My son, Daniel and I – our joint Adventure.

I was really happy that Daniel had been asked to do an Angel session with Cynthia, the Angels and I.  It was lovely as we were the first ones to do this joint effort with Cynthia and the Angels, whom I call ‘the lads’.  I was intrigued to find out what was going to happen next.  It was a great adventure and I am so pleased that we have been chosen to do this.

Daniel was enthusiastic and as soon as Cynthia said that Angel Vincent was sending images, he was already seeing things.  We began to see them together too which was remarkable.  Cynthia had hoped that it would work and I had told her to have confidence as this was the first time that two of us were doing the sesame session at the same time.  As I said that Daniel saw an image of a person and the city.  It was an old man on top of the balcony and he was overseeing the city.  Daniel said that the old man was in charge of the city and Cynthia confirmed that this was correct.  We could also see what we could describe as an alien bird.

I was seeing the outside of the planet and looking into it and Daniel said it was night time and there were a moon and lights in the city.  I was seeing the same amazing place too and there was in the horizon a river and the old man came to Daniel and he had a cape on and had got a stick and it was taller than him, and he was pointing towards the city.  Daniel was drawn to the man who had a mask on and he also said that the city looked peaceful and the people looked primitive species.  They were primitive and they were very at ease with each other and we were going into the city to look around.  There were a lot of people gathering and there was a light of some sort in the middle of the city and it looked like a fire but it was special.  Daniel was seeing this with me and confirmed it as I told Cynthia.  Vincent agreed and we carried on telling Cynthia how fascinating this place was.  The fire seemed to be alive and we were both saying the same thing at the same time.  It was moving and it was a life too.  The fire was changing shape and it was turning into creatures, similar to dragons and mystical creatures.  I was an energy of some sort.  It also changed colours too, pink, green, blues and oranges and Cynthia confirmed that they were energy animals.  People were rejoicing and it was a ceremony of some kind and the people were hypnotized by its beauty.  The old man came along and he is very important and he was an elder the man that made decisions and he told us to rejoice with them and to join in.  Daniel at first could not hear and he began to start hearing what was being said.  The elder had said we could go through the big double doors and there were steps and I felt rather small compared to the very large doors. Before entering any building I always asked if I could go in and they stopped Daniel and I told the people that Daniel could go with me.  Daniel did not walk with me as he went elsewhere with someone and he went on top of the balcony with the elder and he was looking down at the centre of the building where I was.  Daniel was being talked to by the elder who took a great interest in him.

I, myself found that I was walking in the centre of the building up to the platform and the ceiling was so high and now Daniel was going to the platform in the higher part of the building.  It was the enormous part of the building and it had a crystal into his middle of it.  Everything seemed to be

made of crystal and there was marble too as the floor and pillars were.  I felt very honoured as well and important and felt that I could learn a great deal and Cynthia confirmed that I would do.  Daniel was looking at a microphone and then it looked at a flower and we could hear music in the background and Daniel was hearing the music and singing too.  Cynthia asked if I had recognised the song and Daniel said that it was sad. I seem to know the song from somewhere else, and I was pleased to hear it again, now the music sounded like rock music and then it was not we thought about it for a moment, the music sounded like Tibetan monk music and it was a special ceremony place where they honoured people.  It was a haunting melody and Daniel decided to touch the microphone.  Daniels started to look at his long nails which were a couple of inches and had very long fingers also and Daniel described what he was wearing, and as he was about to talk into the microphone and Daniel wore some kind of special ritual rope which was yellow in colour.  Daniel also had bracelets on both wrists and he was very tall and had a longish head and he was an ET.  Daniel looked at me and I was the female virgin of him.

The old man wanted him to say a few words into the microphone and I was in the centre of the room.  Daniel welcomed everyone and said a name which he could not pronounce or me for that matter.  We both have a speech impediment.  Cynthia asked Angel Vincent, and the ritual was called ‘Senonza’.  He welcomes those people who lived on the planet and those who did not, and let us get the ‘Senonza’ going and let the people rejoice and eat the food and drink and dance with joy.  The energy was glowing all sorts of different colures and we were fascinated with it and we kept putting our hands into the energy.  Cynthia had asked how it felt and I could not really describe it as I felt the energy was wonderful.  I started to describe ourselves and we were quite tall and wise and we were here to help others understand the wisdom and knowledge.  Daniel meanwhile had been looking at himself and he was tall and blondish/white hair with no eyebrows and Cynthia asked how tall we were and I said we were 8ft 6 inches tall and I was a little shorter with being a female.  Daniel was playing with the energy and Daniel could feel the vibrations and it felt moist and also felt good to him and he felt happier and he had touched the middle of the energy and it made a noise and changed into different colours, and the people looked at him when he did it.  Daniel thought he should not have done it and then said it was his planet and he was happy and felt contented there too and he said it felt like home to him.  Cynthia confirmed that the planet was his home and Daniel was no surprise at all.

There was a table with food on and I have to admit they did not look nice, but the people like it.  Daniel had a diamond shaped plate and Cynthia wanted us to try the food as she said we might like it, so we did.  The food looked like chicken and keep the head on it was part of the ritual and I was told to eat some by the people as it would do me well.  Cynthia confirmed this and said that I would benefit from the protein and they said to me the people that I did not eat enough which I wondered how they knew.  The meat was spicy a den we discovered then we had a white tongue, healthy looking.  We also looked at the dishes and realized that there was fruit and it was like grapes but with bumps on and we both ate them and they were really nice and they were lemons orange is what I can describe and the colours again were lovely, and I have to say it was very nice and there were lots of minerals too and the water was lovely also to drink.  There was a crystal type fruit and it was rather deceitful and when we tasted it, it was rather nice and had fluids in it and they were lovely.  Daniel really enjoyed the fruit and it was very soft and very nice tasting.

The elder came to us and we had to go into the garden and we saw a beautiful water fountain.  We looked up at the moon and next to it was a star.  The moon’s name was Zefza and the star was very significant and the star was called, Lefza.  Daniel surprised me again by saying that is where we had come from and Cynthia confirmed he was correct and now Cynthia asked why the star was so special.  Daniel meanwhile, had given me a glowing crystal to take home with me and Daniel was still drinking the fruit and Cynthia was intrigued by Daniel’s knowledge of the star and also gave names of 5 planets and he said that the start was important to the planet and the energy inside of it too, everything seems to sparkle too.  Daniel said he had children and he was correct about that and the star as it was full of energy.  There is the star was something in the middle of it, as there was some sort of energy in the middle of it and it glowed mostly white and it was very important again to the planet and the people as it kept the planet a life.  The people had their own language.  Daniel spoke about another planet and Cynthia asked if we wanted to go there as it was not far away and so off we went.

Our surroundings were changing and it was made out of crystals and the mountains were made of crystals also and everything glowed all different colours.  There were babies on this planet and I was given a baby.  The planet what I can describe is some out of a Superman movie the crystals caves and we could see one of them growing.  Cynthia reminded me of the baby and Daniel could see the baby and he picked the baby up and gave it to me, and the baby was a new, had gold rings with crystals on them and I loved the baby and the baby is mine one.  The baby was beautiful and looked very human too but different ethnicity and now Daniel has asked me to go to town and it was so peaceful and various was the word I was looking for.  It was so beautiful and there had not been a war for several thousand of years.  IT was wonderful that the planet had peace for so long and we were in the middle of the crystallised city and it was so beautiful I cannot really describe the words; meanwhile I was still holding the baby.  We were still walking around and I saw someone and smiled at him and gave him the baby and he was my husband at the time and the baby knew him well and was happy and giggling.  I gave him the baby to hold as I did this Daniel and I looked up to the sky and it looked like the northern lights with all the crystals shining in the sky and it was so beautiful, there was no pollution bad it was so clean and clear and we had been kind to this planet and we had made the planet and Angel Vincent had confirmed this with Cynthia.  We were making it safe and clean and it was man made.

We were walking around and we are not important on this crystal planet and there are no crimes and nothing but goodness on the planet. Everyone was equal on this planet.  We walked along and we saw a Blue Angel statue which was crystallised and it was a fountain again and it was beautiful too.  I put my hand in the water and it was a crystallised fountain too as well as the statue. This fountain was a healing fountain and Cynthia said we both may bathe in it and we did.  We bathed our faces in it an also it felt tingly and we felt so nice and warm in it also. Daniel felt a little shy at first and we had to reassure him that is was ok to bathe and the layers down in the waters and he closed his eyes and Cynthia said it would help both of us and so we spent our time in it and went swam.  It felt soft and warm and it felt like a bed but more comfortable and Daniel completely emerge into the water and he felt lonely.  We were to spend time in it and Daniel was approached by a man and was more interested in Daniel than I which I was so pleased about, he was in charge of the healing fountain.  Daniel felt full of life and this man who was talking to Daniel was talking to him and he was important too.  The man had told Daniel that the water was important to him and it was a healing fountain.  This fountain would help to heal Daniel of his ailments.  The man wanted to take charge of the healing for us both and he was kind and caring and the healing fountain was so lovely and powerful too.  Daniel was soaking in the fountain and he had long hair and so did I and we both started to feel better.  The healing waters made me a little tired and it would help me to relax too.  I was told by Cynthia that the healing waters would help me sleep that night as it and Daniel had gone tired also.  Daniel needed to relax too.  We both needed the sleep for the energy to work its magic on us.  I looked at Daniel on the planet and he had yellow eyes and he looked human but not.

We were taken home by Angels Michael and Gabriel, we returned home and Daniel as so eager to draw what he had seen.  This was the first time that a joint visual had taken place and Daniel was the second person to do this Angel Session with Cynthia.

By Cindy Poulson

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