I thought I would Transitional energy projection is another controversial subject and one that is easily misunderstood. This form of energy travel is used by very few energy channelers correctly because there is currently no formal instruction available.

Transitional energy projection is whereby three guardian angels accompany a person undergoing the experience to another place in the Universe without physically leaving home. What this means in actuality is that you take a guided journey through space in energy form in order to be shown that there are in fact many different and sometimes unusual types of humans and other beings inhabiting the Universe. This kind of projection is usually conducted by our angels while we sleep. However, there is another type of projection that is conducted under special circumstances that is unique to the person experiencing it. In this instance the person is seated in a comfortable place, with their eyes wide open, while their energy field is permeated by their angels’ energies. Then a visual process begins and the person is immediately transported into space escorted by a high ranking guardian angel who immediately removes all fears of flying through space. During this journey the person experiences all the sounds and sensations of space travel but without any trepidation or anxiety. I am the first to this over the msn and my son Daniel is the second one, my other dear friends have done this and they find it so fascinating. Cynthia was chosen to help people understand what Angels do. The Angels look like us in every respect and they wear clothes like us also, after all they are advance humans.

I have conducted several of these sessions and they are without a doubt the most amazing phenomena for those who experience them! This is what happened on my venture with Cynthia A. Silk, who is a Spirit and Angel Channeler. Cynthia and I had met a few months a go on another site that was created for free readings for people. We became friends very quickly and we have become close. We just were chatting and Cynthia had told me that her Senior High Ranking Angels, Vincent, Michael and Kam said I was special and not being sure of myself and asked how I was special? .

I have now begun the TRANSITIONAL ENERGY PROJECTION adventure to tell you. Being on the other side of the world and Cynthia on the other, the internet is a wonderful piece of technology, which msn enable Cynthia and me to continue my teaching as it will help others in the long run. Cynthia had refreshed her link on the msn. I sat there waiting in anticipation for her to commence the meditation state for an image to be put into my mind. I have to say this is one of the most wonderful experiences since my children were born. Guardian Angel Michael was at my left side and I have to admit I could feel him and his Angelic coolness that I feel when they are near me, tingling on my face and also I felt as if I was being hugged and aw bless them they are so wonderful to me. I have been waiting for something special to happen in my life and now I have the opportunity to do so. I love doing these Angel sessions.

My colours are yellow which means I have the ability to hear beyond the great divide between this dimension and the second. Green means that I am a healer of the highest order and blue means that I am good at communicating and that I will be taught how to hear the Angels. With Michael being my high ranking Angel I am now pleased that I am to move forward with my Angel Channeling as well as my Spirit Channeling. I am so honoured by their presence.

Cynthia has patience with me and she was very kind all the way through the sessions that I have had with her and I have to say “Thank you my dear Cynthia”. When we were chatting she was not surprise that I knew a few things and she said now in a moment, “Vincent will put an image in my mind”, oh wow I thought will I see it and I was rather intrigue but apprehensive in case I saw the wrong thing. However, I was not and got the images correct. So after that Cynthia did this Transitional energy projection, with me and this was the most wonderful experience I ever had.

These sessions were so vivid and I was actually there. Being partially deaf does have its advantages as I have a noisy home with autistic sons. I am so honoured by my Angels and I am getting to know them more and more now. I have different feelings for each one of them. Strange as it may sound I feel so at ease with them. They have given me peace and calmness to which I am most grateful. I have to admit that I have become addicted to the Angel sessions with Cynthia A. Silk, bless her. I dedicate this to Cynthia as she has helped me in so many ways. Cynthia is my Mentor and this is why I am dedicating this journal to her.

Angel Gabriel is now helping me with my Angel Channeling, and he is also helping me write this journal. I have shared happy moments with Gabriel and he has a great sense of humour like all our Angels. I have a wonderful rapport with them and I am indeed happy that we have been able to talk to one another; I talk to Angel Gabriel like I would talk to anyone else. He hears my thoughts and he helps me when I am feeling rather depressed. I am please that I can tell you this. Our Angels are advanced human beings, and they are here to help and guide us on our earthly plane. The Angels look like you and I and they come from the ‘Angel Realms’, this planet and other parts of the Universe and they love us so much, no matter what we believe, whether we do not believe in Angels or not. You can communicate with Angels while you are meditating, talking to them as normal and also they can communicate in dreams. They will help you with your health, just ask for healing and they will provide it. Cynthia has helped me to understand a great deal and I shall indeed learn so much more as the years go by. I have known Cynthia since July, which is 6 months a go and I have changed so much since then. Angel Channeling has been so advanced and it’s the best way of communicating telepathically across the Universe. I no doubt am able to communicate with Angels, metamorphs, etc, and it is so exciting to see them and it’s great to go home too.

I have been so much better since I have been doing these Angel and I have certainly changed too. I am becoming more assertive and positive too. I have certainly notice over the years that there has been an increase of people believing Angels and I am so please about this too. I have seen several Angels and every one of them are so beautiful and so handsome too. They are human and dress like us too, they have great sense of humour and they get annoyed like us and they also get exasperated too. The Angels are here to help us and guide us like I have said and you can talk to them telepathically and also just like you would normally talk to people. I have had music in my ears and also songs too and they mean things to either a person I know or me.

The Angel sessions have helped me with my health also. I am on medication for morphine for various illnesses and it has helped me that way. I have seen Angels, loved ones and also seen metamorphs, animals that change shape and form. I have seen beauty of the planets, crystals, moons and suns as well as stars. I have seen the wonders of the Universe, and I have seen things that people would not dream of. I am indeed please that I have recruited to be an Angel Channelled to help my dear friend, Cynthia and the Angels to help to spread the word that they are here to help and they should be acknowledge for their dedication and love as well as their knowledge and wisdom. I am happy to share my Angel sessions with everyone and show you that our Angels do exist and they are here to help and guide us as well as love us. I am happy to share that with you all and it’s imperative that you know that they are here to stay. Angels do exist and they are the most important part of your life. I have learnt to understand that and I would never be with out talking to them or loving them either. I feel devoted to them as they are to me. I am at home with them and feel so supported by their love, devotion, guidance and knowledge as well as wisdom.

I am now working on my Angel Channeling and it is rewarding as I have found myself experiencing different planets and animals as well as past lives of my sister in law, singer and my own life. I am happy to show people that Angels are like you and I. I am also please that I can tell you that they have changed my life for ever and being friends with Cynthia has helped me through some pretty traumatic times. I am sure I will change even more as the years go by. I am growing confident and more assertive too. As well as knowledgeable and learning form the Angels. I have indeed begun to understand more about our Angels and how they work so hard. They have families like us and they have jobs also and can cook, bake, they have great sense of humour also and they can get annoyed and exasperated just like we do. It’s wonderful as we share so much and we are so alike.

I know it maybe confusing about the Angels but I am sure that you will begin to understand that the Angels are here out of unconditional love and they are here to guide us and protect us as much as they can. People find it so hard to communicate with their Angel as they try too hard. The only thing that you can do in this situation is not to try too hard. Being able to communicate with the Angels is the easiest thing in the world. You may meditate and you may just dream about them but I assure you that can easily talk to them like you would with a human being. You can talk to them in your mind or like you would with a person. People will realise this once they start to talk to their Angels. I love every moment of being with them and I am so please that I have been recruited by them to help Cynthia with her work.

I thank Cynthia and the Angels for everything they have done for me and I am so please that I have been chose to help many people. They have given me confident and I am so grateful for this. Cynthia has been wonderful and I really do appreciate it very much indeed.

When doing the Angel Channeling I sit at my table and wait for Angel Vincent to give me images, as he does this he tells Cynthia that I am either correct or not at seeing images, but now 8 out of 10, I am usually right. I see either planets, angels, Metamorphs animals or the stars, crystals and special drinks to help me with my ailments. Seeing all these creatures and being on Space craft is one of the most exciting experience of my life. I have written several angel sessions explaining how this has happened and what I saw on my journeys. I love doing these journeys and I am so happy that I have been chosen to help others as well as myself. I have new Angels helping me all the time. I have Emerald Angel Zain who helps me with my ailments as he is a powerful healer, and yesterday Angel William who is an Arian Angel who has been sent by my dear friend Angel Gabriel to help me a long the way. I have Angel Aria also who is a beautiful Angel, bless her.

I sit here at my table on my laptop and I do not try too hard now to see our Angels and it is so easy to see them as they are there. Angel Gabriel has beautiful eyes and a lovely smile that melts you and I am so please he is. He is a wonderful man with a great sense of humour thank heavens as he would not have chosen me to help me. He is so sweet and so patient, kind and his love is wonderful as it is unconditional love. I feel safe and very happy and also I feel that I am wanted too. Meeting my eternal father was a great experience as I first met him in a vision where he was working. He is an important man who works for the Arian Counsel and I am his favourite child. I saw he and he looked very serious of course, he had a beard, and he had a wonderful wicked cheeky smile. He always greeted me by putting his hand on my face and looking at me with adoring eyes and his lovely smile, He was so please to see me and he is helping me with my Angel Channeling and he was so please I could see him again as he had missed me. He showed me important documents with Cynthia and my name on and a few others which I could not see and I realised that Daniel my son was with me in the vision. I looked around and had realised what a big place it was as there were rooms with light on and people passing by some waved like if they recognised me. I was so please that I had met my father and I knew instantly who he was. I had told Cynthia next morning and she had told he was my eternal father.

I also met my eternal soul mate, Jozhua and I had four children with him too. I loved him so very much and felt complete. We had missed each other. He was tall and handsome and very loving too. I found out I had another eternal soul mate Jordache and he was funny and I had met him in Tibet as we had a lovely humble poor life but we were so happy together. We lived together in 1200 AD. I had the Buddhist chanting in my ears and Cynthia confirmed to me that I was seeing and hearing one of my lives’ that I was happy about. I love anything to do with Chinese Buddha’s or Chinese ornaments and now I know why. When Ii met Jordache I could not understand him as he spoke really fast and he was smiling away with me and he was wonderful and made me laugh. I loved meeting them all and I will be meeting them again soon. I will no doubt be happy to see them. I cannot explain how much I love them all as I know I was so happy to see them again and for them to help me in this life time, so I can help others.

I enjoy each session that I have with Cynthia and now I am spelling names of the Angels that heal me and I have come such a long way since July 2009. Now 8 months later I know what I see with confidence and also what I hear too. I have become more assertive and much happier in myself. I felt that I wanted to give up life at one point but now I have everything to live for.

Love Cindy Poulson xxxxxxxxxx


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