My Healing Session With Cynthia A. Silk:  Swimming with Dolphins, Sharks and Whales!

Hello everyone!

I thought I would share yet another angel session with you.  Cynthia was guided by our angels that I needed to have a session in order to calm my nerves.  I get nervous sometimes and I am very depressed at the moment.  Having these sessions calm me down.  Below is a transcript of it:

Archangel Kàm and Angel Jozhua have arrived to escort me on my journey.  We are leaving and I am flying through space looking at the stars that always cheer me up.   Now I see there are suns in the distance and a small planet that is similar to ours.   However, it has more oceans than ours. Archangel Kàm and Angel Jozhua are taking me to visit this planet and we are all holding hands as we gently land on the ground. 

We are greeted by animals licking our faces, I am giggling away and so are the Angels.  There are deer, lamas, sheep, lambs and cows. There are also elephants!  We are greeted with so many of them.  I am told by Archangel Kàm that Angel Joshua and I are going swimming with the dolphins and Whales as well as Sharks.  They won’t hurt us at all.  We are walking to a boat of some sort and we board it and sail to another part of the planet where life is very precious as it is home to dolphins, whales, sharks and exotic fish. 

We are greeted by a couple named Franerr’a and Sherr’a.  They are difficult names to pronounce for me however, I did it!  Wow!  We are having a lovely trip and now we are in the ocean with the dolphins, whales and sharks where we will be for 35 minutes.  It felt good swimming with the mammals and fish as it gave me energy and I felt happier too.  When we got out of the ocean 35 minutes later Cynthia told me that it was time to return home.  It is wonderful having these healing sessions.

I enjoyed every minute of it and I thanked Cynthia also.  I love these sessions as they make me feel so good and not as depressed either.  I am thankful to Cynthia, Archangel Kàm and angel Jozhua too.   Angel Jozhua stayed with me throughout the night so I could sleep.


By Cindy Poulson

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