angel in heavenI was in need of healing from our Angels as I have had one illness on top of another.  It has been hard over the past couple of months with chest infections, viral infection as well as ear infections and then lasts but not least a cold and another chest infection.  I just hope the winter is kind to me, lol.  Cynthia was kind enough to ask Gabriel and Kam to escort me to my dear favourite Planet which is the Red Planet of course.  I was so pleased that I was going to go on yet another wonderful journey.  I was up and away and flew there the fast way.  I was there in seconds.  I felt myself floating and it felt strange as I was suffering from a cold and chest infection.

As I flew I saw the mountains and lakes, as well as the flowers, grow as they are bigger there than here.  There was also a forest too.  There were some children giggling and dancing around.  I was asked to describe them.  They had golden hair and beautiful blue eyes as they were wearing lovely colourful clothes too.  They were so cute.  I also saw some animals which do look strange but then they are not to me.  I also saw Unicorns and they were so beautiful and gentle.  I was happy to be back at last and I was walking to a lovely building and it had crystals on the outside which made is more beautiful and also it shone with the two suns in the sky.  Inside the wonderful building was a foyer and also people going about their business.  A man approached me and he was smiling and I instantly knew him as he gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek.  His name was R’ahel and Cynthia confirmed this and I was happy about that as I am getting back to my old self again which is remarkable.  He took me to the healing room and the room was blue and it was like an ocean blue.  The room shone and R’ahel had taken me by my hand and said it was good that I had come back to the planet to see my friends.  He said me in a chair and he gave me a drink yet again I had to drink it as it was good for me, even though it tasted awful.  R’ahel had then placed me on a bed and he had this crystal wand which was blue and green in colour.  It glowed and hummed as he hovered the wand over my body.  It was good to see R’ahel and he was an old friend of mine.  It was a comfort to see him yet again.  He had told me its time for me to get better as I was needed and he said I should stop worrying too much as life was going to sort itself out.  Anyhow, my healing session with R’ahel had lasted 20 minutes.  The healing session was over with my dear friend, R’ahel and I felt a little brighter when this was done.  He is indeed a powerful healer like all our dear Angels.  I thanked R’ahel and gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek.  Kam was there waiting and he is another great healer too.  He is wonderful is Kam as well as all our Angels.

Kam escorted me to another part of the healing that I was going to receive.  We came out of the building and as I went outside the suns were shining and everything glittered and we were now headed for the lake.  There was a boat there waiting for us.  A man was on the boat and he was smiling at me and it was so peaceful and so nice and Cynthia reassured me that I would be coming back soon.  We hopped on to the boat and the man operated the boat and yet there was no noise at all and no pollution either.  He seated me down and the boat was going gently down the lake and the waters glittered.  I looked up into the air and the birds were flying and singing and the animals either side of the lake were looking our way.  There were intrigued by me I suppose.  There was a building in sight and we were going a bit faster and then we stopped.  I was going into the building and this one looked different to the other one that I went in.  We came off the boat and I thanked the man who drove us down the lake.  I walked on to the grass and it was so soft and comforting on my feet.  We walked towards the building and it was blue in colour and there were animals all around us as we walked.  We entered the building and Kam was happy that I had come on this session and he had smiled at me too.  Dear Kam worries about me which is so wonderful to him.  The building was very big inside and pretty too.  It seemed a little more crowded and people were so busy going about their business.  Some said hello to me and smiled, the building had patterns on the wall and they were pretty.  A man approached me and he said he was another friend of mine.  His name was S’ihel and yet again I got the name right.  I am getting better with all Angel’s names.  S’ihel said it was a time I had a rest and peace that I needed it.  This time when I was taken to a room I was going into a pool with the Angelfishes to help me with my aching body.  I was to change in a bathing suit and I entered the thick mineral water.  As I entered the waters the Angelfishes were waiting and I got in position and sat down.  This session was going to help my aching body and it was so relaxing.  I had been talking as per usual but got told by Kam to relax and I did do so.

As I was relaxing I had a vision and had to tell Cynthia immediately as it concerned both of us.  I had seen a magazine with our names on it and that we were going to produce it and the magazine had our faces on it too.  I could see each of us writing something about our dear Angels and experiences as well as doing readings.

Anyhow I did relax eventually and I was growing tired and I was coughing and sneezing away.  The session lasted 20 minutes and the Angelfishes did help my aching body.  When my healing session was over I thanked my dear friend and I have escorted out of the building again and Kam took me home.  He was wonderful and I thanked him as well as my dear friend, Cynthia.  It was a lovely experience again and felt a bit better next day.  I did not cough as much or sneeze.  I was grateful and I was pleased that I had gone back to my dear favourite planet.

Cindy Poulson.  xxxxxxxxx

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