Angels have been part of my life since I can remember, and I have to say I would never have experienced the life that I do.  As I grew older my life went through humps and bumps and I always knew that there was someone there looking out for me.  I have had Archangels David, and Zain, as well as Kam and now and then Gabriel.  I call them the lads, and they giggle about it too.  I have seen them as I would see a person.  I suppose I am lucky really.  The Angels wear a white top and Jeans, they are very casual and all very good looking too.  I know they have given me strength as when I was quite poorly I could feel a gentle coolness hover over me and I felt better each day.  They brought crystals with them to enhance the procedure, and it helped immensely.

I see Archangel David a lot as he looks after the whole of the family even our Daniel as seen him.  He suffers from autism and learning difficulties.  The Angels bring me happiness and hope for the future. I am now hoping for myself and family to be able to look towards life and see what happens.  My Angels are helping me write blogs and helping me generally with life.  I will certainly, with help of the Angels improve my ill health which I am told by the Angels will take time.  However, they are now helping me write blogs about my future and about Angel sessions with Cynthia A. Silk and about me seeing Angels.  All Angels have jobs and they all help mankind to keep on the right path and also they do a lot of healing.  There are all sorts of Angels and the flowers are bigger than ones on earth and we have earth Angels who help mankind too.  The future will get better as it has to be for all our sakes.  I also see white orbs and colours in my home and that is the sign of the Angels being here.

By Cindy Poulson.

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