The Purple Healing Planet

I was tired and a little stressed out. So Cynthia suggested me having a angelic session to alleviate the stress that I have.  The lads as I call the Angels came forward.  Archangel Kam and Michael.  They were taking me on a fast route to a planet.  I never know where they are going to take me until I actually on the journey.  I was asked by Cynthia where they were taking me.  They told me to a healing planet which is an unusual one.  I was particularly achy and when I was on the route I discovered a Purple planet.   Beautiful colour purple shining with a mysterious mist over it.  There is a big energy around the planet and its humming quite loudly too.  Our hands were held because of the energy.  I felt rather shaky and Kam and Michael had to hold me down as it was a rather powerful place.

The people looked purple and they were called the ser’rar people.  They are special very special indeed and i am honoured.   The Angels have requested this for me to get my health in order and my mental health.   I was being approached by the senior Ser’rar’s person to escort me to the healing room.  Oh wow the amethysts are large and powerful.  The building was small on the outside but very large on the outside.  It was so amazing and wonderful to look at. The name of the person was De’rror and I was so please to have healing on the planet.  He wore a lavender gown that glowed with a sash around his waist.  The humming is so loud in this room it nearly gives you a head ache but he has given me a drink to stop it.  Wow it is truly amazing.  I was to lay down while the crystal heals me for 30 minutes.  I was laid on the bed with the echo of the humming while it heals my body.   I see flowers, yes just over in the corner to brighten the corner up and they are of healing powers too.  The flowers are so much bigger here than on earth and the aroma is beautiful too.  I was told to keep quiet as the healing process needs to be done.

My healing was over and it did not seem 30 minutes.  I got up and thanked the people of this beautiful planet.  I felt a little easier and the pain had numbed.  I was grateful for their generous help.  Michael and Kam are ready to take you home with a quick stop as they want to show you something beautiful.  We held hands to fly out of the planet as the humming and energy was so strong.

We manage to fly out of the planet and we headed to another planet which I was please about.  Very futuristic and planes fly without noise there is no pollution there is no smoking anymore.  People are braver and happier.  People socialise nicer than ever before, people are kind and considerate and intelligent too.  The children help each other and there are no arguments either.  I was told that this would happen to our planet in a few thousand years and it will happen.  I could still hear the humming of the crystals in my ears.  Everything was white and silver as it was really beautiful.  Flowers grew so big and the aroma was fantastic.  I returned home as Kam and Michael took me and they were perfect gentlemen.  I thanked Cynthia and the lads.  I slept soundly that night which I was grateful for.

By Cindy Poulson


Welcome to my Blog!

Hello there,  I thought I should talk about myself.  I grew up with ghosts and I was completely deaf when I was 6 months old and could not speak or hear until I was 7 years of age.  I started to predict things, both of my parents were psychic also.  So I was into all sorts of paranormal or ways of telling fortunes.  My mother could read anyone’s palm.  She told my brother, Christopher his palms and said he should have been dead.  He went back to Libya and we do not know the full story about how he died.  It upset both my parents and the rest of us very much indeed.  Then there were several other deaths in the family that I predicted.   I was told when my sister would die and also my parents

I was thirteen years of age when I started to tell fortunes by reading tea leaves, palmistry, tarot cards and playing cards as well.  I was very accurate with my readings and I was told how gifted I was at such a tender age.  I am also clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant.  I see the spirits who talk to me and give me messages for their loved ones.  They show me a moving picture. If you have ever seen a silent movie, that will give you an idea of what I am shown.  I also went to a spiritualist church for a few years which helped me evolve as a medium.

From then on I have started teaching and helping people to develop in to amazing mediums, by teaching them ways that they can comprehend.  Each person is different.  I have done hands on healing too and that is extremely wonderful too, connecting with angels and spirit guides.  I love it when people love to learn new ways of developing their skills.

A few years ago I started connecting with my Angels which has really changed my life.  I see them, I hear them and I am blessed to have experienced many metaphysical journeys with them.

While I have acquired a wealth of experience I am always looking for new ways to develop my abilities.

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