I am always a willing student when it comes to taking an Angel Session and I always jump at the chance.  This time I was being escorted by dear old Angel Kam, he is lovely.  Kam asked if he could escort me this time and was granted permission.  I thought this was lovely and so very kind of him also.  I was pleased that everyone was taking turns in helping me to get to my destination.  I am so lucky to have so many of the Angels helping me out.  Cynthia kindly told me what Kam was wearing; he is wearing jeans and a sleeveless white tunic top. He had jet black hair and was also wearing a white bandana around his head and he was with me.  I have to say all the Angels are so very handsome and the ladies are so very beautiful.  I knew that Kam was here beside me as he gave me a hug and smile with his lovely white teeth.  Kam said it was a privilege to escort me on this magical journey that I was about to experience.  I saw him so vividly and I had seen him before. I have to say on these journeys we do have a giggle or two, does Cynthia and I and we get on so very well indeed and I was so pleased to have found a friend that understood me.

Here is an amazing experience that I can share with you and this was a truly a magical journey like Cynthia had said.

There was a spacecraft waiting for us and I had to tell Cynthia was what was being unfolded before my eyes.  There was a spacecraft and it was indeed a very large one and it looked a funny colour and there was a big door and there was someone waiting for me at the doorway of the craft.  He was waving for me to come and he was smiling also and as I was walking up with Kam and as I got closer, I recognised who it was and it was my eternal father, and he was smiling and I decided to run up towards him.  I gave the father a hug and a kiss on the cheek.  My father was wearing a suit and it looked like a brownie bronzy colour and I looked and I was wearing the same.  I looked slimmer and also my hair was longer and I was taller than I am now and so was Kam.  The craft was the same one I had been on before when I saw father.  It is so big inside and people were waving to me as they passed by and smiling also.  I was going to go outside the Universe and I did feel quite tall and everything else looked taller.  I felt if I was important and apparently I was.  I had been on many journeys with the father before and it felt routinely being on this craft.  Father used to give me work to do and he gave me papers to look at and it was a list of things for Cynthia and me to do.  I had given Kam paperwork to give to Cynthia on his return.  My father was showing me around and Cynthia asked if her father was on board and I asked mine.  He came forward and I described him and I had said he was not tall and he was stocky in stature.  He was here and was smiling and had a wicked sense of humour like Cynthia.  It was lovely to meet him and he was a gentleman.  He gave me a hug and smiled and his name was Geoff Pick hall.  He had thanked me for helping Cynthia and I said there was no need for it.  I was then told to walk with them to the control room and as we did that, I was waving to people and saying hello to them and smiling.   I did not realise how popular and well known I was.  It was rather a large control room and lots of seats and people were under the control and I found it fascinating.  I did not have time to look around as I was being told to be seated.  They did not tell me where we were going but I know it was a magical journey to the unknown for me anyhow.  The people on the ship was very pleased I had come and I sat down and Cynthia confirmed that I was I was in a very comfortable chair and it was big and it was really nice.  There was a very large window to look out of the control room and I would say it was a viewer and it was oblong in shape. I was told we were setting off and it felt unusually tingles and I felt a juggle as we were setting off.  We were flying and it was so fast it was unbelievable, and there were so much going off.  The people were chatting away and they looked if they had longish heads and had lovely smiles and were acknowledging me also waving to me.  Cynthia had told me in a few moments I would feel a sense of weightlessness and it was followed by a period of calm.  I felt float and giggly too.  I was about to go to sleep for a few minutes to avoid the feeling of the turbulence and everyone would do this.  I closed my eyes for a few minutes.

I was woken up by Cynthia and she told me that I would see some extraordinary sights and I had to describe in detail what I have seen as it unfolds.  I saw some wavy lines and the colours were all beautiful and it was wonderful.  A meal service was about to begin and I could actually smell some food being cooked and they were giving me extraordinary fruit for the starter and there was ward shape too.  However, I loved the fruit and they gave me a fork to pick at it and they were purple and green in colour and full of vitamins and they were so yummy too.  They were between plums and grapes and melon at the same time.  They were delicious to eat and also they said it would help me with my digestion and I have thanked them too.  I was then given some sort of meat, it was like chicken or turkey, and there were also vegetables too which were lovely.    It was like chicken so Cynthia told me they had a variety of white meat than we do on earth.  I was given a drink too, and it was a mineral drink and it was full of nourishment and they said I did not look after myself as much as I should do and they also said that I needed to get stronger too as well as rest and relaxation.  I was then given a chocolate dessert and it was really nice too with cream.  It was so nice that I asked for another, and they did not mind at all and it was so kind of them to do this and thoughtful too.  The Angels had told me that my stomach needed repairing and also my digestive system.  It was a long journey and I would benefit from it.

I saw the wavy colourful colours and it was like the northern lights in space and they were beautiful.  There were stars and planets and I could also see something else and there were shapes of some sort and the people were on the side of the craft going by and waving and I found this fascinating.  I could see my son, Luke and he was waving and smiling at me and he was very happy and Angel Diana with was with him and David.  There were also my parents from this lifetime and other people knew me also.  I was also experiencing previous lives, the people that I knew.  I also saw a very big planet and it was a lot bigger than earth and it looked pink and orange in colour.  There were several objects orbiting the planet and there were several moons and 300 stars permanently orbiting the planet and I did think the moons were the planet as they were not dormant like ours.  It was all so very beautiful and it was timeless and ageless and so very peaceful too.  It was a serene and the crystal stars also kept the planet safe, a life and also they shone so beautifully. I did not think I was going on that planet but I was, and I was so very happy about that.  It was going to the planet of enchantment.

I then discovered we were going through the blue pinkie skies and orange too.  There were waters, mountains, and everything looked taller than us and there were mountains too.  There was a crystal building and it shone brightly.  The spacecraft came into landing with a little juggle and I looked around and they said it was all right to come out of my chair to go outside and I was walking and I was tall too. I thanked everyone for having me and we went outside.  There was a pink/orange glow everywhere and there was all sort of different colours and I realised then it was a Special Angel Realm.  Cynthia confirmed this and I was so happy that I was here and I was walking up to the building and there were enchanting animals coming to greet me and there were unicorns, deer, cats, dogs, the cat and dogs looked different to ours on earth.  The deer were taller and so very gentle too.  The people were taller and the faces were a thinner shape.  Cynthia asked how I felt and I have to admit I felt at home and also I felt happier too as well as content.  This was a new planet that was made by our Angels and they had created it with Tender loving care.   Apparently, Cynthia and my father were in charge of the Planet and that is why they were here.  It was a tall building with large windows and doors.  Inside, it was full of Crystals and everything shone brightly and there was a low hum and the Crystals were doing that.

Someone was coming for me to take me for healing and apparently there was going to be something happening to me later on.  A man was taking me to a room and I was walking with him and there were several rooms on either side.  That man seemed really nice and there was a red door and we went through it.  The room again was full of crystals and the man was explaining to me about the therapy and I looked around and there were separates in to two.  I was being seated and he was telling me that when the therapy was through I would be taken somewhere else.  I was being asked by the man to lie down and have healing for 20 minutes and the healing commenced.  The healing tingled from head to toe and the crystals glowed yet again and I had seen crystals glowing around me all week as my dear Angel Zain had been healing me with the crystals.  I was told to relax and close my eyes.  I had to let the crystals work through my body to heal.  The man was sweet and tall and I had to relax which is as very hard for me as I am always on the go.  When my time was up Angel Kam was playing gently with my hair to wake me up.  My time was up and I thanked the man for helping me and I was going to a truly magical place with lots of animal and beings of enchantment.  I had to describe what I was doing.  I went out of this room and I was now walking into what I could call outside and it was very colourful and also there were animals and there were like from a fairy tale and there were brighter blues, pinks and orange, in fact, all the colours of the rainbow and they were all real creatures too.  Unicorns of all different sizes and colours, lions, tigers, black panthers and all the bears you could name,  There were zodiac signs like the Sagittarius, half man and half horse.  There were birds of all different kind too and in fact, there were all endangered species.  I saw the signs of the zodiac in the skies.

A man approached me and he was dressed differently to the others and said he talked with the animals and I describe the man looking a little like Merlin but not with a hand.  He was wise beyond belief and he was the one that made changes to the planet and all the animals and beings loved it here and it’s a wonderful Sanctuary for everyone and every being of enchantments.  He wanted to tell me something and he said that he was pleased that I was here and to thank me and he said that he was grateful that I was helping Cynthia.  I have worked with animals before and that is why they come up to me so easily.  There were even Giraffes and they came up to me bending over and nudging me.  I found them so gentle and so wanting to know me.  I appreciated them so very much and I was so pleased with this opportunity.

I was asked by Cynthia if I wanted to go elsewhere and to explore the facility with Kam.  Of course, I was please and I knew that I would meet all the animals again.  I was so very pleased that Kam was kind enough to help me look around and it was so very kind of him too.  We were walking and it was breathtaking as the skies the mountains and also the flowers, etc and it looked like Viet man in the unspoilt Ares and the colours of the rainbow intermingled with everything.  It was so peaceful and I knew I would come back to the place again. I was again grateful for meeting my eternal father again and for this I was very pleased about.   There was some that that resembled a fountain and it was different it was coming out of the lake, like a waterfall.  I was told to step into it and it was like an arch full of water.  Cynthia asked if I would like to go into it and I said yes and the colours around the arch were beautiful.  Apparently, it was not waiting but liquid Crystals and it was special and that is why it was colourful. It was lovely and warm and a nice feeling to it and I decided to wash my hair and body and just relax in it, and some water based animals decided to join me.  The were special animals and some were fluffy and other kinds of furs and just skin.  There was looking at me and them ere so cute.  Some of them looked like a cat and a dog like beings and I was stroking them and I felt more relaxed doing this.  My pain was calming down and my face started to stop throbbing and Zain decided to join me and he was so sweet he had come to join to heal me and he was tall and handsome and he had put his hand on my head.  He then started to hold my face as he knew the pain was bad on my face.   Zain was reducing my pains and he was helping and he was glowing green as he was an Emerald Angel that had healing energies to help me.  Kam was with the animals and Zain was now holding my face and Cynthia asked what colour eyes Zain had and they were a beautiful Arena green and we have not seen that shade of green on earth.  My face began to calm down and the swelling did too.  I began to relax and I was feeling less achy and I was enjoying the liquid crystals.  My eyes had not been good and they were feeling better as they were blurring.  I began to talk with the animals and I had thanked Zain for being so wonderful.  The animals were so curious of us and they had a calming effect on me also. I was very happy to spend time with them and this was a great opportunity to talk with them too.  Enchanting animals.  Zain was still with me and he helps my ears as I am partially deaf and I am nearly always in pain with them too.   I have no idea why but I was so please and its great to be here and wow it feels so at peace.  There was like a kind of a tortoise and it had a cheeky smile and it was most unusual too.  It was a giant compared to some of the creatures and there were anteaters and the colours and the share of them were different.  Beautiful creatures and beings.  There were pale blue unicorns and also pink ones as well as Pegasus and it had white wings and it was pink in colour, and the males were purple in colour with white wings.  When they flew they glowed and there were other colours and they were so lovely.  There were all colours of the magical rainbows and I could touch and sense things with them and they are one with the planet and it was a wonderful feeling.  Zain was working wonders with me healing and my face was less painful and my aching bones too.  Zain wanted to reduce my pains even more and I was relaxing as much as I could.  Zain asked if he could place his hand on my stomach and I said he could and he this was his healing techniques and he was healing my stomach area as I have a lot of problems. Before he did this he kissed me on my head and I felt it too.  He was so sweet to me.  Jordache was going to join me as he was a healer too and he was healing my eyes and this was wonderful to see him.  He has a cheeky smile and he giggled too as he saw me.  He joined me in the liquid crystal waters and he had given me a kid and he was holding my face and he then focused on my eyes and Jordache was also my soul mate.   He was focusing on my eyes and he was going to remove the blurring from my eyes and I could feel the tingling.  Jordache said there was al lot of work to be done on my eyes and I then notice that there was an unusual animal and the first thing I notice was blue hairs, it was tall and cuddly as well as a long neck and it was like a grief but it was not.  It had big eyes and they were beautiful.  It was lovely and it was healing me and glowing blue and changing colours too.  The animal was made of pure energy Cynthia had said and I could hear it humming too. NI then noticed it had a very unusual nose and it was chubby too.  It also sniffed out illnesses especially where the pain in more intense.  It was going to make the pain go away.

There were female Angels that wanted to help me with my female issues and they asked permission to join me and help me which I thought how kind of them and it was Nature Angel Torah and also Aria.  I saw Angel Aria and I had recognised her and she was wearing a white robe and also a sash.  Angel Torah came in after her and she was a lovely looking lass and she was slim and was wearing green as she was a nature, Angel.   Cynthia had said she was most senior one and then another Angel who was an Azorean Angel who was about to join me too.  She was important as she will be helping me with the nature angel stories so Cynthia told me and I was so pleased about this too.  Her name is Zora and yes she did have a blue aura about her and clearly, I was getting better at this Angel Channeling, however, I needed to perfect it.  She had brought with her an Azorean egg shaped crystal and it was a rather large one and it was 10 times the normal size of an egg and it was for healing and I enquired, was it a size of an ostrich egg and Cynthia confirmed that it was and this will to help me with my vaginal area as I had had a lot of thrushes and also I was not going to be touched but the crystal would help me so much and I thought it was kind of them, what ever aliment I had they were helping me to get better and stronger each time I had an Angel Session.  Aria had a crystal wand in her right hand and she was performing an energy healing with it and Torah was holding some healing herbs and she wanted me to eat them.  They were not too bad in taste even though it was rather bitter and I have tasted worse.  Torah had a bowl full of herbs and my inside felt cooler and better as I had a temperature and it helped me in so many ways.  Cynthia asked if I was feeling better and more myself.  Aria was hovering the wand around me doing a bit of my body at a time and concentrating on the more painful areas, she was making sure it generated everywhere and then I was feeling the flow of the energy around me and through my body.  I was feeling the pain being reduced which was such a relief.  Jordache and Zain, as well as the animals, were here helping me still.  I had all these wonderful Angels and healing animals to help me and I thought it was so wonderful of them.

There was an unusual animal that came to me and it was a very different shape and it was green in colour and it glowed too.  It resembled something like a panther and he was a healing animal to help me get better and I thought how sweet and loving he was. My face stopped hurting me and I was so pleased about that they were helping me to get better.  The Azorean Angel was hovering her hands over my private parts where I had been having thrush problems due to Sjogren’s syndrome.  I had problems in that area again not told anyone about it until now.  My pain level had gone down to 3 thank heavens and I felt a little better about it. I felt the beautiful cool energy through me that Aria was doing and it felt lovely.   Aria was now concentrating on my hips and also my thighs and lower legs. Zain was still concentrating on my back as I asked him to do this for me.  My Azorean Angel was helping me still with my ladies’ problems and I had Angels singing in the background.  Anytime I needed my dear Azorean Angel. Zora all I did was to ask her to help me as she was assigned to me and for that, I was so very grateful for.  Aria was going to spend all night helping me to recover and to relax a lot more.  Torah was healing my stomach area and making my digestion a lot better and my bowels too.  It was funny really as dear Jordache fell asleep while healing and this was hilarious. In all seriousness of the healing, we do have our wonderful Angels who are very much like humans on earth.

There was another animal approaching and it was very bright in colour and it was wide, like a fluffy dog and it was a rare breed on the planet and it was yellow/orange in colour and it was a funny cute little animal and it came up to me sniffing at me which I found amusing.  Cynthia asked me which animal that I would like to take home and I was really spoilt for choice as I loved them all and I thought I could take the Unicorn home with me the Pink one and I called it ‘Pinkie’, which suited it very much indeed.  No one was offended and I really was so very please that I was able to take another magical enchanting creature with me.  She was the one that made friends with me the first time I arrived here.  My pain level had gone down to 2 and I was feeling allot better as it was 9 to begin with.  Zain still worked on my back and Aria was still working on my legs and I was really grateful for this.  I had thanked all my angels again for their help.  Jozhua had asked if he could join me and now Jorache was leaving and I thanked him before he went away.  Jorache had helped me with my visions bless him and he loves me too.  Torah was going also and I thanked her too for her kindness in helping me.  Aria and Zora were going to remain with me and Torah was going to show me some amazing creatures but not at this moment in time.  I was very tired indeed and Cynthia asked if I could manage another 30 minutes and I had wondered why and my Angels Kim, Aria and Zain wanted to continue with the therapy and Jozhua was here because he wanted to be which I found so loving of him.  I felt my feet tingling and it was the healing energy helping them and I have to say a lot of the achiness and swelling had gone down.  I had thanked all the Angels and I was so please that they all did this for me and it was indeed to me an honour that everyone has stepped forward to help me.  I felt physically better to what I was and this was a joy for me.  Aria wanted to show me some where very special not he way home from this beautiful planet.  I thanked everyone on the planet and my Angels too. Zain had bid me farewell and I was really grateful to him.

Jozhua, Aria and Kam were leaving with me and I was being taken to another planet and I was going to love this experience too.  I was not going back to the space craft but I was going to fly to another planet that was very much like Earth but only larger.  There were lots of water on this planet and you could swim for miles just hovering over it and it was made of liquid crystals and it was very special on the planet.  The planet was made of liquid crystals and not of land and sea like ours.  There was some land as there were some horses that greeted us and they were special horses that were faster than ours and also well loved, groomed and spiritual and one with the planet.  If you asked them to come to you with a thought they would be straight there.  I started to ride her and Cynthia, pointed out to me that I said ‘her’ and I tried my best on how to spell her name I put ‘Doraha’ but in fact it was D’Rhoa so actually I did quite well naming my first animal and Cynthia was please for me and some how I donor think she was surprise.

My adventured awaited me, Aria and Kam were my guides and we were sort of sailing but riding at the same time and she rode smoothly and was lovely as she glided across the waters.  tHe Angels were wearing jeans and a white top.  I could see the golden horizon and the hold liquids went on for miles and it did never need.  The horses were living in the crystals as well as the land and they were special.  D’Rhoa was going to be my ride each time when I come again and again.  I can call upon her name and she will come, as we had a connection and we had ridden before and it was lovely on that planet and was so serene too.  Only Angels were allowed to come here on this planet. I had to follow Zain and Aria’s advice and rest so that I could carry out my duties here on earth and help so many people.  Aria was going to show me something that would blow my mind away.  There was a cavern or some kind of entrance and I was still on the horse and there were glittering crystals and minerals also, they were humming and shining together.  It was a very special place and it was also sacred and there were people waiting for me and they waved to me too.  They wanted to heal me as well as they said only a few could come at a time and I felt so humble and so did they.  Cynthia confirmed this for me.  I had to tell Cynthia what else I saw and what I could feel.  The planet was living and I felt that there were creatures in the waters, such as Whales and then I said Dolphins too and they helped with healing.  They were singing in the sea and they were also singing in the caves too.  The cave was alive too and the Dolphins were taking charge of me and they were guiding me telepathically.  Dolphins would be good for my sons, Daniel and Luke who are autistic.  The dolphins loved me as I did them and I have to admit they are one of my favourite’s animals and mammals.  I was swimming away with the dolphins and I felt that the waters were helping my body as the mineral waters were a live like us.  I felt that waters would heal the whole of my body and I was one again with the dolphins and I swam under the water healing my head and ears as well as my eyes.  I could breathe under the water and I was not afraid as I had done this journey so many times.  I felt I had done this Journey with my dear eternal husband, Jozhua.  The Planet was called ‘Lizea’.  Cynthia had all ready been to this planet with Michael, Vincent and Kam.  She loved it like I do.

Aria was going to show me some underwater caverns and this I found fascinating.  There were lights under the sea and we could see where we were going and it was very clear and cleans under the sea.  I saw that the waters were blue and I could see people living under the sea as I could wave to them through the windows, they were waving to us.  Also there were like bubbles under the waters too, and I started to feel tired and was tired through swimming with my dear friends the Dolphins.  There were another group of Angels that wanted to give me healing before I went home and I was so happy at what they were doing for me.  This experience was feeling rather than seeing.  I was being surrounded by Water Angels and the crystal liquid too, as well as the Dolphins.  There was a glowing energy and I felt divine.  They also had a message for me and they told me to be at peace with myself and everything will flow and you healing will improve so much in the near future.  The Water Angel energy had changed and it changed to orange, green and red as well as blue and white.  She was one with the Dolphins and she is helping me, by healing me.  I was thankful and I was so grateful that I was being helped like this.

I was going to see a bear that looked like an Afghan hound and it had ginger fur and it was rather large and he was so cute too and he had come to say hello, he was also cuddly.  I was not taking him home as Cynthia had seen him too.  I thanked everyone for helping me tonight and I was then taken home the fast way with Kam and Aria.  I was taking ‘Pinkie’ my lovely pink Unicorn.  Aria and Kam were going to stay with me while I slept and Jozhua too.  I slept well that night and I was certainly please I had a beautiful magical journey with Aria and Kam as well as my other friends and I cannot forget my Dolphins.  I slept so very well that night and I have to say these journeys are helping me relaxed and also helping me to get better which was wonderful.


Best wishes, Cindy Poulson. xxxxxxxxx

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