing and I was torn between them as the man with the flute had loved me too. The men had not liked each other and I was so pleased as two men wanted me and I had never had it in this lifetime at all. I then discovered that I had another admirer, I was no surprise.

I was admired by three men in the village and I was so pleased by this and wanted who the third one was. I was loved by the older man with the scar who loved me and the man with the flute who had no money. The third man had land and he loved me too. I was surprised that I had 3 admirers and that they loved me so much. There was gossip in the village and I was wondering what who I ended up with and then I could see a marriage in a church and I had married the man with the land and he had worked very hard to provide for us, and I realised that as it was England it was the southern part and after a few guesses I discovered it was Somerset and I had a boy and a girl. One of them is my son today, Luke. The man I had married is the man that I have ended up marrying for 30 years and divorce him today. This life was taken in the 17th century and I am happy to say I had experienced this lifetime with the man I am married to now. I have had twelve lives with my ex-husband. It had come to the end of the past life of mine and I have to say I was most intrigued by it and I was so happy too as I can share it with you.

Best wishes, Cindy Poulson.

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