3d-abstract_hdwallpaper_angels-fairies_35188I have always been interested in the supernatural in one way or another. I was born under rather unusual circumstances. My mother was uneasy in our home that we rented in Germany, there was my brother, Christopher and my sister, Elaine, Tracy was four years old and she saw in this house a ghost of an old man with a grey suit. She also convinced of dolls walking on her bed towards her. My mother was cleaning up and she just lifted a rug up to tidy it up, my mother was heavily pregnant with my twin and I. Under the rug was a pentagram she was horrified. She got a bucket and water and started to scrub it. She scrubbed really hard and she started to have pains. My mother dragged herself up and got to her bed and she felt some pop on her bed and then pop off. She did not know what. She lost my twin and I was born, 5lbs born. I became ill and after 6 months of age, I was totally deaf. I had several operations in my ears. I started to hear at the age of 7 years and my sister, Tracy whom was little herself taught me how to speak.

My husband whom I married was no stranger to ghost himself as they had a ghost which spoke to at the age of 5 years when he was sleeping. He and I both know that we have met before in previous lives. he was also very psychic indeed. We got married and we did not have much at all in money or anything. We had three children, our eldest was a girl and we named her, Ruth. We also had two sons and we later found out that they had autism. We worked well with them and we also worked hard too. I was ill and I tried my best to them all. My life was really interesting as you may know our lives change every 9 years, we have had a hard life. I started to go on a site, to which I met Cynthia Silk a very good Angel Channeler. This was four years ago and I have done well as I use to do clairvoyant readings before. I see and feel images. I speak with the dead and the angels. I have to say Angel Gabriel has got gorgeous eyes, Kam is the teaser and Michael is the quiet one, plus Vincent is too. Mind you we have all had our giggly moments. I call them the lads. They rather like it ad also it wonderful to be able to speak with them sees them and hears them. My family are mostly dead but I do talk with them and it is a comfort being able to speak to them.

Meditating and also angel sessions too. People try too hard and also I just let it come to me. Doing Angel sessions over the internet is remarkable as we first did it 4 years ago. I was rather rusty, to begin with, and I really did not know what I was leading myself into. Anyhow, I have to say the Angels (lads) are wonderful and very patient too. They have a wonderful sense of humour and they will help me too. I was too hard on myself at times and I am the first person to do this sort of session. They are now more noticeable than ever as our worlds will be one. People will be able to speak to their loved ones themselves soon, as this is the age of mankind. When I have been in these sessions I have flown the long way and seen planets and they are so beautiful. I have seen planets being built. It is everlasting peace, contentment and also immortal as well as happiness. I have done readings since I was a child and succeed in helping people. I am pleased that people have been pleased with what they have heard. I hear the Angel singing and they celebrate things as well and they work and even work away from home for years. They are all beautiful and very caring also. I fly with the unicorn and swim with the dolphins. It is so easy to talk with them. I have seen my past and I have seen the presence as well as almost seeing the future. Angels are here to help us in our next cycle as I said this is the age of mankind and we shall go into space, technology will be astounding and we will see more than we should. From now on it will be exciting and the Angels cannot wait for mankind to realise that they can do more than they first thought.

By Cindy Pouson.

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