Distant Galaxy Beings

I keep having visions of distant beings in faraway galaxies having been tall and long necks bowing overdoing healing and their healing is very strong.  They are wonderful peaceful Beings.  They are very much like our Chinese Tibetan people.  I have also had visions of very broad beings,  who are very protective and their healing is wonderful.  The crystals on both visions of the Angels and beings are fantastic and wonderful.  I am amazed at the vision that I accomplish about our Angels.    They are beings of a different kind.  My visions of them are great and I see more each day.

Please let me know on this site if you see any Angels and beings of a different kind?  We are so intrigued, by their abilities and their knowledge also.  We have a lot to learn from them and it will be amazing.  As there is so much to learn in this lifetime and the next.  There are so many Angels as well as beings to write about and they are here for a reason.  Sensitivity, love, peace and of course healing also.    No more cruelty, war and evilness as well as lust.  The beings are determined that we will be protected and love without being sadistic to one another.     Also to be kind to each other and animals too.

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