The Pool of Gold.

I was feeling under the weather and Cynthia suggested to me to have an Angel session to make me feel brighter.  I was going to a session with Archangel Kam and Angel Jozhua, I call him Joz.  I went the quick way to the planet and there I landed on it.  This planet is similar to the Purple planet that I visited a little while ago.  The planet draws energy from the 24 moons and the 3 suns, one of them is a large sun.  The sky was a blue/purple colour and it was beautiful.

I saw two people walking up to me and greeted me.  They are the people who are in charge of me for this session.  There are flowers that are so big and beautiful and the colours are wow gorgeous, the scent is wonderful.  It is very warm here and the glow of the suns shine down and a cool breeze every now and then makes it bearable to walk around.   The people are wearing a golden outfit like gowns with a silver belt around them.  They appear human but one thing that we do not have is golden eyes.  They have beautiful golden eyes matching their outfits.  They have emotions like humans on earth.

The people that came up to us, the man is called is De’roe and the lady’s name is Na’noe.  They directed me to a cave for the healing process and I went with Jozhua while Kam went elsewhere and he would pick us up when the time was over with the session.  Cynthia asked how Joz was?  I said he was fine but was worried for some reason.  I had to ask him what was wrong.  Apparently, he was worried about me.  We entered the cave and there is a golden pool.  It looked inviting and looked warm too.  It was a special kind of water to help with your well being.  We changed into the changing rooms in our swimsuits, into the pool of gold.  As we entered the pool we were given protein drinks to help us.  I was really pleased that Joz was here.  I asked them why they gave me a drink and they said I do not eat enough to carry on.  So, therefore, I was given a drink to help me.  They told us to relax in the pool of gold.

Cynthia asked me to describe the cave and I told them it had cushions on the walls as well as the floor, the crystals were everywhere you looked.  The insenses were smoking gently.  It was beautiful too and I really liked it here.  There was a television flat screen of course and it was showing me some personal things about my life and what is going to happen in the near future.  I also see that I will eventually write books and they will be different as they will be of different subjects.  I will also meet a man with silver hair and an accent who will be a lovely man with a very kind heart.  I do not know what he looks like and I really do not know when I will meet him as they are not letting me know.  We stayed in the pool of gold for 20 minutes and Cynthia said she would be back to prompt me as some time I have the tendency to nod off, lol.  Twenty minutes flew by and Cynthia said it was time to go.  We got dressed and I told Cynthia that we were going to another planet.

Kam came to us and we then took the fast route to another planet which was beautiful so green and lovely.  We had 2 suns and 2 moons.  It was a very large planet and it was very much like ours except ours was smaller and there is more water now than greenery.  The laws of gravity make you either tall or small or even medium.  The animals were almost the same as our like lions, deer, badgers, elephants, dogs and cats.  The people were lovely and so beautiful and handsome too.  They all had a green outfit on like a uniform and brown shoes.  They all looked lovely.  We Were greeted by some of the people who kindly took us to the healing room at this building.  I was fascinated by the carvery of the building as it has carved into the marble cupid, Angels, Unicorns and Pegasus too.  We were escorted down the hallway and the room was not far.  I felt if I was given special treatment.  I Felt that I knew these people before many times.  Anyhow, I was told to lay down for another 20 minutes and relax.  I did relax as I nodded off for a few minutes and woke up just before Cynthia came to tell me it was time.  It was time to go home and I felt less achy but I was tired.  Cynthia asked how I felt and I told her I was a little brighter.  I thanked everyone before going home.  I thanked Cynthia, Kam and Joz.

By Cindy Poulson.


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