Being Friends with Cynthia A. Silk.

I have known Cynthia Silk, who is a medium and Angel Channeler, for nine years now.  We have done well as friends and I am sure she feels this way about me.  I have been doing Angel sessions for 9 years.  At first, I could not believe what I saw as I thought I was imagining it, however, I was not.  It is wonderful when you do an angel session as you get to see what life is like beyond this planet.  I see flowers bigger than ours and they are looked after.  Their scents are so beautiful and you smell them as you are walking by.  All different scents together so lovely.  I am happy to do these sessions as you can see the artistic work they do on buildings etc.

I swim with dolphins, fly on a Pegasus and also ride on unicorns.  I have waterfall healing as well as natural pools.  I lay on beds in healing rooms full of crystals.  The crystals are so large and I hear them hum (vibrate) to me as I am being healed by them.  It is so wonderful and I am also being given drinks to make me healthy and I can taste the flavour in my mouth.  It is fascinating and wonderful too as it helps me to think clearly and be happy too.  

These Angel sessions make me have more confidence too.  It also makes me happier within myself.  I can see into the future with the Angels.  I have Archangels and Angels to guide and protect me whenever I have these sessions.  Angels are wonderful and so beautiful as well as handsome.  I feel so at home as well and feel that life is worth living.  I felt so depressed at one stage that I did not want to live.  Doing these Angel sessions have helped me a great deal.  I have had so much proof of an afterlife and God bless them for helping me as well as Cynthia Silk.  I am thankful for Cynthia helping me in so many ways.  Bless her.  Bless all the Archangels and Angels for helping me.

Almost all of the planets that I have visited are inhabited mainly by humans.  Some dressed in casual attire but they dress up for special occasions.  Like us some wear uniforms for work and will wear casual clothes when the work is over.  Please know that  Angels give you unconditional love.  They will help you as much as they can.  Do not blame them if something does not happen or something that does.  They can only do so much.  

In each Angel session, I will explain as much as possible about how I feel and what things look like.  I do have help from Cynthia and the Angels.  I have Archangel David around the house looking after my disabled boys and myself.  I have Archangel Kàm helping me with the angel sessions and Archangel David helping me to write my sessions for people to understand. 

These sessions prove that there is a lot of life around the Universe and that we are not the only humans in it.  We are often sent here to learn.   It has taken me a long time to understand about love and honesty that we are often sent here to learn.   I will conquer all of them including money too.  I will help people as much as possible and will be comfortable in helping people with their troubles.  God bless you all for reading this and God bless you all for giving me the chance to write about this and to help you.  I will do my very best for you all.  Being friends with Cynthia A. Silk is wonderful as she is such a kind-hearted lady with the knowledge of Angels around the Universe.  Thank you so much indeed for your help and kindness over the years.  This is dedicated to you dear Cynthia.

By Cindy Poulson.

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