red planets in the universeFluvia, the Red Planet is a place that you want to keep going to and also you would never get tired of being going there. There is something new going all the time and also it’s a place that you would love to live in.  I am happy that I could on these journeys and that each one is a blessing as it helps my illness and disability.  This journey, I was being taken by Angel Gabriel who is in charge of my Angel Channeling and he is wonderful as he has so many patients with me and he listens to me as well as cares for me.  He was going to take me to swim with the Dolphins.  On different journeys, I have learnt a great many things and this has helped me along the way.  It has helped me to understand our dear Angels a lot more. I went on the journey the fast way and I am at the planet in a matter of moments and I cannot complain really as it is wonderful.  I like going the space way to the planet; however, going the fast way is wonderful as I can embark on the session so much faster.  I had to inform, Cynthia when I saw the red planet and I informed her that I did and it is such a beautiful planet, and I try and describe it as much as I can as I try and give people as much information about the planet.

As soon as we gently landed on the planet, we were being greeted straight away and we were being taken over on the hovercraft which was waiting for us, to go over to the lagoon.  As we sat down on the lovely hovercraft which was very high tech, and also I notice the views were just as beautiful as the previous day and the skies were shining with the suns and the moons were also showing.  We arrived on the other side of the waters to the island and Gabriel was going to wait for me as I was swimming with the Dolphins myself, which I did not mind at all.  I love swimming with my friends, each time I go more and more Dolphins appear as they are my healers.  My Dolphin friends were waiting for me, chatting and smiling away, and they were expecting me again which is absolutely wonderful.  I mounted one of the Dolphins and emerged into the waters, to which I do not drown.  I safely emerge and I can enjoy the underwater adventure with my dear friends.  I saw the fish and mammals of the lagoon once more and they were so beautiful too.  This was going to be a new adventure and also it was going to cheer me up in so many ways and it was also going to make me a lot calmer than I am now.  I saw something shining and there were big crystals shining through the waters that shone like glass as it was so clear.  Straight away I could feel the healing waters where the crystals were.  There were crystals everywhere and it felt absolutely wonderful, as the colours were so beautiful also.  It glowed also all colours and the Mer-Angels waved to us and they were so delightful.  I notice something was in the distance and it was a tunnel of crystals going a long and coming out of the other end and there were more of the lagoon on the other side as we were coming up, the Dolphins and I.  I was being shown the surroundings and these looked so different and they were so nice also.  I was also being shown that the other Angels, were here also and that they were attending to others in the healing waters, and they were waiting for me to give me healing.

I was asked to come out of the waters where I dried automatically and there was a seat for me and the crystals surrounded me and they were so beautiful with their colours.  I was sat in a crystal arch there were crystals of all shapes, some were like diamonds, some were oblong, and funny shapes too.  I found that they were humming and glowing brighter, and they shone very brightly around me.  I have worked with crystals and they are as sacred as the Angels.  Meanwhile, I was told to lie down, as it would help me relax and be a lot calmer too.  My head was being stroked and I was receiving healing for 30 minutes and I felt so much calmer with this and I was happy that this was being done today as it had been very stressful.  England was experiencing a very cold snap with thick snow all the way through England which was unusual as we had not had such a bad winter in over 30 years.  This sort of healing helped me to focus on my healing and it also made me feel so much warmer.  I was then going to have another swim, with my Dolphin friends before I was to leave the planet as the Dolphins are healing me also.  I felt very emotional and I was going to be given a refreshing drink also as it would help me as it is liquid crystals.

Sure enough when the session was over and done with, I was given a tall drink again to help me and it does not taste bad really.  I thanked the Angels for the healing session and they were smiling and nodding their heads and they told me that I would see them again.  My friend the Dolphins, were waiting patiently and happily for me to go swimming with them again.  I felt so alive with the Dolphins and they made me feel so very happy also and I felt at peace and one with them as I do with everyone on the planet.  Cynthia asked me if I would like the Dolphins to show me some more magical beings and the answer of course was, Yes.  We started to go through the waters deeply and there were other whales, manatees and the waters were so clear and there was a cavern in the distance and the waters looked thicker and we were swimming through it.  It felt and looked different because it was close the crystal caverns that produces a lot of energies and that what I was swimming through.  It was very intense and it felt alive somehow and I felt the energies around my aching body and it made me feel a lot easier with the pain instead of being intense.  The Dolphins have brought me up to the surface of the waters and I started to pour the healing waters into my ears and started to bathe my face with it.  It felt warm and there was a nice feeling too.  EverYthing shone brightly and its glowed beautifully as well as being warm and it also helped my eyes, as my dolphin friends were here enjoying it with me.  I felt the high vibrations of the crystals and this gave me a headache which soon passed, as I would get used to it.  The energies were powerful here and I was feeling the magnificent healing ray from them.  I felt one with the crystals and I was also feeling different as if I was weightless and flying with the Angels once more as I was part of them and they were part of me.  The crystals started to talk with me and we were at our true energy form with the crystals as we were one with them and everything else on the planet.  We worked as the angel beings and we help each other as well as learn from one another that are why we were happy together as we loved one another unconditionally.  I felt if I would come to the planet again and again.  I loved the cavern that they had brought me to.  I was going to be taken elsewhere as the dolphins showed me more marine life and there was no pollution here and everything was pure and there was another kind of fish of the waters, tropical and cold fish together as well as mammals.  I even saw fish of the past, prehistoric fish, however, of the friendly kind.  I saw whales, fishes, dolphins and also sea lions, penguins, crabs and also lobsters as well as all the coral of the seas and oceans.  Different colours of all kinds were there and I even saw crocodiles and they were not going to eat me as they were friendly.  Nearly every endangered mammal and fish of the seas and oceans were here in the lagoon.  I have to admit I was rather nervous being near some crocodiles, however, Cynthia assured me that Angel Gabriel would not take me all that way to be eaten by them, which I found rather amusing.  I even saw sharks and killer whales, I backed away again and the dolphins assured me that I would be fine and they laughed at me, and they said they will never harm me not here anyhow.  I Saw the manta rays and they passed me by and they were like giants and very graceful as they swam by me.  Everything you could see was sacred on here and everything respected one another as well as loved.  I was curious and I did ask how they ate and the fish were eaten and reincarnated immediately afterwards, so no one starves and it was a form of recycling.  I was happy that I was shown a lot of marine life and more as I always wanted to be a deep-sea diver.  The waters were helping my legs and the therapy also.  I was shown all sorts of prehistoric things that roamed the seas and all of a sudden the waters had darkened and I wondered what it was.  It was the blue whale and it was bigger than the one on earth.  It had a body with a long neck and also flippers for feet with a little face, apparently, they were called Androans and it was very gentle and very much like a dolphin and they were related to whale.  I had never one before and I never did history at school, apparently it was pre-Earth history.  We were swimming along the way and the waters got lighter and brighter also.  We came to the surface of the waters and there were Angels walking and the animals also around the lagoon.  There were also birds of all different kinds and big bumble bees and the animal’s metamorphs and Angels waved to me and I waved back also.  I felt rather emotional again and there was a spa of some sort and it was like a mud bath and I was invited to join the Angels and it was a form of clay and it would help me and my skin also, I found it rather thick and I put it on my face and it felt rather wet but like a thick cream.  It tingled after a while and it was a normal procedure as I put it on my face, neck and arms as this rejuvenated my skin and it was also like cream to put on sore skin.  It also made me feel better emotionally too and the dolphins were waiting and smiling away at me.  I had finished this procedure after a few minutes and my dolphin friends took me to see more marine life and they knew I was tired.  I was yawning away and my dear friend, the dolphins took me to be taken home by Angel Gabriel, the fast way.  I loved this journey as much as the other ones.  I thanked Angels Vincent, Gabriel and Cynthia for making this journey so special.

Love Cindy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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