The day an Angel saved my son’s life.

I lived in Streethouse with my ex-husband and children.  My youngest son was just about 2 years of age and I had opened the window and it was warm in the boy’s room, not thinking.  He was fast asleep in his cot.  He did not walk he was slow at it.

I had tidied up the house and was resting and I was not thinking of anything.  Then all of a sudden I heard Luke’s name called out.  There was no one in the house as the other two children were at school and my ex-husband was shopping for me.  I had an urge to go up to the bedroom which was upstairs and I went into the boy’s bedroom and my son, Luke was looking down from the bedroom window and he was just about ready to fly out of it.  I saved him just in time and shut the window and then cuddled my son who was unable to talk.  He smiled at me and then we went down the stairs and I thanked whoever saved my son’s life.  I know it was an Angel.  I thanked them so much.  I then, found out a year later that Luke had severe autism and severe learning difficulties too.  He is improving daily and God bless him.

My ex-husband nailed the windows shut as they gate windows.  Luke was a lot safer than heavens


By Cindy Poulson.

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