As per usual, I am always fascinated by What Cynthia and the Angels have in store for me. I take each adventure with great expectation and I love every moment of it. Each journal that I write, Angel Gabriel helps me to correct them and to remind me of what happened too. I love doing these Angel sessions with Cynthia and ‘the lads’.

Cynthia said that Vincent sent me an image and here is what I was getting. I saw beautiful mountains and I described the scene as it unfolded before my eyes. There was a blue sky with fluffy white clouds and it was not of this time era. It felt lovely and warm the weather and I was walking along and I could see birds flying and saw the waters and it was a lake, I think. It was lovely clean air and I thought there was no sign of life, but I was wrong and I saw someone. I saw a deer and I could also see in the distance a puma or lion and I saw other animals too and bees and wolves as well. They were very friendly, there are butterflies all different colours and everything is so friendly to each other. I then saw a building in sight and there was a small village and there was smoke coming out of the chimney. There were people looking at me and I know them somehow and they were not of this time era. It was the depression time and I would have loved those dresses in those days to wear. I had blonde hair and it was winter and I had a lovely blue dress on and a coat as it was cold. I am off to a dance and they are dancing and jiving. I really like the jiving and wow we were not allowed any liquor but we sneak it in cups. I had a boyfriend and said he was a cutie. I do not really talk like this. We were dancing the night away and it was great and I am now getting into a black car. Cynthia asked where I was and I knew I was in America but did not know which state I was in and took a couple of guesses and in the end, I chose California.

We drove up and we went walking and I saw the buildings were beautiful and I stepped forward in time and it was the 1970’s and I was correct this time as I sometimes try too hard. I described what people were wearing and the fashion in the 1970’s. Bushed out hair and shirts were with big collars and cuffs on the men as it was the fashion in those days. I walked through the city centre and there were high buildings and it’s all very noises and there is a lot of traffic on the roads. I am still in America and there is a big event planned and I was going to watch it. I was still in Los Angeles and Cynthia asked what I was wearing and I wore something lovely and a nice dress and it had big shoulders and it was long and I had high heels and I also wore lipstick too. I thought I was a prom Queen or something and Cynthia reassured me that this was a significant event and it was not a prom queen as it was something much grander. It became more exciting and I was being asked to go on stage and wow this was really thrilling and there was a lot going on and music and lots of people. There were people shouting to me and they were so happy for me also and I found it puzzling as people were holding their hands out to me too for me to shake and they wanted me to sing. I felt very honoured by it all and there was a big band or orchestra and there was someone important on the stage and I am smiling and acknowledging them. There is a man that I know and he was very well known and he was famous and so was I. He has a moustache and had dark hair also and he was very nice and jolly too. Cynthia kept asking who the man could be and I saw that he had lovely white teeth and his face was hazy and I could not make it out, he had a black suit on and white shirt with a black tie. He was very kind to me and a lovely smile and of course, he was a gentleman.

An important Announcement was about to be made and I, of course, kept making a few guesses but I failed to say who he was. IT was an award ceremony and I was getting an award and wow everyone is cheering me and clapping and oh my goodness everyone was happy. I am there on stage and I was thanking everyone for the award saying that I was the best singer of the year award. I have smiled and thanked them and I had still not guessed who I was. I was in a lovely long blue dress and it shined and I put on red lipstick in the mirror trying to see who I was and oh I was so exasperated by it all. I was a famous singer and I could not guess who I was. I was trying too hard and I had long very curly hair and it was reddish too. Oh, I was really trying but I tried too hard and that is why I did not guess who it was for a while and Angel Vincent would not tell me and I was rather annoyed at him but not too angry just exasperated. It was frustrating as I knew the famous singer but yet I could not say her name. I thanked everyone for the award and then there was a stretch limousine outside waiting for me. I saw stars like John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John and I entered the limousine. It was a lovely surprise and there was a male friend in the car waiting for me and he was not a husband but a good friend as there was no romantic link. I gave him a kiss and we drove off to a swanky restaurant and it was lovely. I was still guessing who it was, and I did not guess correctly.

We had arrived at the restaurant and there were a lot of celebrities there and I could recognise some of them like Franks Sinatra and Dean Martin. They got up to greet me and to kiss me on my cheek as they congratulated me on my award and I was so, please. There was Sammy Davis Jr too and wow it was the ‘rat pack’ guys and Dean Martin, Deano was drinking as per usual and smoking too. I thought they were great when they were all alive. I was greeted by many people and famous female singers came up to me like Dolly patron and Marie Osmond, etc. I finally guess who I was and I was Tammy Lynette. There was Whitney Houston and also the Supremes and I felt really wonderful being a celebrity and also meeting allot of them. I even saw Gladys Knights and I do not really remember people’s names but this day I did. I drank cocktails and I had a sit-down meal and when I was sitting down everyone clapped me and I was happy and merry and it was absolutely wonderful to be someone famous.

I sat down for the meal and I described what I had for dinner, prawn cocktail for starters and I had fresh vegetables and steak and a few fries as well as a chocolate pudding with cream at the side of the dish. I could actually taste it and I had wine to go with the meal. And I felt rather tipsy too and we walked steadily to the limo and did I get drunk no but I had a wonderful time. I felt so full after the meal and did not put on ounce on. I was so honoured that I stepped into the shoes of Tammy Wynette and I thanked Cynthia and Vincent for helping me do this wonderful experience. It was a wonderful experience for one hour and Cynthia and ‘the lads’ thought I did well. I had said to Cynthia it was a good job I was partially deaf as the people did scream and wow it was great to being there in her shoes, bless her.

Cynthia said I would sleep that night and I have to admit I was not surprised and I was not finished yet and told her that I had arrived at a big house. There were lights on and I was no longer Tammy Wynette. There were a lot of rooms and this house had moved forward in time and I asked if I could go in through the big doors. It had a big entrance like a foyer and it was all shiny and clean and there was a room on the right-hand side and Cynthia asked if I had seen someone and they appeared. There were two rooms to the left side of the house and I had a man waiting for me and I was smiling at him and he had cooked me something which was lovely. The house was big and it was so modern too and it was not England at all but somewhere else. It was a very expensive house. I had a cup of tea and something to eat and it was a nice dinner and this time fish was the main course. I had soup for starters, then I had strawberries and cream for dessert and it was really nice.

Apparently, this was my future I was seeing and the house was like a mansion. I was wearing trousers and a top and they were easy clothes as I call them. It was a very relaxing home and I was pleased that this happened as we were watching telly and it was nice to be here as it was calming also. I got up and went to another room and it was like an office and there were several rooms like a day room and bathrooms and lots of rooms really. The bedrooms were double rooms and I felt at peace and safe too. Their grounds were beautiful and we even had ducks in the ponds. Wow, what a beautiful house and gardens. I still had the boys with me as Ruth had an 18 months baby in her arms with a tall husband.  I showed Ruth the boy’s bedrooms and how happy they were as life had really changed for me.  I had a second husband whom I married and I was very happy indeed.  He looked after me and made sure I ate and was looking after myself.  My daughter, Ruth saw that I was not married to my first husband anymore and I was with another man whom I was happy with.

I had worked hard today and Cynthia and ‘the lads’ were wonderful and I was so pleased that this has happened. Each time I do an Angel Session I feel on top of the world as my experiences are written down and I appreciate my mentor, Cynthia Silk and god bless her and ‘the lads’.

Best wishes, Cindy Poulson.

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