The Old man that dwells in the house.

Since I was a child I have live and seen ghosts of all kind.  There is an old man that haunts this house and he looks around the corner of the doorway from the living room.  Its very haunted I have tried sage and prayers and I still cannot ask it to leave, however, I have asked my Angels to protect the children and I from the Ghost that dwells in the living room.  We have heard footsteps and tops of come off the jars, he has been seen by the neighbour across the road in the living room.  AS the children and I are in the hallway and bedrooms, either watching telly or on computers.  I have told him that this is my home now and they are not to bother us in any way.

He is stocky built and rather chubby with flap cap and he has an old style jumper with a coat and he wears dark trousers as well as dark shoes.  He has white hair, his eyes are black and he has a white face and his lips are black now and then.  He also has a normal looking face which I have seen and Daniel has seen the old man with the white face and black eyes as well as lips.    He use to stared at the window of the bedroom of the boy’s, however,  Daniel told him to go away and leave them a lone.  He looks around at the living room doorway looking at us. He has sat on a computer chair in the hallway and swirled it around.  One day I had cleaned up and was about to do the polishing of the furniture and the stereo came to life and it lit up and the case came out to play cd for music and my ex husband turned to me and said it wants us to play music.  Then another day my ex-husband had this small television which was a radio too.  It turned on and my daughter, Ruth screamed as it was playing music as well.  My ex husband just giggled and threw away the small tv.

My sister in law, sensed him one day when we were trimming up for the Christmas holidays.  I took a picture of my daughter, Ruth and there were orbs around her and there were a lot of them. Ruth was having a shower one day and she came running out in a towel and asked who had been in the bathroom.  Apparently, the shower curtain got hurled up in the air.  She went back into the bathroom and had a shower and quickly came out.  It upset her quite a bit.   My youngest son, the second one has severe autism and severe learning difficulties he does not like him at all. He makes our Luke scream which is not great as he gets very upset.  So we try and calm him down, by comforting him and telling the ghost to go away and leave us a lone.

The old man use to live here as there were terrace houses at one stage. He does not like the idea of the family being here and that we take no notice of him really.  Daniel is the 1st son and he has autism as well as moderate learning difficulties.  He is also a collector of ghosts as well.  Some ghosts just come in and look around and walk out.  Some ghost stay and others go.  The house is getting slowly crowded again and I am going to have to ask them to leave as this is my home and I need it back.  I probably going to get some holy water from the church and I can get some from E bay.

I will certainly write more about my life with ghosts, spirit guides and of course Angels.  My life with the other side has made me more understanding about life here and over there.  Life over there is a lot more calmer and happier as well as the technology is so much better than we have it.  Life over there has no violence and no mean words to say anymore.  The flowers are bigger and the fragrance is wonderful too.  There is much more to say and a lot of mediums will agree with me.


By Cindy Poulson

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