I was happy to do another Angel Session with Cynthia, Vincent, Gabriel and also Michael.  I had another exciting venture and this time it was for my benefit but as I do these Angel sessions I seem to be learning all the time about our dear Angels and the beautiful creatures.

This time I was seeing things differently and I was describing what I saw as it unfolded and I was taken through different stages of time and I did not think it was earth as they were of other dimensions and the thought of stepping into dimensions as Cynthia and I spoke.  Cynthia confirmed to me that I was correct and I had to describe what I saw.  I was being taken to different ones and I was not stopping as it was a long way and I was fascinated by these were different dimensions of timeless time itself and they were showing me how they lived and the planet looked like some small, medium and big suns and moons and I had to try and explain it in more detail.  The people looked different and there were tall, short and small and very tall.  I was being taken through what I could describe as a time warp by Angels Michael and Gabriel, we were finally slowing down thank goodness and I had to hand it to ‘the lads’ they were fast.  I had to describe in detail what the planet looked like and it was there is a glow around the planet and its looks yellowish and I know its not the sun, its lovely and medium size I would say, I saw the what looked like 3 moons and a sun.  Apparently, I was not staying there and I had stopped the Angels from, but there were two suns and no moon.  I was travelling again but not at a great speed.  Cynthia had said to me that I could hover over the planet for a bit and I was really pleased too and it had a yellow tint and it flowed so nicely and brightly too and it was very peaceful and also a very special place too.  It was three times largest than Earth and it did look special and there was life on the planet too.  There was something about the planet that was special and a crystal golden glow and the people were very tall it was peaceful and there was animal life there too.  There were plenty of rivers and mountains and no radiation from the sun, it was so nice and it was not like earth there were no vehicles or anything like that but they got around lovely and there were wider roads etc, flowers and trees and the people were talking to the animals and everyone with the animals seemed so happy and even the trees and flowers what they were talking about.  I was going to see allot of this planet at a later time.  The people were pulling my hands to go further with them.  I thought I was a fascinating place and it was beautiful and magnificent at the same time.  There were so many stars and also planets and moons too as well as suns.  It was so calming and beautiful.  I had to leave the planet as I was going elsewhere and I was on route to the planet that I love.  I was staying longer at the spa than I did yesterday and I was so thankful and I always do thank Cynthia and ‘the lads’.

This spa was to help me with my physical symptoms and I was about to see what looked like a starlit bridge but it was not an actual bridge in the sky as it was a star cluster and I was about to travel right through it and it was very beautiful and also peaceful too as it helped me to soothe my mind which I needed as things were a little hectic at home.  It glowed and I saw some beautiful start and I would feel the sense of euphoria and as I travel through it I felt the stress flowing from me.  I also saw different colours of the rainbow and the glowing crystals in my hands, and they were glowing too.  I felt at peace and I did not want to leave as there were so many sites out there.  I was being pulled further along and I had some healing to experience and the Angels wanted me to see this beautiful star cluster before arriving at the planet which I was so pleased about and thanked them all.

I was revisiting the planet where all the animals were waiting patiently for me and I thought how wonderful that they should do this. I arrived at the planet and I did not cry this time but I was very emotional and this time it was more of happiness and anticipation too.  Sure enough, the animals were there waiting for me and I was so pleased as well and I felt their energies, love and compassion too and also gratitude.   Cynthia said that one of the larger animals was giving me a ride and they were as eager as me as poor old Gabriel and Michael had to walk.  The big animal was like a big furry tiger and she was lovely and called Flura and she had the beautiful green eye and she was the one I had been seeing all day long in my bedroom as she came to visit me.  I climbed on the big furry wonderful animal and I had a big smile on my face and I felt so comfortable and so honoured too.  flura was so soft and so gentle too.  The mountain, trees and flowers all seem to talk to each other and it was a great place to live and I wished I could live there.  There were great animals there and they were enchanting too and so knowledgeable also.  Cynthia had told me that I was about to see a very large rainbow and it was, in fact, an energy field and it was several miles long and three miles wide.  I saw that it glowed and they took me through it and it was perfectly safe.  It glowed all different colours of the rainbow and I was so fascinated by it all.  It was like the crystals at the same time and I felt a mild sensation and the energy was in it purest form.  It was another healing form and it was lovely and calming again.  You could see all the colours you could think of and I was in the energy field for a few more minutes and I was approaching the cave at a different side and I felt it on my face some tingling sensation which I did not mind at all.

I could hear music and apparently, it was for my benefit and we were nearly to the entrance of the cave and this one was a different entrance and it looked to be a different shape too.  I went through the crystal cavern for treatment before continuing on to the mineral stream and I dismount the animal and walked into the cave and it was all different in the cave and full of crystals too.  I was asked to lay on a couch and the crystals were glowing and also they were so beautiful too.  I was covered with a cloth and it was very soothing and cool and my skin felt tingly too and I thanked them and Cynthia of course for this treatment.  I had to let my thoughts flow as the treatment was going to last for 20 minutes.  I was asked to relax and just be at peace.  I closed my eyes for a bit while this treatment was being done.

Twenty minutes had passed by and I had the cloth removed and then was sat up and given a drink and it was a special drink too.  The drink was very refreshing and also it was good for me and it was one of those special drinks that looked like herbal and I was told to drink it all up and then when I did do that, I was escorted to the mineral waters and I was going to bathe in it.  The animals were already there waiting patiently for me and I was so pleased and I told the animals I had come as I promised.  I was told by Cynthia to enter the waters and I did and I was told to make sure to bather my face and head in it as well.  The waters would help me and I was so please thank goodness.  The animals were curious about me and they wanted to know about me as they were indeed fascinated by me for some reason, which I do not know what.  I was told I would be in the waters for 30 minutes and for 30 minutes they were telling me about themselves.  They were special were these animals and they had abilities too and they were like out of a magical book story.  Cynthia enquires how I felt and I have to say I felt great and also felt happier and contented and my aching body was feeling easier.  I felt tired by yet felt refreshed and it seems to have taken some of my worries away also and the stress was less which I was certainly happy about.  The house was quiet and I had 15 more minutes and I told Cynthia that the water felt lovely and tepid and was warm to be in. I notice that the water was thicker than normal water and it was really nice to feel and it made me yawn too.  I found it so relaxing and so nice too and I cannot get in my bath but only shower at home as I cannot get into it.  It was a nice change and in 10 minutes I was to feel a tingle and I felt it on my face, head and body and I came out of the water after the 10 minutes and I certainly nearly nodded off while in the waters.  I exit the waters and I thanked them and thanked Cynthia and ‘the lads’.  Michael and Gabriel were waiting for to escort me home.  I had to say goodbye to my dear animals whom I have made friends with, and I was going to see them again and I have to admit I know I will miss my friends.  They were pleased I was going back and I felt so honoured by them.  My journey was a short one home and I travelled back to Earth with Gabriel and Michael.  My journey home was quick too and my scale of pain from 1-10 was before the journey was 6 and now I have been there to the planet it was 3 and Cynthia was pleased.

It is an emotional experience and I was the first person to have extraterrestrial an emotional experience.  It has been wonderful and I am so pleased and honoured by everyone who is caring.  I did thank Cynthia and ‘the lads’.  I thank them again.

By Cindy Poulson

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