Psychic Children are very common now there are more and more people believing the psychic and the paranormal than ever before. Children are innocent and of course the paranormal will be attracted to them. I, myself have always been psychic and I am never surprised that anything is going to happen out of the blue. I sense things too. This is an example of what I mean to say about ‘Children who are Psychic’.

My ex-husband was psychic and so, therefore, my children are psychic as well. My daughter, always senses if something is going to happen and so does my eldest son who is the middle child.

My 3rd child suffers from autism severely and also severe learning difficulties. He barely talks, however, he will let you know how he feels. All three of them will let me know what is going to happen in the future. Daniel will not like a person and most of the time he is correct, Ruth and Luke are the same. When Luke was 5 years old the bus for the disabled came on a morning and he kept pulling his father at the other side of the road and his father pulled him back. Apparently, the bus for a change came on the other side of the road. When he was 3 and a half he somehow got out of the garden in Street house and was on his way to Normanton where we eventually moved into a bungalow for the disabled. I was always up early with the boys and Ruth too. Ian uses to go into Featherstone to get some grocers for the week, Luke was upstairs as I thought he was asleep. I had an urge to go upstairs and look in on Luke. I am glad that I did as he had opened the windows and was about to jump, I saved his life. Also, when my father had died in 1997, Luke said his name and we got a phone call to say he had died. When my sister, Tracy had died he said her name and the same with my mother. Luke sees ghost and Angels. Remeber Luke cannot hardly talk.

My son, Daniel he suffers from autism as well as learning difficulties but on a moderate form of it. He can sense if people are good or bad as well as trusting them. He can predict things as well. He sees ghosts and Angels. Daniel will dream and they come true, he will tell me of his dreams. Daniel’s psychic abilities have always helped him through his life, thank goodness. He is very good with his sister and brother. He is a wonderful artist also. Daniel always goes by his first instinct.

Ruth the eldest of them all. She has seen ghosts, sensed ghost as well as being a collector of ghosts. She has dreams that have come true such as us getting a new kitchen which I thought no way, a few days later we got a phone call talking about a new kitchen being installed the very next week. She also dreamt of me being with another man and that her father had left me. My husband has left me and now I am waiting for this man which I think I will meet this year. Ruth is very good at IT and crocheting too. She always tries and goes by her first instinct too. She always knows when her grandparents or Auntie Tracy is around.

Cindy Poulson

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